Solar Panels Are Full Of Carcinogens

Solar Panel manufacture like wind turbines produces large amounts of heavy metal pollution

Solar Panel manufacture like wind turbines produces large amounts of heavy metal pollution

Wind and Solar, the flagship renewable energy icons of the warming alarmists, crony capitalists and rent seekers sold, as solving all the worlds energy needs in a clean Green way.

Renewables are neither clean nor Green, the use of heavy metals in their manufacture make this another Green lie, the wind turbine lie was hidden half a world a way in China, where the town of Batou is surrounded by a huge lagoon of toxic chemicals from the manufacture of magnets for wind turbines.

The truth about the use of cadmium and other toxic chemicals in the  manufacture of solar panels has now floated to the surface in the that most carcinogen obsessed of countries, the United States.

In the wake of yet another Obama funded clean-tech disaster like Solyndra a solar panel manufacturer in Colorado has gone  bankrupt:

Colorado-based Abound Solar has been ordered to remove and bury in cement thousands of leftover solar panels “deemed unsellable” by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). The company must also clean up other hazardous waste at a number of facilities statewide, according to the Northern Colorado Business Report (NCBR).

The waste is deemed so hazardous that it must be buried in concrete, which makes a complete nonsense of solar being environmentally friendly, not to mention the irony of Green solar panels being rendered safe from causing environmental damage by being encased in that most environmentally unfriendly of materials, concrete.

State health officials pointed to the carcinogenic metal cadmium in the panels as the source of concern. “At the time of the inspection these 2,000 pallets of solar panels were deemed unsellable and a viable agreement for reclamation of the solar panels was not evident,” the inspector’s report says. “Therefore, the department views these 2,000 pallets of solar panels as a characteristic hazardous waste for cadmium.”

The company concerned, Abound Solar, at the height of solar panel production was producing around 630 pounds of cadmium polluted materials every month, Abound Solar’s warehouse is reckoned to still have 4000 gallons of cadmium contaminated liquids stored inside.

As the environmentalists would have us believe solar is Green, tree huggingly  lovely and adorable, so it naturally follows that  those who  manufacture these expensive monuments to Green tokenism and folly would also treat the environment in the way that Gaia would approve  of.

Following the company’s bankruptcy, an investigation by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revealed that the warehouse in Denver storing the unsold panels did not have a hazardous waste permit. The cleanup, NCBR reports, will require encasement and burial:

There’s only one treatment facility in the state, a landfill near Last Chance in eastern Adams County. The panels would likely be treated, mixed in cement and buried, Schieffelin said.

Violating state hazardous waste regulations carries an administrative fine of as much as $15,000 daily and a civil fine of as much as $25,000 per violation per day, according to the state.

The news report concluded, “Any [Abound] panels that cannot find a buyer would be deemed hazardous waste.

Thus far the state of Colorado has not imposed the fines, hoping instead that Abound Solar would actually get the clean up done.

Abound still faces a fraud investigation as well as a Congressional document probe after a Daily Caller report in October revealed faulty and defective panels that suffered “catastrophic failure.”

It does make you wonder who, are more to the point how, will these monuments to Climate Religion, like solar panels and wind turbines be disposed of, in an environmentally friendly way at the end of their service life.

The future for solar seems to be huge landfill sites full of concrete keeping cadmium and other heavy metals out of ground water supplies and the environment as a whole, it goes without saying the Greens will never ever mention this aspect of their solar dream.

The outlook for removal of renewable infrastructure is not optimistic, the US has 14000 abandoned wind turbines that no one knows how to, or has the will to remove.

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  1. So, thanks to the courtesy of the greens, instead of man made global warming, they’ve given us man made carcinogenic global contamination. Couple that with the revelation that the green fuel, Diesel, contains four known carcinogens and causes lung and bladder cancer. Earth mother, Galia, is as good as dead.

  2. that will be that good green type of cancer so it does not count surely????

  3. So hang on – since all solar panels have a 20-25 maximum working life.. that would seem to mean that this solar PV “green” “renewable” energy has a WASTE CONTAMINATION problem similar to OLD-STYLE nuclear.
    – still it’s lucky that eco-lightbulbs can be easily be disposed of ..cos they don’t contain any dangerous products like mercury
    .. don’t they ?

  4. Just like they did with Asbestos when they told us it was safe for over 50 years, they will tell us that Solar, Wind turbines, Biofuel, fill in the blank __________ for the next 50 years and then spend many billions more than they spent on this scam on Super Fund cleanups making those corporations even richer.

  5. I can only speak for my myself, but I list the points I need to make, and then research my viewpoint, and look for the common theme, of similar views. I don’t want to repeat an identical comment. I’m a novelist, and also a bit of a Constituion Laws nut. Therefore, I set out my comment to ensure clarity, and avoid ambiguity.
    But each to their own style, and my advice is to have a go and write your comments. Writers, write, others think about writing someday soon.
    But no one will bite your head off.

  6. Keyser Soze

    You’e all morons. Do you first understand the difference between SiPV and CdTePV? Your rhetoric and propaganda are dangerous when you don’t understand the subject you’re talking about….

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