Australian Conservatives Top Priority Is To Kill Gillards Carbon Tax

There will be no Carbon Tax under a Government I lead, unless I need the Greens to hang to power, in which case I have just lied.

There will be no Carbon Tax under a Government I lead, unless I need the Greens to hang on to power, in which case I have just lied.

Julia Gillard’s Labor regime in Australia is in deep political trouble because Gillard lied to voters, when she was elected Gillard promised she would not implement a carbon tax, a promise she promptly broke.

Gillard is no different from any other politician, it’s all about power, and the way Gillard managed to hang on to power was to do a deal with the Australian Green Party, the price of this deal a Carbon Tax and Gillard reneging on her promise to voters.

The Carbon Tax has been popular with voters, about as popular as a skunk in an elevator, 65% of Australian voters are against it, and despite Gillard offering bribes to business and voters the carbon tax is showing no sign of becoming popular anytime soon.  The Labor party suffered a massive defeat in the March 2012 Queensland elections, and currently polling indicates a similar outcome is very likely  in the Federal Election this coming September.

[CANBERRA] Australia’s conservative opposition said its top priority if it wins elections in September will be to repeal taxes on mining profits and carbon, blaming both policies for stopping fresh investment in the vital resources sector.

The Carbon Tax was always going to be a highway to economic suicide as the knock on effect of the Green tokenism spread into the wider economy, Gillard knew this, the Greens knew this so they used the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to warn businesses that if they truthfully told customers that price rises were caused by the Carbon Tax, then they would face fines of up to Aus $1.1m.

At the same time that Gillard’s government was suppressing any truths about the Carbon Tax, her Green Allies were wanting to control the media:

Australian Green Socialists have sought to control the media, in July the Green party leader Christine Milne demanded political censorship and punishment for dissent for the media to enthusiastic applause from an audience of party faithful.

This is Australia, not the USSR, Iran, Syria or some other one party dictatorship, the same Australia that has always stood up to the likes of the Kaiser and Hitler, a democratic nation yet you have a government fining people for criticizing a tax and wanting to control the press, by the same punitive measures beloved of dictators throughout history.

The speed at which the Green cancer starts to erode democracy is breath taking, it starts with the traditional Liberal meme, there is this dreadful threat facing the world and us nice well meaning Liberals will fix it for you. The problems start when people don’t want the problem fixed, then the real true colors of the Liberal are shown, suppression of democracy and freedom of speech, control of the press and draconian punishments for dissent or failing to follow the Party line.

The carbon scheme, along with a 30 per cent tax on iron ore and coal mining profits, have been criticized by miners, who say it damages competitiveness and employment as Australia’s AAA-rated economy slows and China’s demand for minerals cools.

“Both the carbon tax and the mining tax are a drag on Australia’s energy and resources sector and make investments less attractive than investments in other countries,” opposition resources spokesman Ian Macfarlane told a mining conference.

No election result is ever certain until the last vote has been counted, however, the outlook for Gillard and the Greens in September is not that bright, the days of the Carbon Tax are almost certainly numbered, as this post entitled Watch the spectacle that is Australian Politics: Ballot tonight. Rudd Wins PM from the always excellent Jo Nova shows:

Who will lead the nation? A diabolical choice. Gillard has lost all goodwill and credibility. If she’ll lie once… there is nothing she can say that will be believed. Polls are at record lows for the Labor Party here, but the dilemma is that the most popular Labor contender (at least in the polls) is also the former PM Kevin Rudd, despised by many in his own party, and whose polls were so low three years ago they turfed him out. He still carries the baggage of all the worst policy calls — the boats, the “Climate” action, the NBN, the debt. The Unions that control Labor don’t want Rudd, who threatens their power, but are facing a wipe out either way. Will Rudd stand? (UPDATE: Heywood in comments says Rudd has agreed to contend). Will some other candidate pick up this poisoned chalice? Despite all this, the public perversely want Julia to go the election. Payback time?

You can imagine Kevin Rudd quietly humming the old Nils Lofgren song Trouble’s Back………” and the payback just arrived with me today…”

Updated 23:57 GMT June 26th 2013

Gillard is toast and Rudd is back, what remains to be seen is if this will have any major impact on Labor’s share of the vote in September. Changing leaders this close to an election is always a risky strategy so this could well be a damage limitation exercise, because as Jo Nova pointed out the voters wanted payback on Gillard, all that remains to be seen is if Rudd manages to reduce the scale of Labor’s projected defeat, or the voters decide that one warming alarmist is much like another and punish Rudd by proxy.

