Each British Wind Farm Job Requires £100,000 Green Subsidy

Every job in Britain's Wind Farm industry is subsidised to the tune of £100,000 every year.

Every job in Britain’s Wind Farm industry is subsidised to the tune of £100,000 every year.

A new analysis of government and industry figures of Britain’s wind industry by the Daily Telegraph has shown yet again that these pointless monuments to Green folly are not only still economically unviable, but also, the Green lie about all the jobs that will be created, is exposed for the naked bare faced lie that it is, as one operator of multiple wind farms admits that wind farms are not labour intensive.

The Great Man Made Global Warming scare was always a political agenda embraced by the left, so it is no surprise to learn that this patently ludicrous system of Green subsidy known as Renewables Obligation was the brain child of Britain’s worst Prime Minister in 200 years, Gordon Brown and his then Green sock puppet Ed Miliband.

The Renewables Obligation is added to energy bills and paid for by every household and employer in the country, forcing families and the most vulnerable into energy poverty, pushing up employers costs and killing jobs, all to support an energy generation system that is intermittent and requires fossil fuel power stations on 24/7 standby for when intermittency strikes.

A new analysis of government and industry figures shows that wind turbine owners received £1.2billion in the form of a consumer subsidy, paid by a supplement on electricity bills last year. They employed 12,000 people, to produce an effective £100,000 subsidy on each job.

The disclosure is potentially embarrassing for the wind industry, which claims it is an economically dynamic sector that creates jobs. It was described by critics as proof the sector was not economically viable, with one calling it evidence of “soft jobs” that depended on the taxpayer.

About all that can be said is Britain is doing better than the US where Obama’s Green jobs have cost $11.45 million per job, the warming alarmists are well aware of this and have to great lengths to hide the truth, by re-classifying existing jobs, like those that are involved in repairing bicycles as Green jobs.

Though as the analysis of the subsidy figures shows the wind industry in Britain is doing its level best to catch up with the US:

The level of support from subsidies in some cases is so high that jobs are effectively supported to the extent of £1.3million each;

In Scotland, which has 203 onshore wind farms — more than anywhere else in the UK — just 2,235 people are directly employed to work on them despite an annual subsidy of £344million. That works out at £154,000 per job;

Even if the maximum number of jobs that have been forecast are created, by 2020 the effective subsidy on them would be £80,000 a year.

The current prize winner for the highest Green subsidy per employee is the Greater Gabbard off shore wind farm:

Among the examples of extremely high subsidies effectively for job creation is Greater Gabbard, a scheme of 140 turbines 12 miles off the Suffolk coast.

It received £129million in consumer subsidy in the 12 months to the end of February, double the £65million it received for the electricity it produced. It employs 100 people at its headquarters in Lowestoft, receiving, in effect, £1.3million for every member of staff.

This is completely unsustainable economically, but even the eye watering £1.3m per employee will soon be eclipsed by the London Array which will be Britain’s biggest wind farm, Green subsidy will be £1.77m per employee in year one.

Over the border in Scotland where the government are hell bent on a 100% renewable energy target by 2020, the costs are already rising above the English average Green subsidy per employee as figures released by the energy minister show:

In Scotland, Fergus Ewing, the devolved government’s energy minister, published figures earlier this year showing that 2,235 jobs were “connected directly to onshore wind”. There are 203 wind farms across Scotland, and the scale of Renewables Obligation support means each post is underwritten by £154,000.

There has not been one single element of the Anthropogenic Global Warming scare that has not been a con job, a boondoggle, globally untold billions have been wasted, and will continue to be wasted for the next 20 years, unless the politicians actually grow a set and pull the plug on the biggest con job in recent history.

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