Greens Admit Climate Policies Will Take Decades To Show Any Benefits

Estimating the potential effects of Climate Policies is much the same as guessing how many lives would be saved in accidents that did not happen

Estimating the potential effects of Climate Policies is much the same as guessing how many lives would be saved in accidents that did not happen

A group of leading warming alarmists has admitted that the Climate Change policies that the UN and environmentalists are trying so hard to impose on the world, would take decades, if not longer to show any benefits.

A group of researchers from the usual suspects including, The Tyndall Centre, the University of East Anglia, The Potsdam Institute and the Walker Institute have concluded that tough measures swiftly imposed on global emissions could reduce the impacts of climate change by between 20% – 60%, though there would be no obvious impact until at least 2030 or even much later, like in 90 years from now.

Another great piece of attempted future proofing for the Green boondoggle, if the climate changes one way then the Greens were correct all along, if it goes the other way then the Green measures were not enacted swiftly enough to have prevented disastrous climate change.

Then of course, it would help if they actually knew what constitutes dangerous climate change:

“There is not a great deal of evidence out there about what dangerous climate change is or what different policies might do for the impacts of climate change,” said Nigel Arnell, director of the institute.

“We looked at what would happen if the world managed to hit a particular emissions trajectory; what benefits would there be, what sort of impacts would be avoided.”

If there is a lack of evidence about what dangerous climate change is, then all the hysteria and fear about rising temperatures, heat waves, increased extreme weather events, rising sea levels are all just a narrative to push a political agenda masquerading as climate science.

“The exercise is a bit like trying to guess how many lives were saved in accidents that did not happen.”

The classic lies, damned lies and statistics, using this technique for insurance company actuaries to calculate insurance premiums is one thing, the only loser is the insurance company if the numbers are wrong, using this technique on the global economy, to solve a problem which observed empirical evidence shows does not exist, will have disastrous and far reaching consequences for generations.

“We see quite a long lead time before we see any real impacts or benefits of a climate policy. The impacts that you avoid increase over time,” Professor Walker said. “The earlier and the more rapidly you reduce emissions the greater the impact.”

The UK Met Office concedes that warming has stopped since 1997 and that there is unlikely to be any renewed warming until 2017, if at all.

But the researchers, from the Hadley Centre at the British Met Office, the University of Southampton, the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at the University of Nottingham, the Potsdam Institute in Germany, the University of Aberdeen and the University of East Anglia, are convinced that limits on emissions will nevertheless have a measurable effect by 2050 and a pronounced benefit by 2100.

Convinced is not observed empirical evidence, it’s first 2 dictionary definitions are Completely certain about something, oh dear back to the erroneous settled science meme of Barack Obama, the second dictionary definition is “Firm in one’s belief, esp. with regard to a particular cause or issue.“, fear of CO2 as a core belief system again.

During the 19th Century a religious sect called the Millerites were so convinced of the second coming of Jesus Christ in October 1844, that they disposed of all their worldly goods and gathered on the hills outside New York to await the second coming, history records this event as the Great Disappointment.

The parallel is obvious between the Millerites and the warming alarmists, both groups have a core belief system that observed empirical evidence disproves, there was no second coming, much like there is no warming.

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  1. How perfect is that for them to milk it for so long, a match made in GREEN $$$$$ HAVEN…

  2. Jimmy Saville put his hand on my bum. I said “YEOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……and where’s
    my tickets for Bay City Rollers then ?”

  3. “Thanks to the resources that taxpayers and my supporters have provided me in carrying out my well-paid and comfortable job, I am now able to predict with complete confidence anything and everything that will happen following the date of my retirement.”

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