Newspaper Editors Tell Britain’s Climate Change Fool To Go Forth & Multiply

"The evidence supporting man made climate change is so strong, and irrefutable that I demand all newspapers stop printing evidence to the contrary" Ed Davey Liberal Democrat

“The evidence supporting man made climate change is so strong, and irrefutable that I demand all newspapers stop printing evidence to the contrary”-  Ed Davey Liberal Democrat Minister for Climate Superstition and Witchcraft.

One of the great political oxymorons of all time is Liberal, those that espouse great and noble political aims and objectives for good of us all, are always the first to demand press censorship when the rest of the populace does not immediately embrace the noble and lofty of goal of the Liberal.

As the great man made climate change boondoggle has declined so there have been increasing calls from those who believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming to stifle debate and punish the heretical non believers. Back in July 2011 on the other side of the world, Australian Green Party deputy Leader Christine Milne was promising to punish any newspaper that published articles that did not follow the party line on Global Warming.

Meanwhile back in the present day, Britain’s very own Climate Change Fool Liberal Democrat Secretary for Climate Superstition and Witchcraft at the DECC, Ed Davey is telling the press that they cannot print stories that are critical of man made climate change, because the public believe them and it is destroying the Green agenda that the Liberal Democrats so fervently support as part of their political manifesto.

In the post Leveson world, politicians increasingly believe they can throw their weight around and tell the press the way it is going to be, well possibly a real heavy weight politician like former prisoner of Her Majesty Chris Huhne, might have got away with it, but a lightweight glove puppet like Ed Davey is going to be told to go forth and multiply.

An extract from The Daily Telegraph Editorial for June 4th 2013

Mr Davey claims sceptics “seize upon the normal expression of scientific uncertainty… as proof that all climate change policy is all hopelessly misguided”. But he asks the public to accept the equal opposite: that all climate change policy is all utterly necessary.

Mr Davey’s new Energy Bill is part of an effort to “progressively decarbonise” our energy sector and economy. That appears to mean sky-high bills, vast subsidies for wind farms and potentially fatal energy costs for manufacturers. Is it any wonder that he is having difficulty in convincing the public of its wisdom?

Daily Mail Editorial June 4th 2013

Yesterday it was the turn of Lib Dem Minister Ed Davey, who said it was wrong for the Press to give a ‘platform’ to anybody daring to question the political orthodoxy on climate change.

The fact is the influence of the printed Press is tiny compared to the power of the BBC, which, in its global warming crusade, has dropped any claim to objectivity.

But then we know what this is about: it’s a cynical exercise in softening up voters not to complain when swingeing green taxes are added to their energy bills.

The Daily Telegraph June 3rd 2013

More importantly, it’s completely inappropriate for a senior politician to criticise the editorial policy of any newspaper, however much he or she disagrees with it. Davey’s comments are reminiscent of the attack on the Observer made by Lynne Featherstone, another Lib Dem minister, over its publication of Julie Burchill’s article on transexuals. The impression given by Davey’s speech is that he’d like newspapers to stop publishing views he disagrees with. No doubt many politicians feel that way from time to time, but most of them accept in their more sober moments that freedom of speech is a fundamental democratic right. Not Davey, apparently.

Even if we put the moral objections to state censorship to one side, there’s a good practical reason for not muzzling your intellectual opponents. As JS Mill points out in On Liberty, either they are right, in which case you shouldn’t try and suppress the truth, or they are wrong, in which case you have nothing to fear from the publication of their views since their wrong-headedness will then be plain for everyone to see. If Ed Davey really believes that the truth is on his side in this debate, he should encourage his opponents to air their views in public as often as possible, not criticise “some sections of the press” for giving them a platform.

As this article points out the Lib Dens have previous form for wanting to muzzle the press.

Iain Dale on LBC June 3rd 2013

This evening on my LBC show we discussed Ed Davey’s outrageous idea that newspapers and broadcasters should refrain from giving a platform to climate change sceptics. How very ‘liberal’ of him. I remember at 18 Doughty Street back in 2007 I phoned Greenpeace to invite them to take part in a panel discussion on climate change. They refused on the basis hat the argument was won and there was nothing to debate. It’s attitudes like this that make me very suspicious of this climate change industry, which is supported by people whose fanaticism borders on the religious.

The warming alarmists argument is so strong and persuasive that they want only their views heard, that is how confident they are of their facts, Liberal they are not, when their noble and lofty schemes are threatened, then you see the real face of Liberalism, it is just a sugar coating for another authoritarian regime utterly convinced of its own righteousness.

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  1. Trudy Cashel

    Thanks for saying what needs saying.

  2. Excellent summary of the situation. The real concern is that Davey’s lunatic proposal was defeated by only 23 votes. Despite a number of catastopharians jumping the Good Ship DECC over the past few weeks, our MP’s aren’t getting the message.

  3. It’s over.
    These are nothing but desperation bully tactics similar to those by the German Federal Environment Agency, who have just published a government “blacklist” of US and German skeptics. And similar to UK press, the German press aren’t happy about it. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if Davey’s feeble efforts are coordinated with theirs.

  4. Now, why does that remind me so much of a certain religion…?

  5. “liberal”… from the Latin ‘liberi’, meaning “children”. Well named for such a childish mindset.

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