Greenwalling – Prominent Warmists Block Climate Skeptics On Twitter

Because the debate is over, attempting to follow the EU's unelected Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard.

Because the debate is over, attempting to follow the EU’s unelected Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard.

In politics it is called Stonewalling, which the dictionary defines as “Delay or block (a request, process, or person) by refusing to answer questions or by giving evasive replies, esp. in politics.“, yesterday I noticed a Tweet from Steve Milloy at the JunkScience blog saying that the Michael E Mann of Hockey Stick and vicarious Nobel Prize fame had blocked JunkScience on Twitter.

A while ago the EU’s unelected Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard Tweets dropped off my timeline and surprise, surprise, attempts to follow Comrade Connie are now blocked at the users request.

A similar thing happened with Climate Scientist Michael E Mann:


Typical acts of those that feel their belief system is under attack, Greenwall any dissent from the religious texts and those wicked evil Anthropogenic Global Warming deniers will go away.

Create your own Green bubble, your own slice of eco reality where anything is possible like claiming to be a Nobel Prize winner.

This a screen shot from the warmist blog Real Science taken on November 1st 2012 of Michael Mann’s bio page:


There is no doubt, Mann clearly states he shared (won) the Nobel Prize with others.

When contacted about Mann winning the Nobel Prize, the Nobel Institute had this to say:

1) Michael Mann has never been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
2) He did not receive any personal certificate. He has taken the diploma awarded in 2007 to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (and to Al Gore) and made his own text underneath this authentic-looking diploma.
3) The text underneath the diploma is entirely his own. We issued only the diploma to the IPCC as such. No individuals on the IPCC side received anything in 2007.

The $64000 dollar question is that if Mann made a mistake about winning the Nobel Prize, which you have to admit is the daddy of all mistakes, then what other mistakes has Mann made in his quest for self aggrandisement?

Mann’s bio page now says “He contributed, with other IPCC authors, to the award of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

The time honored warmist trick of changing the data to match the ever twisting narrative, with so many ” mistakes” to hide it is no wonder that those complicit in the AGW boondoggle have so much hide from skeptics.


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  1. Perhaps we should just swamp ALL the EU Commission email addresses as well as trying to get these lunatics to see sense via Twitter
    They are not easy to find, but somebody must have a list somewhere.
    The EU parliament addresses are probably easier to find and some of the MEPs are realists and might actually at least try to stop the rot

  2. Personally I think we should just swamp the EU and leave it at that

  3. Twitter increasingly feels like the mouthpiece of the progressive world. Note how many times institutions like the BBC mention Twitter in an hour. It would be described as product placement in any other realm.

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