And Environmentalists Wonder Why They Have Lost The Argument

So are you suggesting that I just go out and have my cat euthanised? "Not necessarily but that is an option"

All cats in New Zealand must be killed according to environmentalist  Gareth Morgan

This is an image from New Zealand environmentalist Gareth Morgan’s new web site Cats To Go, which is advocating the eradication of Felis catus from New Zealand, not surprisingly this has caused a hurricane of outrage.

New Zealand has previous form for wanting to eradicate domestic pets to appease Gaia, back in December 2009 Green environmentalists Robert and Brenda Vale wanted to cull all dogs in a book entitled “Time to Eat the Dog: The Real Guide to Sustainable Living”.

The premise behind Morgan’s campaign is that cats kill birds, and thus all cats must be killed to save New Zealand’s native bird species:

All the following excerpts are from the Cats to Go website:

If you are reading this there is a good chance that you are a cat owner and you are probably upset at the thought of getting rid of your beloved pet. Before you fly into a rage, have a read of some of the facts below and get educated on why cats need to go.

Another reason the arrogant know all Greens are losing, read my facts and get educated on why I am right, and then do as I say.

On what your killer kitty really gets up to:

Just because your cat does not bring home natives it does not mean they are not killing them.

Equally nor does it prove that the hypothetical cat is killing natives either come to that.

If they are not bringing home native birds it’s because there are none around left to kill.

In which case culling all the cats in New Zealand is just Green payback for the birds, amazing how some animals are worth saving and others that do not fit  the false Green idyll must be eradicated for rocking the boat.

From the sites FAQ:

Frequently asked question

So are you suggesting that I just go out and have my cat euthanised?

Not necessarily but that is an option. We appreciate the fact that you have an emotional connection with your pet and that pet ownership is a rewarding experience. But there’s a real problem with cats – they kill for pleasure, and most of that killing is out of your sight so probably out of your mind. If you think NZ’s native species are precious and should be fostered then it’s important you be a responsible cat owner. That means keep them inside 24 hours a day and if that’s impractical then when the time comes ensure this is the last cat you ever own.

As Morgan cares so much about native bird species he must also be worried about the damage that wind farms do to native bird populations, no mention of that, but killing cats has a Green economic payoff:

In order for us to continue being a premium clean, green tourism destination we actually need to start making steps in this direction. Whilst there are many issues to address, getting one step closer to being a pest free New Zealand would most certainly be a step in the right direction.

Somebody should really tell Morgan that flying is not Green, it is evil, wicked and only UNFCCC delegates and Leonardo di Caprio can fly, because they care.

Gareth Morgan is stereo typical of the Green Environmentalist, his way is the only way, the clash between Green ideological ideas like flying are ignored so that New Zealand can become the premier Green tourist destination for rich Green Liberals, or maybe, just maybe Morgan just hates cats.


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  1. The 2008 Climate Change act was obviously designed to destroy what’s left of our UK ” vital for our national defence ” industry, the Road Fuel Tax Escalator got rid of most of it by the time of the 2000 Farmers For Action protests. It would appear that the whole object of the alleged green Neo-Liberal / Corporate-Nazi exercise is to turn the entire UK into an eco / historical theme park for wealthy jet set tourists and then perhaps sell them a ” tax dodge ” holiday home in the countryside ?

  2. I would certainly kill environmentalists before I would kill my cats – or anyone else’s cats, come to that – and I’m damn sure I would gain considerable pleasure from it too.

    Bring it on!

  3. While Gareth Morgan is advocating the eradication of cats to save native birdlife, possibly he should look at the eradication of windfarms, to save the native birdlife.
    Even though I am a cat lover, I haven’t had a cat for over 20 years, as my last beloved moggy did tend to kill birds and small lizards and skinks, and thought better of having another pet.

  4. I live in NZ and Gareth Morgan is a well-known economist. His son Sam sold the NZ internet auction site TradeMe for $700million, of which the old man had a substantial share holding

    Gareth Morgan also spent a million bucks on producing a book called “Poles Apart” in which the two sides of the so-called “climate debate” were explored, and our Gareth came to the conclusion that the alarmists were correct. No accounting for taste or reason I guess.

    Morgan runs a retirement investment fund for the KiwiSaver scheme. I would guess that some of this goes into “ethical” bird-munchers aka windfarms

    To give him some credit he did criticize the NZ Green Party for being “anti-business”. You have to remember though on the libtard/ecotard index, NZ is fairly off the scale

  5. Indoor-only cats do not kill birds. They also don’t get run over by cars, hurt by vicious humans, or contract FIV or FeLV.

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