Eco Ransom Not Paid So 900 Dolphins Slaughtered In Solomon Islands

Solomon Islanders slaughter 900 Dolphins because a Green NGO failed to pay blood money on time.

Solomon Islanders slaughter 900 Dolphins because a Green NGO failed to pay blood money on time.

One of the really sad aspects of the whole Anthropogenic Global Warming scam is the impact of Green interference on the wild life they so stridently claim to be protecting.

Wind turbines kill birds and bats by the million, many of the things done to save this or that from whatever the current Green cause celebre is, have exactly the opposite effect as Austrian filmmaker Ulrich Eichelmann discovered while making his new film Climate Crimes:

Ulrich Eichelmann who was an active member of WWF for 17 years and worked in conservation for decades, now documents that it is rather the reverse: he shows how many ecosystems, species, habitats and the cultural heritage too are threatened – but, as he sums up, “not by climate change, but by climate protection and the things done in its name.”

What has happened in the Solomon Islands is a tragic case of environmental protectionism gone wrong, the Solomon Islands are part of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), one the few players still hanging with the great man made climate change scam.

Another member of AOSIS is the Maldives. who in the run up to COP15 in Copenhagen,  under then President Mohamed Nasheed, held a cabinet meeting under water to illustrate the alleged danger of rising sea levels to the islands, all the while knowing that the Maldives were having a new airport built, which is due for completion in July 2014 with a predicted service life of 25 years, long after the islands were going to be submerged by the Indian Ocean.

The problem is that the developing nations were promised billions of dollars in Climate Aid by the Greens and warmists if they played along with the Green boondoggle, then a massive recession in the industrialized nations, the destructive failure of COP15 and no warming mostly killed the Green Dream off, for all but the most devout believers.

These people want their Climate Justice money and the dolphins in the Solomon Islands have been used to show what will happen if western money is not forthcoming:

Villagers in the Solomon Islands have slaughtered up to 900 dolphins in the course of a dispute with a conservation group, Earth Island Institute.

Accounts of the dispute vary. The islanders say the Berkeley-based conservation group failed to pay them, as agreed, for stopping the traditional hunt. Earth Island says the slaughter was the work of a “renegade group” trying to sabotage conservation work.

An account of the islanders position was broadcast on Australian radio:

The islanders’ account, which was aired by Australian broadcasting, accused the conservation group of failing to live up to a deal to pay up to $400,000 to people in the village of Fanalei, to stop the dolphin hunt. The villagers said they received barely a third of the promised funds before the money dried up.

Atkin Fakaia, a community leader now living in the capital, Honiara, told Radio Australia the disillusioned Fanalei villagers had gone back to hunting when the money did not come in.

“The issue of them going back fishing for and killing dolphins was on the understanding that Earth Island had been reluctant to pay the agreed amount that was due to the community,” he said. “They were just disappointed and dissatisfied over the attitude of Earth Island.”

The islanders knew that by killing this number of dolphins when the full sum of ransom money was not paid, they would cause outrage in the rich west, quickly followed by a  desire to prevent the islanders from repeating the slaughter next year,  when the price of saving the dolphins will have doubtless doubled to $800000.

The actions of the Solomon Islands are a far cry from the Liberal Green meme that the developing nations are always the victim, their traditional native ways and philosophies always so much purer and less cynical than those of us who live in the industrialized nations that the Greens so despise.

Updated January 26th 2012

Whale and Dolphin Conservation on their website have a smaller number of Dolphins killed but much larger sums of money involved:

That agreement, made with the Earth Island Institute, ended in April 2012, and a spokesperson for the villagers said that the hunts had resumed because they were promised $2.4 million not to hunt the dolphins, but only received $700, 000.

Earth Island Institute has responded by stating that the funding has stopped because the villagers have disobeyed and continued to hunt dolphins despite the agreement being in place.

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  1. Like I said on another blog, Funny how that GREEN thang works……

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