EU Green Agenda Fail – Carbon Capture And Storage

A CO2 tanker truck at Schwarze Pumpe power plant near Sprengberg, Germany.

A CO2 tanker truck at Schwarze Pumpe power plant near Sprengberg, Germany.

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is another Green technology that is being currently pushed very hard so we can all be saved from Anthropogenic Global Warming.

CCS like all the Green Dream technologies is very expensive, requires huge tax payer funded subsidies and is the usual mix of environmental tokenism and gesture politics that so typifies the Greens.

Britain’s last CCS project was cancelled in October 2011 after the companies involved Scottish Power, Shell and the National Grid, pulled out citing funding issues, in short they wanted more Green subsidies to make the project financially viable, the typical refrain for all things Green, more taxes and ever increasing energy bills.

Never one to let anything deflect her from her Green Agenda, the EU’s unelected Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard and the other european Green fools held a contest to provide funding for CCS:

CCS developers will be able to resubmit bids for a second round, which environment commissioner Connie Hedegaard said should be concluded within a year. “Within 12 months we will be able to award the second round. We would like to make a very fast second call, as fast as possible,” she told a news conference.

None of the short-listed projects for CCS, which entails trapping and burying carbon emissions from fossil fuel plants, made it to the final selection because of funding gaps or because projects did not sufficiently meet the criteria.

The same funding gap issue that killed CCS in Britain raises its head again.

This is a slap in the face for EU climate policy,” said Stuart Haszeldine, professor of CCS at Edinburgh University.

EU climate policy and Comrade Connie have been slapped in the face so many times in 2012 they must be punch drunk by now.

There are some distinct similarities between fracking and CCS, which highlight yet again the sheer naked hypocrisy of the environmentalists:

Both process involve injecting liquids underground at high pressure, CCS has the same potential to cause minor earth tremors as fracking does, the Greens never mention this.

Any captured CO2 will need to be transported from the point of capture to the place of storage, Green opposition to fracking always mentions the truck traffic from the wells to the storage and distribution sites, no mention is ever made of fossil fuelled truck journeys to move captured CO2.

Not all captured CO2 from CCS sites would be delivered by road, some would use pipelines to transport the CO2. The same pipelines like Keystone XL for example, that are opposed for despoiling landscapes suddenly become all fluffy and huggable, because it is for a noble Green cause.

Just like an oil pipeline, so a pipeline carrying liquified CO2 under pressure can leak, which has in Green world the potential for the worst environmental disaster possible, fossil fuels are evil but CO2 is supremely evil thus a leak from a CCS pipeline would be an unprecedented environmental holocaust by their value set, again no mention is ever made of this.

CCS like Wind, Solar, Tidal and all the other low-carbon schemes are just a selection of unexplored Green ideas born from an irrational fear of a trace gas that is just 0.04% of the atmosphere and essential for all life on earth.

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  1. Carbon capture and storage (CCS), if it were achievable, would be an expensive mechanism to throw away small amounts of useful plant food.

  2. how many forests could be planted in deserts from money from climategate and spraying chemtrails over Planet?

  3. As absurd, and even more damaging, than sequestering wealth.

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