Stop The Green Decline Use The Health Fear Meme

New research shows that framing climate change as a health risk can help keep the AGW boondoggle alive

New research shows that framing climate change as a health risk can help keep the AGW boondoggle alive

The problem for the Greens, Liberals and Socialists right now is that their Climate Change scam is melting away faster than their junk science computer models predicted the Arctic ice cap would, back in 2007 the Green peddlers of fear were predicting that the Arctic would be ice free, during the summer months no later than 2012.

As always this was  just more Green wishful thinking and hoping for a real climate disaster, something to give their fear stories some legitimacy at last, the hope that one day the wolf they have cried for so many times will actually turn up and lay waste to a significant portion of our planet.

It is this immediate compulsion to cry wolf that has been a significant factor in the decline of Big Green, the failed prediction factor, the lack of any statistically significant warming for 17 years another, the truth coming out about the real costs of Green energy, the smug do what we say not what we do platitudes of the Champagne Celebrity Greens, and of course, observed empirical evidence which bears no relation to the warming predicted by their junk science computer models.

As the decline in Climate Religion carries on unabated the warmists are scratching around in the dirt looking for new ways to keep their scam alive and what better possible way could there be than another fear story?

The premise of this new fear push is that belief in Anthropogenic Global Warming is essentially a noble left wing and liberal cause, and that some how those nasty right wing voters must be licked into shape and become Gaia’s disciples.

While opposition to windfarms does not necessarily entail climate change denial, the signals from the government are worrying. It is well known that Conservative voters are more likely to be sceptical about climate change. And with no indication from political leaders on the right that climate change is a problem that their voters should care about, there is a risk that the cross-party consensus on climate change in the UK could begin to unravel.

The cross-party consensus on Climate Change in Britain started to come apart with the recent Energy Bill vote on decarbonising Britain’s electricity generation, a real cross-party consensus would surely have seen this passed.

The only cross party consensus on Climate Change has come from those on the right seeking to improve the then declining fortunes of the Conservative Party, believing that it was a vote winner, and naked profiteers with the mentality of  Victorian mill owners pretending to be Green, because it pays really well. That is not a real consensus, it is at best a coalition of those seeking political opportunity and short term financial gain, with those blinded by the light of climate religion, the smart money like the smart politicians will get the hell out of Dodge at the first sign of trouble, as is happening now.

In a new report for the Climate Outreach & Information Network (Coin), launched on Thursday, we argue that there is no inherent reason why climate change and the values of centre-right should be incompatible. However, there is a vacuum where a compelling conservative narrative on climate change should be – something which the report, entitled A new conversation with the centre-right about climate change, takes the first steps towards addressing.

The compelling narrative, aka the fear story, next they will be framing something.

The final narrative we call the “good life”. Emerging research suggests that framing climate change as a health threat may be a good way of reaching people who see climate change as something that only environmentalists need to worry about.

The immediate response of the Greens as always, is to come up with a new threat scenario, and framing climate change ironically is exactly what they are doing here.

The decades of failed fear stories have taught them absolutely nothing, their whole agenda is the time honoured one, used by despots throughout history, of frightening people into getting with the Green program, long term history shows this has never worked, and history has this really annoying habit of repeating itself.

As Colonel Kilgore said in Apocalypse Now “Will these people never give up?

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Furor Teutonicus

    XX The problem for the Greens, Liberals and Socialists XX

    There is a DIFFERENCE???

  2. Fear-mongering is the “faux green’s” favourite sales tactic. Always has been. Buy….or die….

  3. Here in Ontario, with the highest windmill concentration in the province, the local municipalities have fought the provincial, Liberal, government using health quality as a base arguement. So far no success but the Bruce County Medical Officer has entered into Provincial government records, the ill-effect of said windmills. It is now a government document accepted as a concern.

    Oh, and our asinine Premier “Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne concedes there are flaws in the Green Energy Act (GEA), but that admission comes far too late for many of Dufferin’s rural residents.

    “We didn’t do a good enough job putting a good process in place,” Wynne told The Banner on Thursday (June 13). “I know that people would like to roll back the clock. I don’t have the power to do that.”–too-late-to-turn-back-the-green-energy-clock/

    And if that ain’t all… “Centre Wellington has joined the list of municipalities saying “no” to industrial wind turbines. Centre Wellington Mayor Joanne Ross-Zuj however, contends the move is not new, but rather an extension of resolutions previously passed at council.” dubya dubya dubya dot

    Imagine… real politicians who aren’t out to screw the ENTIRE public!!??!??!?!! 😉

    • Yeah ya have to vote them out, but you need to bring this up as to what their agenda is even if they don’t state it. Make an issue even if they don’t want to talk about it.

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