The Answer To UN COP Failures, Make The COP Last All Year

Varad Pande wants each UN Climate Circus Meetting to be 1 year long

Varad Pande wants each UN Climate Circus meeting to be 1 year long

Ever since COP15 in Copenhagen, each successive year’s Conference of the Parties (COP) has been a bigger failure than it’s predecessor, COP18 was even by the standards of the UNFCCC, a spectacular failure, the delegates left Doha without any of the major emitters making a new pledge to cut their CO2 emissions.

The chances of a global climate deal have receded to virtually nothing, Canada has turned it;s back on Kyoto, and already this year Russia has said it will never sign up for Kyoto 2.

The US under Obama will not sign up for anything that harms the US recovery, China plays a game of pretending to be Green will getting on with their economic expansion and India is unlikely to sign up to anything that will stop India’s economy growing.

However for some people in the Green boondoggle this reality, and the reality of the standstill in global temperature for what will be 20 years according to the UK Met Office,  has still  to sink in:

The UN climate talks should increase the number of negotiating days from around 20 to 150 in order to increase its chances of success, according to an advisor to a senior Indian minister.

Varad Pande, Officer on Special Duty to Jairam Ramesh, the rural development minister and former environment minister says more work is needed to break through the deadlocks.

“We need to make negotiations an ongoing, rather than an episodic, process, with at least 120 to 150 days of active negotiations every year,” Pande wrote in India’s Business Standard.

150 days of the major emitters still not agreeing to commit economic suicide would achieve exactly what?

“This is the only way to rummage through all the gory detail that climate negotiations today involve. This ‘high-intensity’ approach to negotiations needs to be complemented by regular high-level forums where influential political leaders come together, break deadlocks and make firm commitments,” he wrote.

How to put this, oh yeah, there is no warming, there is no money and according to UNFCCC supremo Christiana Figueres there is no political will because there is no populist support for an ambitious, or any indeed deal on Climate Religion.

Pande is considered to be a very close ally of ousted Indian environment minister Ramesh, who became unpopular with some during his tenure for giving the environment precedence over development on too many issues.

Pande is typical of those stuck in the Green bubble, the fad of Climate Religion as a political force to reckoned with has long past, no amount of talking, junk science, event attribution and scary fear stories is going to change that.

Neither will 150 days of pointless politically motivated eco babble come to that.

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