The Great Climate Change Scam – The Decline In A Month Is Incredible

Our children will not know what a wind turbine was

Our children will not know what a wind turbine was

Having had a month off blogging and really taking no  interest, in the news or the warming alarmists due to being very busy relocating, the decline of the AGW scam is quite amazing, when you read loads of new stories everyday you tend not to particularly notice the gradual decline, until some major event like Climategate or another UNFCC COP failure happens.

The old saying goes that a week in politics is a long time, well a month in the Anthropogenic Global Warming industry equates to several years of decline, as the move away from Green foolishness and stupidity accelerates in the last bastion of the Church of Climatology, Europe.

David Cameron and his “Greenest Government Ever” in Britain are being told to listen to Climate Change Skeptics, by none other than George Eustice MP, Dave’s very own Climate Change Adviser:

He said: “I am personally persuaded that there is a link between carbon emissions and climate change but it is essential that all perspectives in this argument are heard.

“I don’t like the way that legitimate, yet contrarian scientific opinion on the issue has been rubbished or ridiculed. Sometimes those who believe in climate change have foolishly undermined their own case.”

Eustice is like all the politicians, still hedging their political bets by saying they are personally persuaded in the existence of the big bad CO2 wolf that is so often summoned, yet never comes, while preparing to advise the British Government to implement policies that go directly against their personal persuasions, well, when you kick a stone something usually slithers out, and right now, the Great Man Made Climate Change boondoggle is getting it’s stones well and truly kicked, so there will be politicians like George Eustice slithering about all over Europe in the months to come.

The real quantum shift from Green stupidity and junk science is in the EU, for several months now EU Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard who, while always delusional about Man Made Climate Change, has started to look increasingly isolated from the main EU Politbureau, which does not bode well for Comrade Connie’s plans for humans to control and select the weather of their choosing. Anyone who believes that we can select and control the weather, and ultimately the climate on planet Earth, is delusional and likely barks at the moon when it is full.

The European Union is quietly taking steps to shred the ‘green agenda’ responsible for rocketing energy bills across the continent.

It is now urging members to restore Europe’s competitiveness by ‘fracking’ for cheap natural gas from shale, instead of pushing ‘renewable’ energy subsidies which cost consumers billions of pounds.

The policy shift was unveiled last week at a Brussels summit attended by David Cameron.

On the face of it good news, but within Britain’s coalition government there are those with vested and very profitable interests in keeping the AGW scam alive, killing jobs and keeping families in energy poverty for their own selfish gain.

But Tory MP Tim Yeo, who was paid a total of £245,000 in the last two financial years by green energy and transport companies, has moved an amendment which would increase this burden still further.

It would force the UK to set a binding target of cutting the carbon dioxide emitted by generating electricity by 90 per cent by 2030 – a goal many experts regard as impossible.

But Labour and at least 16 Tories and Liberal Democrats have pledged to support it, and it may well become law.

Well Britain does have Labour, and Ed Miliband in particular, to thank for the economic disaster that is the Climate Change Act 2008, and Time Yeo, more recently to thank for spiraling energy costs, a fact that hopefully voters will remember come the next election.

However the most telling state of the decline in the AGW industry comes from Germany:

German MEP Holger Krahmer said: ‘The EU is starting to realise we achieve very little by setting targets for ourselves when the rest of the world won’t</a>, while rising bills are plunging families into poverty.’

You have to be really stupid, or Liberal which equates to the same thing, to believe that if you want to commit economic suicide, even for the most noble of reasons then the rest of the world will follow you over the economic precipice, the Liberals and Greens will always plead that they did it for the most noble of reasons, and that the collateral damage, in this case jobs, energy poverty and death of the old in winter, was unfortunate and they are sorry, which makes it all OK.

Actually it does not make it OK, for the jobless, the poor and the bereaved, but none of this will stop Britain’s very own Climate Change Fool Liberal Democrat MP Ed Davey from continuing to press the EU for a 50% cut in emissions by 2030, the evidence is in, now warming for 17 years, but a Liberal is still pressing for more stringent climate policies than those that are already causing economic disaster in Europe.

No doubt about it, Ed Davey proves the point beyond doubt, Liberal is a just another word for stupid.


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  1. Tim Yeo now says ” humans may not be responsible for global warming ” !

    Perhaps Yeo is attempting to portray himself as Mrs (lobsided) Wilberforce as played in the Ealing comedy The Ladykillers, an innocent party in crimes against humanity even though he was the key participant himself ?


    “Anyone who believes that we can select and control the weather, and ultimately the climate on planet Earth, is delusional and likely barks at the moon when it is full.” – Just love it!!!

  3. I think you meant to say, “the evidence is in, NO warming for 17 years”

  4. because isn’t any warming, fixing the imaginary GLOBAL warming is same as fixing when is half moon, to make it full moon

  5. GRYPTYPE-THYNNE: Neddy, this marvellous device to keep elephants away is yours for only five thousand pounds!
    NEDDY: But there are no elephants within a hundred miles of here!
    GRYPTYPE-THYNNE: See, it’s working already!

  6. Furor Teutonicus

    Did you know, that we had 13 cm NEW snow in Germany (Part) last weekend?

    (Which means the “OLD” snow is not yet away!)

    Global warming? …. Na sorry, my next remark would possibly go down well in a Glagow pub.

    But you get my meaning/feeling…?

  7. Günther Oettinger: Unfair energy subsidy to German business

    h/t Rog Tallbloke

  8. it seems the only people not accepting the evidence of climate disruption are the fat capitalists and 4×4 drivers not wanting to change their lifestyle and walk. Adding billions of tons of carbon a day into the atmosphere cannot have no effect. It at least acidifies the ocean and threatens global ecological disaster. No I am not a liberal, I am not advocating taxes to save the planet. I am advocating a cull of 90% of humans though as the only way to save the Earth.

  9. @Keith
    A cull?
    Why don’t you lead by example then?
    Didn’t think so eh?

  10. Hi Tory, I wish you’d learn to use punctuation correctly, I can’t even share your blog on Facebook, my gullible friends who (as I used to) still believe in global warming would look at this, is this guy illiterate they’d ask, you know how they love to portray sceptics as redneck illiterates, it comes over as a bit of a rant, and by the way I like the background picture on this page, low earth orbit, high enough to see the planet as a whole, close enough to see weather systems and structure, not close enough to see that terrible species responsible for all the harm done to the world, wouldn’t it be great if all humans were exterminated but the other species miraculously left untouched, perhaps if the nutjobs left catastrophic global warming alone and it actually did happen the population would be reduced to one breeding pair of humans in the Arctic and they’re not speaking to each other, I think you get my point by now, it does tend to sound like dribbling drivel doesn’t it.

    That apart, I like your page and added the icon to my bookmarks toolbar.

  11. It’s certainly a record decline. But not unprecedented. The decline of the Roman Empire period is well known of course. And the medieval worn period. The Cretan Midas-well period is a little less certain. But is it global? Is it a change in the climate? Or is it just whether to continue the funding or not?

  12. I noticed the decline a few years ago when the quality of warmist arguments in the forums bottomed out in the gutter.They made posts that would get stupider and stupider and made me look like a brilliant debator in contrast when actually I am just an informed reader.But they avoid my climate skeptic forum like holy water and yes Joe Romm,Gavin Schmidt,and others of their CAGW camp know about my forum and Joe Romm even registered and joined my forum but never posted there.

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