Global Fear Of CO2 Is At A 20 Year Low

All the Green Armageddon events that were supposed to happen, and never have.

All the Green Armageddon events that were supposed to happen, and never have.

A new survey by Globescan of 22,812 people in 22 countries, including Britain and the US makes depressing reading for Big Green, fear of CO2 is at a 20 year low, and this is despite billions of dollars being wasted on junk science projects with a preordained political result, and all gilded with never ending fear stories about impending environmental holocaust.

Ever since the failure of COP15 Copenhagen, in 2009 the whole warming alarmist movement has been in accelerating decline, each successive COP meeting building on the failure of its predecessor, attempts of reignite the Rio Earth summit some 20 years later, with a new meme “sustainable development” crashed and burned on take off.

Now the warming alarmists are at a loss to understand how this could be, after all that money, all that fear based Green propaganda, all those ad hominem attacks and straw man arguments, the world no longer buys in to the Anthropogenic Global Warming boondoggle.

Despite years of studies showing the impact of global warming on the planet, only 49 per cent of people now consider climate change a very serious issue – far fewer than at the beginning of the worldwide financial crisis in 2009.

Worries about climate change first dropped in industrialized nations but they have now also fallen in developing economies including Brazil and China, according to the survey by GlobeScan Radar.

They just will not admit the truth to themselves, they call people who disagree with their fear of CO2 deniers, yet they deny truth to themselves, without any doubt the global financial meltdown has changed people’s priorities, but the truth is, it was Climategate that killed Copenhagen stone dead.

Then we have had years of failed predictions of global environmental holocaust with the Armageddon date shifting ever further into the future, people are becoming wise to the cost of Green energy and its impact on their lives and living standards.

The declining interest in climate change comes amid a backlash against costly green energy investments in an age of austerity.

Therein lies a new problem for the Greens, Climate Change is now a regular story in tabloid newspapers, no longer the preserve of lofty Liberal idealistic rags like the Guardian and the New York Times, joe public is now getting stories about the real cost of Green energy, wind farms are destroying rural landscapes, the public know about the lack of warming, no statistically significant warming for 16 years, and what that means is now in the public domain.

Campaigners said the “perceived seriousness” of climate change had also fallen sharply since the unsuccessful UN Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen in December 2009. The summit ended in what was described as “confusion, disagreement and disarray” as political leaders failed to agree a legally binding deal to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Copenhagen was always going to fail, the objectives were unachievable, the huge expectations built up by the Green propagandists made sure of this, and when the inevitable failure happened the world started to lose interest.

Graham Thompson, a spokesman for Greenpeace, said: “The public can see that the response of our politicians is completely inadequate to the threat scientists have revealed, and that dissonance is reflected in these polls.”

Doug Miller, chairman of GlobeScan, said: “Evidence of environmental damage is stronger than ever, but our data shows that economic crisis and a lack of political leadership mean that the public are starting to tune out.”

Greenpeace quite simply do not get it, there is no political leadership for a  return to the drudge and misery of the agrarian society, because there is no public support for an ambitious climate deal, for that read economic suicide, UNFCCC head, Christiana Figueres said exactly these words at COP18.

Without political support from voters,  politicians will not act on Climate Change, Gordon Brown and Barack Obama tried to drag people in with patent lies like “50 days to save the world” and “the science is settled“, messages which failed to resonate with the global population.

There are of course other reasons for the decline in ManBearPig, hypocritical Hollywood champagne environmentalists telling people not to fly, or travel more than 20 miles from their home  a day, all the while carrying on regardless with their massive CO2 footprint luxury lifestyles, the self appointed followers of Gaia in Green NGOs telling us all how to live and feel guilty, years of failed apocalyptic predictions, the lack of warming, the rapid and increasing rise of Eugenics in the environmental movement, the pettiness of making people feel guilty for owning cats and dogs, and last but not least, the return to 15th Century superstition and belief in witchcraft whereby every weather event real or predicted is always attributed to man made climate change.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. It’s obvious that the real metric they are interested in is fear, not knowledge. Knowledge requires evidence: fear merely requires hysteria.

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