The Green Sting – Now Tim Yeo Is Gone

Green arrogance comes before a fall as Green profiteer and lobbyist Tim Yeo departs the pointless Energy and Climate Change Committee.

Green arrogance comes before a fall as Green profiteer and lobbyist Tim Yeo departs the pointless Energy and Climate Change Committee.

OK I will admit that it is really difficult to type when you are laughing so hard, and let’s be honest there is one hell of a lot to laugh about here.

A Green profiteer and lobbyist whose appointment to the Energy and Climate Change Committee was a gigantic conflict of interest in the first place, was so confident and arrogant in his being Green, that he fell foul of one of the oldest tricks in the book, he was caught on tape by journalists in a sting, bragging about how  he was the Great I Am.

This is the same Green profiteer and lobbyist who tabled an amendment to the recent Energy Bill to totally decarbonise Britain’s electricity generation by 2030, an amendment that had it been passed would as they say, have been a nice little earner for Yeo and his Green cronies, all paid for by more jobs lost and more families pushed into energy poverty by ever rising electricity bills.

Now Yeo is gone

The Conservative MP at the centre of a lobbying controversy is to stand aside from the chairmanship of the Energy and Climate Change Committee.

Tim Yeo said tonight that he was making the move while the Parliamentary Standards Commission investigated lobbying allegations against him.

The MP for South Suffolk referred himself to the commission after being caught up in lobbying stings. On Sunday the Sunday Timesreported that he had boasted of coaching the managing director of a company before an appearance in front of the select committee. He is also alleged to have offered to use his contacts, including talking to ministers in private, to further the interests of clients.

Mr Yeo said the newspaper had made “a number of damaging allegations” which he totally rejected.

This is a serious and significant setback for Big Green’s money making machine in Britain, not quite as damaging as Chris Huhne swapping a cabinet job for prison, but not far short.

Now really all that remains to tidy up the Green hoax in Britain is for the men in white coats to take Britain’s Climate Change Fool Ed Davey away, and the Green cancer at the heart of government will have mostly been removed.

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  1. Vice Chair Labour MP Barry Gardiner is just as bent a Yeo if not more so in some respects and Peter Lilley has oil conflicts of interest so no real hope of ending the Co2 scam soon I’m afraid ?

  2. The eco-fascists are pushing the news that Peter Lilley has received $400,000 in shares from an offshore oil company, he is also allegedly in the frame as ” accessory to the fact ” on alleged Portillo Child Abuse. In truth Lilley on the climate change select committee is just about as much use as the tits on a boar as he lacks credibility on the ” Dash for Gas ” and especially with the ( Ealing Ladykillers ) ” Mrs Wilberforce ” element of the chattering classes who subscribe to the Co2 quasi-religion !

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