Second Wind Turbine Falls Down In South West England

Last week a wind turbine in Broadworthy,, Devon collapsed in a 50mph hour wind, now  a second bird choppers has collapsed 18 miles away in Cornwall.

Last week a wind turbine in Broadworthy, Devon collapsed in a 50 mph hour wind, now a second bird chopper has collapsed 18 miles away in Cornwall.

Last weekend a wind turbine collapsed at Broadworthy, Devon in a 50 mph wind, although the wind turbine is supposed to be resilient to wind speeds more than twice as fast as this.

Now a second bird chopper has come crashing down 18 miles away in Cornwall on the family farm of a Lib Dem councillor, the Lib Dems you may recall from their last party conference were the only major political party in Britain, to still believe in Climate Religion, so it is no surprise to find Green crony capitalism being practiced by one of their number.

The collapse of 2 symbols of Green tokenism within a week have put health and safety pressures on an industry already under attack for besmirching landscapes and costing billions in Green subsidies for energy bill payers.

Investigations into the cause of the Broadworthy turbine have found bolts missing from the base which is leading to an attempted damage limitation exercise where the dark deeds of sabotage are being mooted as a possible cause of the collapse.

Missing bolts, ergo it must be sabotage, not that sub standard maintenance and construction could be to blame, nor the fact that as the turbine rocked back and forth in the wind the cantilever effect could have ripped the bolts out of the ground, no, the way forward for Big Wind is, as usual,  to obfuscate the truth with tales of sabotage and news blackouts about any wind farm accidents.

Britain has over 3400 bird choppers and so far there have been more than 1500 accidents in the last 6 years, though this like the unprecedented environmental destruction that wind turbines cause during manufacture is a closely guarded secret.

Meanwhile in the West Country the people of Broadworthy had been fiercely opposed to the bird choppers saying that the wind turbines would ruin the landscape, as usual the people were ignored, because Green politically correct Green renewable energy is involved.

Margaret Coles, the chairman of Bradworthy Parish Council:

“People that end of the parish were woken up by the crash it made when it came down. Some people think the bolts had been removed from the turbine which is why it was brought down.

“Others have said they saw charring on the turbine so they think it caught fire or was set fire to. We don’t know what happened and we want to find out.”

This would not be first time that a wind turbine gearbox has caught fire and brought the whole structure to earth.

Dulas, the installer, said the turbine had not caught fire and claimed the company had never experienced a similar incident but would not comment further.

On Friday the second turbine was discovered to have collapsed at Winsdon Farm, in North Petherwin, Cornwall, which is owned by the family of local councillor Adam Paynter.

The 11kw Gaia turbine is one of two on the farm.

A spokesman for Gaia-Wind said: “There has been an incident where a turbine tower has been damaged. No other injury or damage is involved and we are investigating the cause.”

As the turbines are not buildings the local council cannot investigate the failures, which just leaves the manufacturers and installers of wind farms to investigate themselves, which is just plain crazy, but then so is just about everything in Green renewable energy world.

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  1. Furor Teutonicus

    XX “There has been an incident where a turbine tower has been damaged. XX

    Like, the Titanic was “slightly dented”?

  2. When are they going to get it in there thick heads, wind farms are Bat and Bird killers? Someone is making lots of money out of these killing machines I’m sure.

  3. The CG of a wind turbine is way too high, but they won’t stop building them, they will just re-design the turbines and make the bases much wider, the same as electricity pylons, so they will become even more of an eyesore

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