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  1. Gillard has now gone. Rudd is back — the man who called global warming ‘the greatest moral challenge of our time”, Of course, after three years in the wilderness he may have changed his mind.

  2. the new Australian prime-minister was dancing on the street, when carbon tax was imposed

  3. Jon, yes, but he delayed the ETS. When labor faced a dramatic loss in 2010, they sneaked in with the support of Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshot, at the tally room, Senator Penny Wong was asked if cancelling the ETS lost them votes. She replied, No…there is a lot of support in the community that the planet is cooling…. She also said as Finance minister (she is openly gay, with a partner who has just had a baby too) that Australia needed the carbon tax to mend the deep hole in our budget… The mining tax has just not provided anything either….

  4. Furor Teutonicus

    Just LOVE her salute.

    There is a message and meaning in there, somewhere.

  5. I don’t see what Penny Wong’s sexual preferences have to do with the carbon tax…

  6. Nor do I Jon, actually she appears to be a reasonably capable senator, and leader of the labor senate. But she’s no fool either She knew the climate change debacle was just that, and the carbon tax was unpopular, so she threw in that comment as she was then climate change minister. After Gillard announced ‘There would be no carbon tax under a government she led…’ during the election campaign. She then changed to the finance minister. We do not like the labor and Greens and we hope even with Kevin Rudd arriving back on the scene, we get a coalition government at last. I just don’t know other than sacking the climate change commissioner Tim Flannery, and dumping the carbon tax how we will recover from our debt, that is paying 30 million dollars a day in interest?

  7. Here’s one for you all to ponder, when asked who she admired politically, she said Aneurin Bevin, she’s from Wales originally. Well she forgets he supported Mosely during the war initially anyway, was drunk on TV, but he did support the introduction of the NHS. Hence the salute perhaps. LOL I was born in Liverpool, but lived during the end of the war in Brixton then moved to Potters Bar. I remember the 1947 freezing winter, jack frost patterns on the inside of our windows, doodlebugs and V2’s (went back to Liverpool until the end of the war). Catching the whooping cough, mumps, and Asian flu. I now live on The Northern Tablelands, where it sometimes snows and winter temps drop to sometimes as much as minus 15 during the night. Home from home, we have a lot of lovely deciduous trees here too and four seasons, unlike a lot of Australia. Check out Armidale on Google. Oh NSW not Vic or WA.

  8. Julia Gillard

    I hope you’re satisfied now you bastard! At least I will be remembered as a a caring and nurturing leader who tried to save the planet.

  9. Julia, the planet needs saving from people that used you; as green senator Brown and similar, Flannery and similar extremist academics. So, it’s not your fault, you have being their tool to mortgage the country for those stupid propellers; when Chinese are using Australian cheap coal.

    Water regulates the climate – there isn’t such a thing as GLOBAL warming. example: Sahara and Brazil have same amount of CO2, BUT completely different climates – you are smart lady, can see why (H2O). b] Sydney has better climate ”with more CO2 than Cooper Pedy

    Bob Brown, Flannery made saving storm-water in new dams; on the driest continent a taboo


  10. Julia, climate is what we expect, and weather is what we get. It is the weather that kills us, not CO2.

  11. Stephan, storm water is filthy and potentially contaminated, only useful for gardens unless they treat it like grey water. But why not.

  12. bushbunny, there is such a thing as ” storms in the bush”

    regarding city storm-water; should be illegal to collect – for 100y leaded fuel burned, lead in ink for newspapers that incinerated in town, treatment for termites potent for many decades, other big city chemical.

    Dams used to built far away in the bush; where dirt is clean dirt – unfortunately senator Brown imposed Water Embargo on Australia since 82.

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  14. Our water supplies come from reservoirs and ours on the Northern Tablelands is Malpas Dam. It is the catchment area. But water from there goes through treatment plants, and that is what costs us money. As far as using storm water run offs, I haven’t a clue. No storms in the bush. well there are. But some areas, like in UK do go through a period of restricting water at times in domestic areas. Such as no sprinklers or washing a car with a hose, etc.

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