Greens Admit Electric Cars Are Not That Green

The electric car being promoted as zero emissions by Britain's disgraced former Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne. Electric cars are like Chris Huhne have a zero future.

The electric car being promoted as zero emissions by Britain’s disgraced former Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne. Electric cars are like Chris Huhne, both have a zero future.

The Electric Vehicle (EV) another failed Green idea, that now even the Greens admit is only as Green as the power source that generated the electricity.

The Electric Car has been just around the corner for over a century, an advert from 1907 has an electric car, The Fritchie, which was supposed to go as far as, wait for this, 100 miles the maximum range quoted for many of today’s electric cars.

Neither history, nor Google remember The Fritchie, so it was never a sales success, most likely early 20th century motorists were put off the idea by the initial purchase price of car, the service life and cost of replacement batteries, the lack of charging points and range anxiety, the mile range is an ideal world maximum, real range averages out about 66% of the ideal world figure for modern EVs.

The Green meme has always been EVs are zero emissions, which is as always, with all things touted by Green environmentalists a partial truth.

An EV is zero emissions when in use, in so much as the vehicle produces no emissions itself, this was and is still the Green meme, the inconvenient truth is that if the electricity that was used to charge the battery was generated by a fossil fueled power station then the emissions for each EV journey are almost identical to that from a small modern petrol or diesel car.

This inexorable fact was pointed out to the Greens on many occasions, but is always ignored by the environmental movement, until now when strangely the Guardian have come clean on the real environmental impact of electric cars, and amazingly now, EV’s have an environmental impact during manufacture:

In India and China, where power generation is heavily coal-based, electric cars result in emissions similar to traditional petrol vehicles. In India, a fully electric car generates emissions comparable to a 20 MPG (US gallon) petrol vehicle

20 mpg we are talking Green environmental holocaust, an mpg figure bettered my many models of the devils ride, the SUV.

Electric cars have been criticised in the past for not being quite as environmentally friendly as first thought. Academics in Norway published a study last October arguing that EVs can be more polluting than is widely assumed. The study highlighted the counterproductive promotion of EVs when the electric consumed is produced from oil and coal.

When you hear about cities like London promoting EV’s, when Britain’s electricity in largely generated by coal and gas, then all that is happening is the city is exporting its EV emissions to another part of the country where the power station is.

The objective to cut vehicle emissions has failed completely.

Lead author of the Shades of Green report, Lindsay Wilson, said:

One of the unique features about this analysis is that it accounts for the differences in manufacturing emissions between electric and petrol vehicles. Because electric vehicles are more energy intensive to manufacture, and are expected to have lower lifetime mileage, there manufacturing emissions per kilometre are considerably greater.

The EV is more environmentally damaging to manufacture, in the vast majority of countries they create the same environmental impact as a modern small car with an internal combustion engine, the EV costs more to buy and has a much shorter range between refueling stops.

Is it any wonder that the EV has failed globally to find a market, and that is despite the huge Green subsidies paid to those that buy these mobile monuments to Green folly and tokenism.

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  1. Furor Teutonicus

    Hmm. Hanv’t we being tellig them this for years???

  2. Furor Teutonicus

    Damn Computer has gone all dyslexic again. I am sure you know what I MEANT to say….? 😉

  3. Such a simple and obvious truth – if your source of energy is carbon then your car cannot be free of emissions.
    And yet look at the long tortuous process of debating that has been required to get even this tiny admission out of the Green movement.

  4. Reblogged this on Johnsono ne'Blog'as and commented:

  5. So no improvement in over 100 years. Except of course the battery which now has the added benefit of bursting into flames for no good reason or turning into a brick if fully discharged whilst costing more ( the battery ) than a good small internal combustion engined car.

    I love these greenies, they are so “logical”. Perhaps they were all on Ark B as they seem to have no clue about where the electricity comes from.

  6. Good thing that the Greens (or at least some of ’em) have finally made such an admission. Considering that:

    Insight: Electric cars head toward another dead end [h/t Toronto Sun’s Lorrie Goldstein via twitter]:

    Recent moves by Japan’s two largest automakers suggest that the electric car, after more than 100 years of development and several brief revivals, still is not ready for prime time – and may never be.

  7. did you notice that WWF Germany sort of accepted that conventional fossil fuel plants should be supported, and that Green Electricity is not making it? This past October: h++p://

    • Furor Teutonicus

      XX did you notice that WWF Germany sort of accepted that conventional fossil fuel plants should be supported, and that Green Electricity is not making it? XX

      No shit batman? I wrote about this months ago. But you appear to have “missed” it.

      Interesting, it is right this very minute, due to “global warming” OBVIOUSLY, pi##ing it down with snow, here in Berlin. In fact, it is so heavy, I can not see the other side of the street. And that is only 20 meters, or so!

      Damn! Give me more CO2 I NEED a good summer, even when it IS in February! 🙂

  8. Can you let me have the link please 😀

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