Green Fringe Minority Stage Climate Week 2013

Climate Week a chance for warming alarmists to indulge in Green tokenism and gesture politics

Climate Week a chance for warming alarmists to indulge in Green tokenism and gesture politics

It is Climate Week in Britain where 500000 people will attend 3000 events in support of the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam, or to put it more accurately the public support for action on controlling the climate committing economic suicide is so overwhelming each event attracts an average of just 166 people.

The mission of Climate Week is the usual mix of Green renewable energy can meet all of Britain’s energy needs, and if we lead the way with Green gesture politics then the rest of the world, who to date have walked away from this idea, will suddenly get a massive change of heart and follow our example.

One of the objectives of Climate Week is to reinstate an ambitious, for that read economically disastrous, power sector decarbonisation target for 2030 that some how vanished at the end of 2012, the re-introduction of this target is being actively supported by the Head of the Climate Change Committee crony capitalist and rent seeker Tim Yeo and Labour MP Barry Gardiner.

The idea is to limit how much carbon electricity producers can emit per unit they generate.

The Government’s independent advisors, the Committee on Climate Change have suggested 50g of carbon of CO2 per kilowatt hour of electricity produced by 2030. Natural gas measures up at 400g and coal around 800g, according to IEA data.

Once the country’s electricity is low carbon, around 80% lower than it is today, logic follows that so is everything that can be electrified, trains, residential heating, some industrial processes and electric vehicles.

The target was proposed in early versions of the UK’s sweeping Electricity Market Reform bill, but in November 2012, it disappeared from a published draft.

Who could have been behind such dastardly shenanigans?

Here is a clue: “We’re not going to save the planet by putting our country out of business“.

Most people we have spoken to just say two words: George Osborne. The Chancellor may have played a key role in blocking a decarb target, but he is supported by a large number of Conservative MPs who say it will send energy bills soaring.

“The main source of resistance appears to be the Treasury,” says Will Straw from the IPPR think tank, which has just published new research showing the proposed decarbonisation target need not increase energy prices.

“It’s supported by the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats and in 2010 David Cameron appeared to tell Tim Yeo he supported it.

“We have to be clear about how we are going to stay on track for our legally binding 2050 target. It has now become essential to have a 2030 decarbonisation target for the power sector.

For the record there are no legally binding Climate Change targets post 2020 and Tim Yeo’s huge annual payouts from his own vested Green interests are a matter of public record.

“Without it there’s a high risk that if we go down the gas route we’ll be four times higher than the decarbonisation target on 200g. That will leave us as polluters and make consumers vulnerable to volatile, high natural gas prices rather than the falling costs of renewables and nuclear”.

Naturally shale gas could never bring the same huge economic benefits that it has brought to the US, to Britain because shale gas is reliable, cheap, affordable something wind and solar will never be.

After over 20 years of Green subsidies in the US the wind industry cannot survive without the PTC subsidy, in Britain not only do wind farms attract enormous subsidies that push up the cost of energy bills, wind farm operators are also paid not to generate electricity.

There is a very great danger that the lights in Britain will start going out in 2015 as perfectly serviceable power stations are decommissioned to meet pointless Climate Change Targets, there are of course no replacement power stations ready to replace lost generating capacity, in the rush to be the Greenest politician on the world stage, not one of the elected halfwits that run Britain actually thought that one through.

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  1. Erm, Deben was in fact Selwyn-Gummer. Yeo remains Yeo, AKA ‘That Fucker Yeo’…

  2. you are entirely right corrected it, at this rate with my current crops of typos the Guardian are bound to snap me up ;D

  3. I wouldn’t be too sure about those reported attendance figures — I don’t think any of the bastards can count.

  4. When a legal target is based upon the deliberate distortion and misrepresentation of climate science, and will cause actual harm and distress to thousands of people, adhering to it regardless, is the mark of a craven coward, or someone who is complicit in the fraud.

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