WOW! Sales Of Electric Cars In Britain Might Double In 2013

The Electric car in 1907 had a maximum range of 100 miles, in 2012 the maximum range of an electric car is 100 miles

The Electric car in 1907 had a maximum range of 100 miles, in 2012 the maximum range of an electric car is 100 miles

The Electric Car is yet another example of the absurd Green tokenism that will never work, an artificial market created by Governments, heavily dependent upon tax payer subsidy like all Green ideas, thus far  all attempts to create a global market for electric cars have failed.

Britain in common with many countries in the world, has more charging points than there are Electric Vehicles (EV) on the road, the few EVs sold in Britain in the last year have been sold to rich city dwellers who can afford the cost of an EV, normally around £30000. Anyone who buys an EV gets £5000 back in tax payer funded Green subsidy, which as the House of Commons Transport Select Committee has warned results in ordinary tax payers subsidising the rich, so they can be Green and fluffy.

Despite the problems of cost, range anxiety and the length of time it takes for a recharge, sales of EVs in Britain are expected to double in 2013, according to website

Numbers of fully electric cars are expected to rise from 3,000 to 6,000, according to Ben Lane, managing editor of the website He warned, however, that the switch to electric vehicles was still moving slowly.

Lane said: “The pricing is not yet quite right and the range is still not long enough. Very few people in 2012 were willing to pay a significant sum more for a car that still cannot do everything.”

As there have been no significant changes in EV technology, and EVs still cannot do everything the leading question is why will more people be prepared to buy EVs in 2013?

Come to that why have Toyota, who it must be said know a thing or two about making and selling cars, abandoned their plans for the eQ electric car because of lack of global consumer demand.

Maybe in 2013 Stupid will be the new Dumb, lets face it, in a world where the clowns have taken over the circus, anything is frankly possible.

Caveat emptor, buyer beware, wise words to consider if you are dumb stupid enough to use your hard earned money to indulge in Green tokenism:

While the price of new cars remains high despite the government’s £5,000 subsidy for each vehicle purchased, it is possible to get better deals through long-term leases on older models. Lane explained: “Companies will not advertise low prices, but it could be possible to get an electric car for as little as £150 per month on a long-term lease. They will be keen to get older cars off their hands as new ones arrive on the market, so it will be possible to drive a hard bargain.”

Which translates to expect massive depreciation in the value of your EV, as you basically cannot give used EVs away, lack of demand for new EVs is hardly going to spawn a buoyant market in used vehicles.

One interesting statistic would be how many EVs are actually in use, rather than gathering dust in dealers showrooms.

On a positive note there is good news for sufferers of range anxiety syndrome:

Saloon cars from the American firm Tesla, which will be able to run for up to 300 miles on a single charge, are expected to go on sale in the UK in the new year, priced between about £36,000 and £50,000.

Even with the 10% discount the taxpayers of Britain will refund for buyers of the most expensive Tesla, at £45000 the car is hardly cheap or affordable for the vast majority of the population.

A massive increase of Teslas on the roads is hardly likely, with most EVs in corporate fleets the only possible way the number of EVs could double is with EVs being dumped at knockdown prices to corporations or government departments buying them, as Barry Obama has had to do the in the US with the Chevy Volt.

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  1. XX Sales Of Electric Cars In Britain Might Double In 2013 XX

    WHAT! They MAY sell…. TWO?

  2. And I bet 2013 comes and goes without me seeing one in the charging point bay of my local supermarket. Just like 2012…

  3. With any luck Toyota will start concentrating on building proper vehicles again like the Crown, the LandCruiser, the HiLux and similar again.
    Interesting. Hyundai has the Centennial and the Genesis. Kia has the Optima. Where is Toyota’s competition tor these? Admittedly there is the Camry, but is it available in Europe? Same goes for Hyundai. Where are these models in Europe?

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