In 50 Years Our Children Won’t Know What Cold Loving Microbes Are

Global Warming is going to kill off all the cold loving microbes within 50 years, and we are all going to die again

Global Warming is going to kill off all the cold loving microbes within 50 years, and we are all going to die again

This is one of those why do the bother with this as a story? Anyone with access to Google can show what a load of cherry picked politically motivated junk science this latest “study” is.

The bottom line is naturally we are all going to die, this time we are all going to die because the increasing mean global temperature that only the warmists can detect, is going to cause the warm loving bacteria Microceleus steenstrupii to overwhelm the cold loving bacteria Microceleus vaginatus, and that will be that for mankind.

The microbes in question have been around for all of the planets 3.5 billion year history but only now could a global mean temperature rise put microbes at risk:

Global warming could be about to affect one of the most important communities on the planet: the tiny microbes that make life possible for the rest of creation.

According to new research by scientists in the US and Spain, cyanobacteria are almost everywhere, have been around for the whole of life’s 3.5 billion-year history, and fix nitrogen from the atmosphere to fertilise plants and feed animals.

They are so common, and so numerous, that they form collectives that can be picked up by hand, and be seen even from space. As photosynthesisers, these blue-green algae also deliver the oxygen to keep the animal world on the move.

The mean global temperature for 2012 was 14C, in the planets long history the mean global temperature has been far higher in the past, for example at the start of the Triassic period, about 248 million years ago the mean global temperature was about 24C, and the cold loving microbes obviously survived or we would not be here right now.

They found that two species dominated. One, called Microceleus steenstrupii, lives in the hot deserts while the other, M. vaginatus, prefers cold dry places.

But, of course, the planet is becoming warmer with each decade. “By using our data with current climate models, we can predict that in 50 years, the cyanobacterium that fares better in warm temperatures will push the cold-loving one off our map,” said Professor Garcia-Pichel.

“M. steenstrupii could completely dominate the crusts everywhere in our study area by then. Unfortunately we don’t know much about this microbe or what will happen to the ecosystem in the absence of M. vaginatus.”

“This study tells us we can no longer neglect microbes in our considerations”

The dinosaurs became extinct around 65 million years ago, the planets average then was 22C and the cold loving microbes survived, the temperature has since dropped to 14C and the warm loving microbes survived the massive temperature drop since the Triassic period.

The real key to why this just so much disposable junk science is not the political motivation to produce another Green scare story to keep the boondoggle alive, it lies at the very heart of the study, the words “By using our data with current climate models“, the same climate models that are incapable of recreating any climate event from history, the same climate models whose result bear no relation to observed empirical evidence.

As they used to say in the early days of computers Garbage in, garbage out.

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  1. Quick, grab up a bunch, and stick them in your freezer!

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