Keystone XL And The Biggest Climate Rally In History

Champagne environmentalist Daryl Hannah is arrested at the Keystone XL pipeline protest.

Champagne environmentalist Daryl Hannah is arrested at the Keystone XL pipeline protest.

The story goes like this, Canada has oil rich sands in Alberta, the plan is to build a 1700 mile underground pipeline from Alberta to oil refineries in Texas and Oklahoma, the pipeline is known as Keystone XL.

Keystone XL has been chosen by the warming alarmists and Champagne Celebrities as the environmental battle to fight, the decision Obama makes on Keystone will for the Greens be the defining moment on whether or not Obama delivered his State of Union address promises to lead on the fight for the UN and governments to control the planets weather.

Previous protests against Keystone have seen NASAs James Hansen, the fabricator of ever warming historical records of temperature data, get arrested, a fate shared in this latest protest by Daryl Hannah.

The protest against Keystone was billed as the “Biggest Climate Rally In History” but was it?

Thousands of protesters descended on Washington DC on Sunday demanding Barack Obama shut down the Keystone XL pipeline project to show he is serious about taking action on climate change.

Organisers said a crowd of 35,000, carrying placards in the shape of bright red stop signs, gathered at the Washington monument on a bright but bitterly cold day for the march on the White House.

The event, billed as the largest climate protest in US history, was intended as a show of force before Obama renders his decision on the pipeline project in the next few months.

Protesters were bussed in from 30 states and Canadian provinces. Marchers held aloft banners proclaiming “Don’t be fossil fools” and “It’s time to cut carbon” during the rally.

A fairly subdued piece from the Guardian there, organisers said, not the usual unprecedented number of climate protesters, so may be this was not the Biggest Climate Rally in History.

There is a temptation for a cheap shot at the warming alarmists for not using Electric Vehicles (EV), but the lack of range and shortage of charging points for EVs probably made the choice of reliable fossil fueled vehicles the only way to achieve their goal of the Biggest Climate Rally in History.

The CO2phobes at are busy trumpeting the success of the protest and shooting themselves in the foot:

What a day! Over 40,000 people poured into the streets of Washington, DC today to push President Obama to take our nation “Forward on Climate” and say no to the Keystone XL pipeline.

Our team here at had expected a crowd, but this was MASSIVE. Volunteers from around the country organized 130 buses to get people to the rally and it showed: there were people of all ages from Florida to Wisconsin to California here today.

Over 40,000 people, 130 buses, now those are some seriously big buses, each bus must have carried 307 passengers!

Also attending the Biggest Climate Rally In History were pro fossil fuel group the Light Brigade:

For “the biggest climate rally in history,” attendance was remarkably sparse. Those of us in the Light Brigade guessed 5,000. We were heartened by the lack of real enthusiasm by the protesters. The Light Brigade, as our videos will show, had real passion–we love energy with conviction, while they hate it with confusion.
“Forward on climate” was personified by the shivering, emotionally muted, and fairly sparse crowd leaving early in their oil clothing to get to their coal and gas homes.
The lesson of the protest was clear: Nature, untamed by fossil fuels and other affordable, reliable energy is an often uncomfortable and dangerous place to be. That’s why the protesters left as early as they could, and why the whole production was ridiculous. Who wants to stand outside in the middle of February, freezing to “send a message” about “global warming”? Resolve faded to the point where by the 4:00 closing time, I could shoot footage right next to the stage with no one within 20 feet of me.

The likely capacity for each bus is about 50 passengers, which allowing for the fact that it is unlikely that each bus was full to capacity, the Light Brigades estimate of 5000 protestors is probably a much closer assessment of the numbers who attended.

The point that the Keystone protestors have missed is that if America does not approve the pipeline then China will step in and  buy the oil sands output, and a different pipeline will be built, one that links the Alberta oil sands with a port for Chinese oil tankers.

The oil sands will not stay in the ground if Obama bows to the political pressure of a fringe minority,  all that will happen is that America will miss out on the jobs and revenue that would have been generated had Keystone gone ahead, jobs that are needed by the American people who unlike Daryl Hannah are not rich Green Liberals who can turn up for right on protests man, get their fix of the Feel Good for doing Good Deeds drug, and then return to their  rich pampered life style.

A life  style that bears no resemblance to the lives ordinary people who are looking for jobs, worrying about paying the mortgage or feeding their family, people whose lives are directly impacted by the cost of the Green stupidity of believing that the human race can chose and control the weather on Planet Earth.

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