Wind Turbine Fail, Service Life Is Just 50% Of That Quoted By The Wind Industry

Latest peer reviewed study proves that the life of a bird chopper is 10 - 15 years not the 20 -25 years spun by the renewables industry and used by politicians.

Latest peer reviewed study proves that the life of a bird chopper is 10 – 15 years not the 20 -25 years spun by the renewables industry and used by politicians for planning.

The case against wind turbines was already proven, intermittency or the inability to provide and meet demand for electricity is bad enough, as is the problem for renewables that they need to have a fossil fuel or nuclear power station on standby because of the intermittency issue, now a peer reviewed study by the Renewable Energy foundation has disclosed another major failing of wind power, the turbines actual serviceable life in roughly half that of the life span quoted by the manufacturers.

The study was carried out by Professor Gordon Hughes of the University of Edinburgh, one of Britain’s leading energy and environmental economists, using years of data from wind farms in both Britain and Denmark.

The findings are yet another embarrassment for the whole Green renewable energy boondoggle and has serious financial implications for energy bill payers who are already propping up the renewables industry via the ever increasing Green subsidies on energy bills:

The Renewable Energy Foundation [1] today published a new study, The Performance of Wind Farms in the United Kingdom and Denmark,[2] showing that the economic life of onshore wind turbines is between 10 and 15 years, not the 20 to 25 years projected by the wind industry itself, and used for government projections.

The work has been conducted by one of the UK’s leading energy & environmental economists, Professor Gordon Hughes of the University of Edinburgh[3], and has been anonymously peer-reviewed. This groundbreaking study applies rigorous statistical analysis to years of actual wind farm performance data from wind farms in both the UK and in Denmark.

The results show that after allowing for variations in wind speed and site characteristics the average load factor of wind farms declines substantially as they get older, probably due to wear and tear. By 10 years of age the contribution of an average UK wind farm to meeting electricity demand has declined by a third.

This far from funny, vainglorious politicians have bought into the Green myth of renewable energy and have planned for future energy security by including generation capacity from renewables in future energy planning.

This decline in performance means that it is rarely economic to operate wind farms for more than 12 to 15 years. After this period they must be replaced with new machines, a finding that has profound consequences for investors and government alike.

Not to mention profound consequence for energy bill payers who will doubtless be forced to subsidise the replacement of bird choppers far earlier than expected.

Policymakers expecting wind farms built before 2010 to be contributing towards CO2 targets in 2020 or later must allow for the likelihood that the total investment required to meet these targets will be much larger than previous forecasts have suggested. As a consequence, the lifetime cost per unit (MWh) of electricity generated by wind power will be considerably higher than official estimates.

Dont worry Ed Davey, The Guardian and all the Green NGOs will soon be telling us that this latest Green energy failure is a massive opportunity for Green jobs and that energy bills will actually be refunding money to bill payers in 2020 because of the Green energy revolution, and then energy bills will rise massively to pay for all the Green subsidies.

The report also looked at off shore wind:

a. The decline in the performance of Danish offshore wind farms is greater than that of UK onshore wind farms. This has worrying implications for the very large investment being made by the UK in offshore wind.

Then there is the already know problems of bird choppers at sea sinking.

The report also unearthed some other inconvenient truths like small wind farms perform better than large wind farms, so the trend is naturally to build bigger and bigger wind farms, and even more amazingly less than suitable sites are being developed irrespective of wind speed and strength, the power of the Green subsidy at work again.

The whole concept of renewables is crazy, imagine if someone came to your door to try and convince you to buy an electricity generations system that only worked intermittently, was economically unviable without never ending Green subsidy and would still need to use the existing power stations as back up for when the sun was not shining and the wind was blowing at wrong speed.

Most sane people would politely decline the idea, which does lead to the question exactly which planet are our politicians on when it comes to reliable,affordable,  secure energy?

The full PDF of the study can be found here.

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  1. 29/09/2009

    The green wheels would appear to be coming of wind farms, the blades of two of the four 42 metre highturbines at Chelker Reservoir near Skipton have had to be removed due to safety concerns. They were onlyinstalled in the 1990s and perhaps only 15 years old at most putting a huge question over the alleged total carbon emissions reduction equation. Wind farms are alleged to last 25 years, the Chelker turbines are onlysmall by modern standards but probably represent the expected service life of their larger brethren.

  2. XX energy & environmental economists, XX


    Both Stalin and Hitlere had places for such wasters!

  3. Happy Christmas Tory, and a successful new year. From Fen Beagle

  4. So everyone is ready to completely toss out all wind turbines because a few needed repairs? Hmmm, does that mean whenever you need to get repairs on your car you just throw the car away and buy a new one- or worse yet, say we should ban all cars? Let’s think this all the way through. Just because a few wind turbines need repairs, we don’t trash the whole industry. Think, people, think before you make wild statements!

  5. I love seeing the green lies exposed, however it does not seem to bring the bills down.

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