The New Face Of Climate Change – A Stick Man

There is a great line in the movie Freebie and The Bean where James Caan asks a fellow police officer “How can you be a mouthpiece and an asshole at the same time?

The very same skill set that many warming alarmists now attribute to fallen Pope of the Church of Climatology, Al Gore these days, whose pontifications on the climate of Planet Earth, and most especially his 24 hours of Climate Reality which has become way too cringe worthy for even the most devoted disciple of Gaia these days.

The Great Man Made Climate Change boondoggle needs a new front man, to endlessly regurgitate climate fear stories from 2008 and Billy the Stick Man could be just be the guy to get everyone trembling in fear again, fear of a harmless trace gas that is just 0.04% of the planets atmosphere, a trace gas that is essential to life on planet Earth.

As the last wheel comes off the Global Warming bandwagon the politicians who once so eagerly jumped on, are now leaping off in droves, rats and a sinking ship spring to mind as the politicians twist and turn to distance themselves from something they once believed to be a vote winner. Politicians like the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who just 5 short years ago was making plans to save London from the imminent threat of Global Warming, is now taking the warmists to task for their failed predictions, the same predictions he once so enthusiastically embraced.

Johnson is probably working on the week is a long time in politics approach, which might have worked before the days of search engines and the Google cache, but a little digging quickly shows how far into Big Green Johnson was.

It is Johnson’s about face on all things Green that has got the warmists all flustered, hence the cartoon from Exeter University:

Even the Mayor of London Boris Johnson is confused – he says he feels sorry for all those hardworking folk who build swimming pools expecting hot summers.

And who doesn’t, although if you invest in a non-heated swimming pool in the UK you should also consider visiting a doctor.

Put simply, it’s a minefield, with all these models and predictions. Last week scientists from the UK Met office declared climate change could actually be making the country wetter and colder – fancy that.

But help is at hand – thanks to five students from Exeter University and Peter Cox, a Professor of Climate System Dynamics.

Their ‘A day in the life of Billy’ video, part of Exeter’s ‘Grand Challenges’ programme, has all the basics on climate change Boris is likely to need.

Questions include: What is climate change? Isn’t it always changing? Why is there snow in a warming world? And what are the benefits of a changing climate? What can we do to stop it happening?

The Global Warming industry has now descended into a sort of farce and Greek tragedy, as this story illustrates, where yet another hippie sandal wearing Marxist Professor and his acolytes actually believe that an amateur cartoon preaching the failed predictions of 2008, fronted by cartoon stick man will turn the tide and reverse the fortunes of the Greens and their once popular fear based scam.

What the next stage of decay for Big Green is, is hard to say, but given the desperation of stories like this Kamikaze wind turbines crashing into gas fired power stations could well be on the cards.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. With the Australian government announcing a rise in the price of our carbon tax is another hole in the political atmosphere. Actually they have to pay for the 600 million they offered to the UNCFF somehow, but it is not paying up as was thought. Tony Windsor who backed the carbon tax is retiring from politics as is another Rob Oakeshott. But the latest of our PM knitting a royal kangaroo toy for a future heir of the British throne, is the last straw. She is a hard line republican! Roll on September, or even sooner if Rudd takes over the leadership that if he has any political nous he will steer clear of. It’s like changing the captain on a sinking ship, when the last captain left on the last life boat, hoping he will steer their ship to safety. If and when the coalition retains government (made up of National party and Liberal but our Liberal is more like your conservative party and the Nationals more concentrated in the rural and regional areas where are agriculture and resources are utilised) they have said they will scrap the carbon tax. Sustainability is one thing, pollution is another (the blight of large cities) and quite honestly I can’t wait to see the ALP/Greens go down and never surface for many a year.

  2. Hi bb

    Knitting while Rome burns??

    I think the result of your elections in September are going to be yet another massive nail in the AGW coffin.

    Australia getting rid of the carbon tax, that will be a great story to write, bettered only by the wailing and gnashing of Green teeth, and resulting Green propaganda announcing that now the world is on track for a 1bn degree temperature rise by 2100.

  3. Well ‘The Milky Bar Kid’ has taken over the sinking HMS ALP/Greens’ He thinks he can turn around the labor chances of winning the next election. He is a slick talker, against the woman who defends the government and won’t enter into any argument or discussion the opposition throws her way, playing the gender card too. He talks about Tony Abbots negative proposals, but why not, this is the worst government I can remember. Luckily Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshot are retiring the two independents that backed her government to remain in power. He better call a snap election while the novelty of a resurgence of labor support is fresh otherwise he will flounder with the rest of them. She won’t stand for re-election nor will some other core ministers, Garrett (ex Midnight Oil performer) and some other nobody’s. But parliament finishes today for several months, so Kevin Rudd will be putting up his bullshit to try and swing the nation back into his camp. God help US! At least Bob Carr and his Asian wife and then Kevin Rudd & family (he speaks Madarin) will be visiting Indonesia over this asylum seeker invasion. (most are economic refugees not fair dinkum leaving a country where their lives are in danger). She was going to a Muslim country, living with a man (who some say is gay?) not married to a country where this would incur strict civil disapproval.

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