Is This The End For Hedegaard And The EU Emissions Trading Scheme

Comrade Connie gets it wrong again by jumping on the warming alarmist event attribution bandwagon

Things are starting to slide for unelected EU Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard, the rot set in prior to COP18 with EU officials saying that Hedegaards pushing for emissions cuts of 30% as fanciful thinking, next Hedegaard and her opposition to shale gas was ignored and now her plan to save the EU ETS has failed.

The European Unions climate change policy is at the point of collapse, the carbon floor price has crashed through the floor to an all time low of €2.63 a metric ton, after MEPs voted against “backloading” the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

The EU ETS has been in crisis for years, there was a huge €5bn VAT fraud, then the computer systems were hacked and down for weeks, the price of carbon globally has been in free fall and backloading was the last ditch attempt to save the ETS.

Backloading is essentially withholding from sale 900 million carbon permits in an attempt to drive up the price of carbon which continues to fall due to the economic problems and decline in manufacturing in the EU.

Commissar Connie described backloading as “no brainer”, ignoring the obvious irony of such a statement, Hedegaard had put her all her political clout behind backloading, the rejection by the EU Parliament is a decisive blow to Hedegaard and the Green Agenda she relentlessly pushes.

The European Parliament today voted narrowly to block plans to “backload” 900 million carbon allowances, forcing the proposed reforms back to the committee stage. BusinessGreen rounds up the reaction

Connie Hedegaard, European Commissioner for Climate Action:

”The Commission of course regrets that the European Parliament has not approved the back-loading proposal. However, it is worth noting than when it was suggested in the second vote that the Parliament finalised its rejection right away, this was not supported. The proposal will now go back to the Parliament’s Environment Committee for further consideration.

Bluster and hedge all you want Connie, slowly but surely the voice of reason is being heard in European politics, like today when 334 MEPs voted against backloading and 315 voted for it, more MEPs were in favour of economic growth than are interested in making the economic recession worse with more pointless Green gesture political taxes.

The wails of disbelief and misery from the Greens was predictable, there is no point quoting them here, you can all guess the usual meaningless Green drivel about Armageddon, polar bears, coral reefs and Kiribati that has poured forth from every NGO and watermelon on the planet.

The situation is best summed up by James Drinkwater of the Europe Regional Network of the World Green Building Council:

“Today is a desperately sad day for the EU; previously a world leader on climate change policy, and with many countries around the world developing their own cap-and-trade schemes, the message we have sent out is an overwhelmingly negative one.

Today is really good news for everyone in the EU, the hold that the climate zealots had on the EU apparatus is diminishing, instead the voice of economic reason is being heard, finally.

There is no doubt that Comrade Connie’s flying high in April moment has passed, instead getting shot down in May is going to be an increasingly common event as the balance of power shifts from Hedegaard and her unelected Green cabal to more realistic politicians like Günther Oettinger who is not blinded by the Green light.

Hedegaard has been a determined opponent of shale gas from the outset, along with the criminal Chris Huhne and his sock puppet replacement Ed Davey, they have recited every lie of the Gasland documentary as scientific fact, quite simply because cheap affordable shale gas will kill stone dead the vastly expensive intermittent Green energy generation they so believe in.

Last week saw Comrade Connie ignored on shale gas:

The EU’s chief scientific advisor has said that evidence allows the go-ahead for extracting shale gas, the energy source at the centre of a European policy tug-of-war.

The EU executive launched a green paper on 27 March, setting out Europe’s energy and climate aims for 2030, with Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger taking a favourable position on shale gas.

“I am in favour of producing shale gas, particularly for safety reasons, and to reduce gas prices,” he said. “In the United States, which is a big producer of shale gas, the price of gas is four times less than in Europe.”

Shale gas has triggered an industrial revival in the United States, which the International Energy Agency expects to become almost self-sufficient in oil and gas by 2035.

Hedegaard’s response was the usual predictable Green negativity:

Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard has adopted a less favourable tone on shale gas, believing its extraction in Europe bears little comparison with the United States.

“We do not expect that it will be so easy in Europe: geological conditions are different, and so are environmental rules and the activity of soils,” she told reporters at the launch of the Commission green paper last month.

The usual Green dogma about shale gas and Europe being geologically different to the US, a view contradicted by the scientific advisor to the Commission President:

But Anne Glover, the chief scientific adviser to Commission President José Manuel Barroso, contradicted this view and gave a scientific green light to shale.

Speaking at a debate on science and policy-making in Brussels on 9 April, she said: “As with all energy production, there will be risks involved whether that is wind or coal power,” Glover told the audience at the debate, organised by the European Policy Centre, a think tank.

“We should not go into a denial phase. From my point of view the evidence will allow us to go ahead [with shale production]. But in terms of extraction and production there are non-scientific issues to be debated,” Glover said.

As the balance of power shifts away from the Green socialists in the EU, Connie Hedegaard will no longer be seen as a major player in the EU, instead she will come to represent yesterdays policies, a political embarrassment and reminder of the failed fad of climate religion.

Even before Hedegaards fanciful thinking in Bangkok at the pre COP18 meeting was dismissed by EU officials, there was already the climb down over the EU flying tax that Comrade Connie tried to impose on the world, now two defeats in quick succession on shale gas and the EU ETS.

Comrade Connie has about a year left before the her period a Climate Commissar comes to end, just enough time for her to remain as the Green emblematic Albatross around the neck of the European Union.

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  1. Greens and their mates like 38degrees working to promote Corporate Interests !

    The proof that its the Energy Companies pushing carbon trading to increase their profit margins whilst low income people freeze and starve to death as the result !

  2. It is still 23 dollars a tonne in Oz. But for years some have been saying this carbon trading scheme is a rort. With no chance it will be responsible for changing the weather. Forget climate that is just another rouse, and the few trying to con the many believers who think industrialised countries cause their environmental destruction, rather than their own management of land use, and causing atolls to sink rather than the sea rising due to AGW. It’s the 600 million plus that Oz has promised the UNCCF that bugs me. But Australian politicians are still supporting carbon taxation rather than concentrating on more important issues that affect the Australian environment, with all its various and variable climate zones and microclimates. From Monsoon regions to desert, alpine, sub tropical, tropical, and temperate. It snows in Australia you know. We need flood barriers, more dams, fire hazard breaks, and more care of where you build. Cyclone proof homes, etc. It’s a mess in Oz, and we are in dire trouble with the next government forced to make some major financial adjustments to bring the budget back. And that will affect all Australians and I hope the subsidies for solar and wind are the first to go.

  3. Good, and it looks good on them too!

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