Wow! CO2 Makes Volcanoes Erupt

The power of Carbon Dioxide, according to the teachings of the Church of Climatology

The power of Carbon Dioxide, according to the teachings of the Church of Climatology

For an inert trace gas which comprises just 0.04% of Earths atmosphere, CO2 has some incredible properties and powers attributed to it by the superstitious believers of the cult of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

The decline of Climate Religion has meant desperate measures for desperate times, most desperate measures, are in reality no more than a Forlorn Hope, take for example the warming alarmist tactic of event attribution.

Every extreme weather event of recent years has been attributed to CO2 induced global warming, event attribution as it is referred to was started by once Green Pope, and now major Green embarrassment Al Gore, and since that moment has become the trumpet call of all the major players in the scam, including EU Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard, Christiana Figueres, Ban Ki-Moon, almost to the point where everyone involved in the Green cabal is an attributionist.

There are some significant holes in the whole Green story, especially so where event attribution is concerned. The Synod of the Church of Climatology, sometimes known as the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has said there is no link between CO2 and extreme weather, as did the warming alarmist publication Nature which concluded that climate science was too immature to link extreme weather with Anthropogenic Global Warming.

So to summarize the situation there are political leaders backed by Green NGOs who claim that all extreme weather events are caused by rising levels of atmospheric CO2 and that the science of climate change is both settled and irrefutable, their own scientists disagree with the Green meme of their political masters.

Cape Town – Scientists and environmentalists have reacted with anger to emerging reports that dismiss the reality of climate change.

While climate scepticism is a popular topic in fringe political groups, the evidence points to irreversible climate change with devastating impacts for poor communities if no action is taken.

Priceless climate skepticism is a fringe political activity, tell that to the US House of Representatives, the government of Canada, India, Russia, China, the real truth is that fear of CO2 is a fringe political activity, if you judge it’s political impact by the continued and spectacular failure of the annual UN Climate Conferences, the most recent COP18 which saw the demise of the only global Climate Treaty ever, the Kyoto Protocol.

As Global Warming has now retrospectively caused every extreme weather event since the start of industrialized society, and the world has still not been scared into taking the necessary Green action to relaunch the Agrarian society, it is time to attribute more events to CO2.

Time to move into a territory once only occupied by Champagne Environmentalist Danny Glover who solemnly declared that the Haiti Earthquake was caused by Global Warming, though recently the Greens have now reclassified Earthquakes as extreme weather events.

Sceptics, however, have argued that a Medieval warming period proves that global warming is part of a natural cycle.

The Medieval Warming Period (MWP) has always been denied by the warming alarmists, as a non global event, despite there being a wealth of peer reviewed scientific papers that prove that the MWP was a planet wide event.

So who better to refute the MWP that the WWF, the Green NGO behind the Glaciergate debacle.

“Claims that global average temperatures during Medieval times were warmer than present-day are based on a number of false premises,” World Wide Fund for Nature climate expert Richard Worthington told News24.

He said the warming period was not as widespread as the sceptics argue, and noted that temperatures warmed up significantly in the latter half of the 20th century.

A vague claim of unspecified false premises to dismiss the MWP, mention the only the truth in the whole statement, the planet warmed in the latter half of the 20th Century, and then fail to mention that there has been no statistically significant warming for the last 16 years.

That is one powerful argument, if you are a Green Liberal, which can be made all the more powerful if you get a Professor of Sustainable Development Law and International Environmental Law, in this case Oliver C Ruppel of Stellenbosch University to indulge in an orgy of attributionism:

“There is wide scientific consensus that the increased number and intensity of climate change induced natural disasters, such as earthquakes, volcano eruptions, tsunamis and hurricanes, is of alarming concern,” said Ruppel, though adding that not all climate events lead to disasters.

Then of course no climate fantasy tale would be complete without Greenpeace:

“The rise of so-called ‘climate denialists’ is nothing new, even if it is positioned as something that is ‘rising in prominence’. The science on climate change is clear: It is human-induced, and the longer we delay action the worse the impacts are likely to be,” said Greenpeace Africa climate & energy campaigner Melita Steele.

The power of the human race, we can create extreme weather by having an industrialized society, we can make volcanoes erupt, the earth quake, but we still cannot turn lead in to gold, although the Greens have come real close, their success at turning Green hogwash into Danegeld for Gaia, unparalleled in human  history.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Actually… We transmuted lead into gold in the 1970’s…just a few molecules because the energy needed to create, say, an ounce would have had that ounce costing a million (1970’s) dollars. There is also a rumor that mercury is being transmuted into gold in nuclear plants…

    But the point of the article is well taken. It’s all about the money and how much can be sucked from Humanity in “carbon” taxes. I do have a solution to taxes…




    The LOVE of money is the root of all evil (in this case, coming after more of Our money in the form of “carbon” taxes); remove the soil in which the root grows…

  2. hi Tory, me, as a non-believer in any GLOBAL warming, I’m impressed by your ridicule of the Warmist… the Green top-coated Reds. I had to grow up east of the Iron Curtain, learned how they operate, from close up. They are very predictable, BUT, well organized. b] they know the power of the media.

    2] Warmist are wining, because the Skeptics rely too much on ”proxy data” – when a ”Skeptic” can state that: he / she knows what was the GLOBAL temp 300y ago, 600y ago… long before Australia, Antarctic were discovered… b] because some alluvial deposits in Colorado canyon say was wetter or dryer, warmer / colder – BUT, ignoring that Pacific ocean cowers larger surface area than all dry land on the planet… makes the Skeptics to have same credibility as the Warmist. Tory, there are enough real / solid proofs that the Warmist are wrong – using past / proxy PHONY data is only helping the Warmist, trust me

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