Britain’s Climate Change Fool – Keeping The Lights On With Green Energy

Britian's Climate Change Fool says Green Energy will keep the lights on

Britian’s Climate Change Fool says Green Energy will keep the lights on and provide cheaper energy for consumers

Britain’s Climate Change fool is at it again, this time Ed Davey is telling the country that wind and solar will keep the lights on when 20% of Britain’s power stations close by the end of the decade.

Writing in Liberal Democrat Voice Davey then drags out the well worn Green jobs lie, Green jobs have not happened anywhere in the world thus far, but don’t worry because Britain will buck the trend and millions of lasting Green jobs will be created because a Green ideologue says so.

Naturally consumers will be better off as well, as Davey predicts that 30% of Britain’s energy mix will be funded by taxpayers in the form of Green subsidies for wind, solar and all the other economically non viable renewable energy schemes that Big Green see as the future.

As you know already, we have a plan in the form of the Energy Bill that is progressing well through Parliament. The plan essentially addresses a major issue – we need to attract £110 billion of private sector investment to replace the supply we lose as a result of 20% of our power stations closing by the end of this decade.

So why are 20% of Britain’s power stations closing by 2020?

The answer is a mix of old age, Britain’s nuclear power stations are coming to the end of their service life, then there is the Green stupidity of Brussels dictating that perfectly serviceable coal fired power stations must be shut down to reduce CO2 emissions, and ironically, the Shale gas boom in the US has led to cheap coal exports which has resulted in gas fired power stations being mothballed.

What I announced earlier today is the detail that will allow us to turn this plan into a reality. We’ve published draft ‘strike prices’ for renewables which will guarantee a return for investors and give them the confidence they need to unlock much more funding for onshore and offshore wind, tidal, wave, biomass, and large solar projects.

This radical new approach is good news both for delivering the green agenda and for consumers. By 2020, we now expect renewables to exceed 30% of the electricity mix and it will be £5 billion cheaper for consumers than the current system of support.

£5 billion cheaper for consumers than the current system of support, is completely meaningless, unless Davey tells us what the current cost of Green subsidies are, and then directly compares the cost under his new improved system of Green subsidy, with the old.

This is not going to happen because as Davey knows all too well the cost is going to be astronomical:

Green taxes will push up the average family energy bill by almost a third to £1,900 by 2020, according to research.

The Taxpayers’ Alliance predicts that green charges and tax will comprise £620 of a typical UK household’s electrcity and gas bill by the end of the decade.

Green charges, which are used to fund wind and hydropower projects, and VAT currently make up 11pc of gas bills, or £91 of an average £830 statement. They account for 16pc of electricity charges, equivalent to £100 of the £630 average bill.

However, Liberum Capital analysts expect green policies to push power costs up 29pc by the end of the decade. This means the average electricity bill hitting £812, of which £285 would be green taxes and VAT. The Taxpayers’ Alliance believes gas bills will jump to £1,070, making the total average bill almost £1,900.

Davey and the Department of Energy and Climate Superstition say that consumers will offset the cost of Green subsidies with energy savings, perhaps they can explain how old age pensioners scared to turn on the heating in winter because of the cost, can make further savings.

The package of reforms is also good news for the green economy, supporting up to 200,000 jobs in renewables by 2020. Let’s not forget we’re already delivering on green jobs having created 30,000 since 2010.

It is all well and good to say that 30,000 Green jobs have been created since 2010, but how many of those jobs are actually still in existence today?

The answer is very few, most Green jobs are installations, once the bird chopper farm is completed, or the solar panels installed that is the end of the Green job.

A recent analysis of the Governments and wind industry figures shows that every job on a British wind farm is subsidised to the tune of at least £100,000, and as one operator of multiple wind farms admits, wind farms are not labour intensive.

Finally a massive thank you to Fenbeagle for the artwork after I asked him to do Ed Davey as the Court Jester, click the link and check out Fen’s blog, apparently his artwork has also been used by someone I’ve never heard of called James Delingpole.

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  1. I enjoyed your article. What I do not see is the research into alternative choices. The standbys of solar energy and wind power just do not see to cut it. They appear to be more a gimmick than a solution. I have seen pictures of terrible pollution encircling cities in smog. Something has got to break. Hopefully a new technology will be advanced soon. We will soon realize that coal and oil are non renewable resources and with the population increasing eventually it will be impossible to continue these paths. Either we will run out or the cost will become prohibitive.

    • You have no clue what “eventually” actually means. Resources for many centuries exist. What could our ancestors 100+ years ago have “preserved” for us? Saving fuels for the future is meaningless; energy sourcing will go through revolutions we cannot anticipate, rendering our “saving” pointless.

      The poorer the city, the worse the pollution and smog control.

  2. As long as we are flogging the dead wind horse, nothing will be done to work towards finding a way to produce clean, affordable, reliable, safe, renewable energy. Up to this point, wind is not even a close runner up, neither is solar. So much money has been wasted on this scam, that many important expenditures have had to take a back seat. It is ridiculous. Whether you believe in man-made climate change, or not, these are the facts.

  3. The idea that more jobs are needed to generate the same amount of electricity is economic madness. Why not go one better and create 1 million “green jobs” to generate 1 GWh/day and save on the NHS. Build large hangers full of cycling machine all hooked up to the grid, and run 3×8 hour shifts !

  4. Actually, just for once, we can’t blame the EU for closing our gas and coal-fired Power-stations, but Chris Huhne, and his successor. The restrictive, CCS (Carbon Capture & Storage) legislation, only applies to us, in the UK. Huhne, whose ego is only dwarfed by his stupidity, failed to mention that the technology for commercial, CCS, does not exist, and it will be a decade, or more before it does.
    Meanwhile, Germany, not subject to the insanity of Huhne’s green, fairytale, restrictions, boasts of building and opening, six new coal-fired power-stations in 2013.

    The Great Green Coal & Gas Power Plant Closure Scandal

  5. We will soon realize that coal and oil are non renewable resources and with the population increasing eventually it will be impossible to continue these paths. Either we will run out or the cost will become prohibitive.
    We will never “run out”. Rather, short supply will lead to increased price and the market will find alternatives. This is the most efficient method economically. Fracking is one such example.

    The problem is that governments are trying to create alternatives ahead of the market. In effect to create an artificial market through taxes and regulation. Trying to pick winners and losers. With this artificial market comes lost opportunities, inefficiencies and political corruption that raises costs and reduces over-all wealth of the nation.

    It is the reduction in national wealth long term that is the problem. In the end it means there is less innovation and money to be divided among the citizens, which either means less jobs or more lower paying jobs, but cannot result in more higher paying jobs.

    Governments can try and hide this over the short term by increasing debt, but this only works until interest rates start rising. At which point servicing the debt makes it impossible for industry to compete with government for funds, leading to severe contraction in the economy and massive loss of jobs and damage to the lives of the average citizens.

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