The Pitcairn Island Wind Farm Fiasco

Pitcairn Island in the South Pacific where the mutineers from the Bounty setteled

Pitcairn Island in the South Pacific where the mutineers from the Bounty settled

This is a classic case of government wasting tax payers money in an irresponsible way, all in the name of the International Aid Budget which currently stands at 0.7% of Britain’s GDP, and being Green.

Pitcairn Island is where the crew of HMAV Bounty settled, after casting the Captain of the Bounty, William Bligh adrift, the story has been immortalized in several Hollywood movies over the years so most people have some knowledge of the story.

The mutineers led by Fletcher Christian consisted of 8 British sailors, 6 Tahitian men, 11 Tahitian women, and 1 baby landed on Pitcairn in 1798 and remained there undiscovered until the US sealing ship Topaz visited the island in 1808. The people who landed in 1798 are the ancestors of today’s Pitcairn Islanders.

History is not sure what fate held became of  Fletcher Christian, he is alleged to have been brutally murdered on the island, other stories say that Christian made it back to England, though the logistics of doing this were nearly impossible at the time, for example today to travel to Pitcairn Island means flying to New Zealand, then taking 2 more flights and finally a 32 hour boat trip to reach the island, this place really does put the R in remote.

Pitcairn Island is a British Overseas Territory, a throw back to the days of the Empire, which means it receives priority foreign aid from the Foreign Aid budget, which is currently £43000 per islander. Estimates of the island population vary from 44 to 67, with 55 being the most popular, which is where the figure of £43000 comes from, considerably more than the average wage of £25000 in Britain.

On top of all the foreign aid money flowing in, the geniuses at the Department for International Development (DfID) decided that it was time for Green energy on Pitcairn Island and that a wind farm should be built:

The £1.7million scheme on the Pitcairn Islands’ was aborted after Australian contractors took the money but failed to build any turbines.

By the time it was cancelled the plans for the tiny island, made famous by the Mutiny on the Bounty, had already slipped three years behind schedule and the predicted costs had doubled.

In a report the Department for International Development (DfID) admitted that they failed to “rigorously manage” the green energy plans.

DfID have admitted they failed to “rigorously manage” this waste of tax payers money, yet no one has been held to account for negligence in the management of the project, it’s always the same story with governments and tax payers money, profligate waste with no controls on spending, no responsibility or accountability for those involved.

DfID spent £265,213 on the wind farm project, which began in September 2006 with contractors engaged the following year, and its website now classes the project as “complete”.

The cost included chartering a ship to take equipment to the islands, a move which later had to be cancelled as the shipment was not ready, the Daily Mail reported.

Eventually officials abandoned the scheme – which would have cost the equivalent of £31,000 per head.

The wind farm is abandoned yet DfiD’s web site shows the project as complete, priceless, a lot of money wasted and a government department has a failed project as completed, and by implication successful, the lying and duplicity is endless.

A DfID spokesperson said: “Where contracts are not good value for money and are not being properly delivered, HMG will take action to protect taxpayer money. This contract was signed in 2007 and by October 2010 was behind schedule. It was formally terminated in March 2011.

DfID do not say what steps they are taking to recover tax payers money, because quite simply there will not be any, the money will just be written off, after all there is plenty more money to be wasted, all supplied from the bottomless pit of the tax payer.

Rest assured there is now a new Green scheme in the pipeline for Pitcarin Island, a solar farm, and yes you guessed correctly, British tax payers will funding this new fiasco as well.

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  1. sadbutmadlad

    It’d be interesting to see how much the current method of giving them electricity costs. They get diesel shipped in to power their generators for most of the day.

  2. Chase those Aussie contractors, it is a rip off.

    • But they wont because there is no political will to do so because to do so would be to admit failure

    • Hi,

      Current electricity is supplied by diesel run generators. Pitcairners pay for all related costs — diesel, parts, maintenance through monthly bills that are on a per unit rate.

      We were as upset as everyone else that this wind experiment went tits up. We had been asking almost on a monthly basis what was going on — until we gave up. It’s what usually happens you see — we get told something will happen, then nothing does, so it was just a pattern for us. Though upon learning that it had just fallen off the UK radar was amazing to us. How could someone pay all that money for a project then not know what happened to it?

      We do not have any other projects in the pipeline — including the solar project as mentioned.

      Please go to my website if you would like to learn any more — I have a contact page there.

  3. A laughably small complaint when compared with the grand scale of waste perpetrated in the land of Obama.

  4. Regardless of the loss, Great Britain would do well to cut the cord with Pitcairn Island. It is a burden to defend and will always be economically dependent upon the taxpayers of the empire. Perhaps you can pay Australia or New Zealand to take it off your hands.

  5. Perhaps we could persuade Trump to turn it into a golfing paradise, then Wee Eck would come rushing along to surround it in offshore wind follies.

  6. Interestingly, if you Google “pitcairn wind farm” the first result you get is the DFID web page for the project — which lists the project as “Completed” and gives no hint at all that nothing was built. It seems their main criterion for project success is whether the allocated money was spent “on time”. What a useless bunch of t*ssers. All the civil servants in DFID should be Alan Sugared, immediately, and the whole rancid, taxpayer-money-wasting department should be shut down.

  7. George Pitcairn is NZ responsibility. But it suffered a bad hurricane in 2009, so wind turbines would not be able to sustain this. Maybe you are getting mixed up with Tristan dah Cunah, in the South Atlantic, another British territory? It also suffered 120 MPH winds recently. They are just rocks in the sea. But those Australian contractors should be chased up. Recently a wind farm in New England near Armidale, was cancelled. We also get high winds here and cold weather here too.

    • I guess that reference to the GB budget and a reference calling it a British Overseas Territory confused me.

    • Hi, NZ is where our office is based. This sources everything the island needs and is the administration headquarters. We are however a UK territory, so we’re a UK responsibility, not NZ’s. We are not in a tornado alley, our weather is quite sedate. It’s either very warm or cool…not tropical hot, and no extreme weather issues. We did have a lot of rain one year after a long period without, and had a landslide though.

  8. George they may well have been financing it? But the control of Pitcairn is NZ responsibility. There was a infamous case held in NZ over a rape charge on Pitcairn, it caused a real stir internationally. Seems that they have a somewhat tribal culture there, and child abuse is considered quite OK? I can’t remember the outcome actually.

    • Child abuse is NOT okay. Pitcairners are adamant and consistant on that fact. We have implemented more protective processes for our children than elsewhere in the world. I’m sick of any news article on the island always mentioning that aspect of our past, when other countries are never treated that way. Imagine the UK or NZ getting reported like that? “Today in the UK it rained. London has the highest ratio of murders and child abuse than all other areas.” Lovely right? We’re trying to get past that conception that we’re all child abusers, because we’re not!

  9. PS. 1.4 million must have been for a feasibility test. That wouldn’t pay for one wind turbine.

  10. Since the EU is very careful to monitor each tranche of EDF funds, why isn’t the UK naming and shaming the Oz turbine company? It would then lose any potential cutomers. Also why aren’t they being sued? And btw in New Caledonia one exposed wind farm uses collapsible turbines that are laid flat if a hurricane approaches. Since Pitcairn is a member of INTEGRE why don’t they send an official to NC to learn about this? A recent government report on Pitcairn concerning EDF10 mentions ‘renewable energy resources’ there, with no details. No such mention anywhere else. And what is thisI read too about a 2nd plan for wind turbines? In other sources I read that a solar project is afoot probably just a few panels on roofs . Any accurate, first hand info gratefully received. Thanks Karis.

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