Germany Kills Solar Stone Dead – Green Subsidies To End

The death knell for German solar has sounded, all Green subsidies for solar will stop no later than 2018.

The death knell for German solar has sounded, all Green subsidies for solar will stop no later than 2018.

German solar is dead, it just hasn’t hit the ground yet.

The shining beacon of Green light in Europe, Germany is to kill its solar renewables industry dead no later than 2018 when all Green subsidies will stop.

Solar power is actually more intermittent than wind, if that were possible, the subsidies paid are economically unviable and to make matters worse there is a massive trade war spat going on between the EU and China, who the EU have accused of dumping solar panels at below cost: Bloomberg reported this on January 9th 2012:

Germany added a record amount of solar panels last year as developers raced to beat a subsidy cut in the world’s biggest photovoltaic market.

December installations reached 3 gigawatts, the most that Germany ever added in a single month, the Bundesnetzagentur grid regulator said today. Volume for 2011 may be the country’s most ever, 7.5 gigawatts, according to preliminary estimates, a level that the BSW-Solar lobby group said will probably trigger an additional 15 percent subsidy cut starting in July.

The development feeding frenzy to grab the Green subsidies has seen solar panel installations spiral out of control, the costs of the Green subsidies are now so big, that even the famously strong German economy cannot cope.

Germany will stop subsidising solar energy by 2018 at the latest, its environment minister said Monday after last year initiating a scaling-back of generous state support for the faltering industry.

Peter Altmaier of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union had fought to set a ceiling of solar power capacity above which the government would no longer offer its financial backing.

He said Monday that the limit of 52 gigawatts would be reached by 2017 or 2018. Currently solar panels installed in Germany generate 34 gigawatts of power.

“The development of solar energy ran out of control in the last three years,” Altmaier told a news conference.

The system of subsidies, under which solar energy producers are paid a guaranteed price for each kilowatt-hour of power generated, created a boom in recent years, making Germany a global leader in the field.

Being a global leader in uneconomic heavily subsidized Green energy is nothing to be proud of, unless setting off on the path to economic ruin is something to aspire to.

But solar energy is notoriously unreliable as a power source and Germany has seen its market hobbled by oversupply and ferocious competition from players such as China.

Merkel, campaigning for a third term, has promised an overhaul of subsidies for renewable energy after the September general election, amid criticism particularly from the energy industry.

Berlin “has so far invested 216 billion euros ($278 billion) in renewables and the biggest chunk went to solar, the technology which does least to ensure the power supply,” said the head of industrial group Siemens, Peter Loescher, in an interview published in the business daily Handelsblatt on Monday.

Germany has seen a wave of solar company insolvencies and the number of people employed in the industry fell to 87,000 in 2012 from 110,900 a year earlier, while sales plummeted by 11.9 billion euros, according to government figures.

The whole idea of renewable energy and its massive deployment was deeply flawed, or should that be more stupid than the stupidest idea ever?

The basic premise behind wind and solar was to save CO2 emissions, the Greenwash about a Green economy and zillions of Green jobs was added later to obfuscate the real cost of renewable energy.

What the CO2phobes forgot about was that any emissions saved by the EU would be almost instantly be replaced by increased emissions from China and other emerging economies, well to be honest the warmists didn’t actually forget, they made a huge and erroneous assumption. It is a fundamental part of the Green/Liberal/Democrat/Socialist mindset to believe that your cause is so noble, pure and honestly motivated that everyone will follow your lead, in this case the de-industrialisation of the economy and the leap over the cliff into the economic abyss of Agrarian poverty and drudge.

Well the rest of the world looked on in wonderment at the antics in Europe and Australia and then went back to business as usual, several years down the road the dawn of realisation has at last hit the EU that leading by example is just a synonym for on a hiding to nothing.

As the Green left have nobly led the citizens of Europe and Australia into ever rising energy prices and job losses, this fanatical belief in Leading by Example has been the driving force behind the never ending Green stupidity, and stupidity abounds.

Stupidity like having a 100% working, affordable and reliable energy source, in this case a coal or gas fire power station, and then putting in its place intermittent energy generation that costs anything upwards of 4 times the cost per MwH of fossil fuel, and the having the original fossil fueled power station on standby for when the intermittency problem strikes again.

The sane, rational and economically sensible solution is to just use the fossil fueled power station and forget about the renewables, but don’t expect any rational or sensible solution, we are dealing with phobics here, and people with phobias are not noted for rational thought processes when confronted by their nemisis, in this case CO2.

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  1. After reading the SPPI 2009 report, ‘What You Can(‘t) Do About Global Warming’, which reveals that if America reaches its stated gaol of an 83% reduction on CO2 emissions, the result will be a reduction in global temperatures, of: 3/1000 of 1 degree C. If the average household gave up their cars, and other devices for a year, they would reduce global temperatures by one, billionth of one degree C.

    Ever been taken for a mug, by your Government before?

  2. Furor Teutonicus

    XX Germany added a record amount of solar panels last year as developers raced to beat a subsidy cut in the world’s biggest photovoltaic market. XX

    Aye! We have noticed!

    Travel on the train between Berlin and Magdeburg (for one), and there are fields FULL, (And I mean Japanese train FULL) of these disgusting pieces of litter, from horizon to horizon.

    They were sold to farmers as something that would need no maintainance, and you could graze your cows between them.


    There is not enough room to swing a cat, in fact, a mouse would have trouble.

    (Not to mention a horison full of fatherless airoplane propelers!)

    And WE (the tax payer) are paying at LEAST twice for the LOT!

    Subsidies in general, and on top of that, extra electric prices.

    “Nuclear power? YES PLEASE!!!”

  3. good ideas have never needed subsidies in the first place.

  4. As an Australian politician once said (in all seriousness): “You can’t achieve solar power overnight.”

  5. we haven’t had any good ideas then …

  6. I am over 60 and have never noticed my electricity bill go down! I am guessing that as the cost of energy delivered to my home goes up and the cost of solar and wind (the real cost) goes down, eventually their costs will be the same.
    I am pretty sure even now if I were to take the cost of my delivered electricity for the next 5 years I could purchase a solar system for my house for the same amount to give me electricity for at least ten years until something like the batteries needed renewing, hmmm is that why they are called renewables!!

    • Furor Teutonicus

      XX I could purchase a solar system for my house for the same amount to give me electricity for at least ten years until something like the batteries needed renewing, XX

      Aye? Well, when, as we had last year, we have no sun visible between the end of September and the last snow in mid April, (AND not enough wind to even BEGINN turning one of these bird killers!)I will ENJOY watching you freezing to death on the street as you BEG to have a “go” at my NUCLEAR powered heating system.

      Know what will be even MORE fun?

      the look on the faces of the green scum, as we tell them to “fuck off!”

      • John of Redlands

        What’s all this talk of no sun, of snow and no wind? You must live in one of the most miserable places on Earth, and it sounds like it is in northern Europe.. There are places that are more hospitable, such as where I live in Australia. We have a surfeit of sunshine, and where I am on the coast, plenty of wind. The wind and sunshine are commodities one can just about take for granted. In October for example, my solar generated an average of 28.6 kWh per day, including all of the days with cloud and rain. If as appears likely, the government here will also move to steal from solar owners by removing payment for solar-generated power, I will install a basic battery backup that will allow me to run 24 hours per day on my own power, and short of system breakdown, I am confident it will work on a continuous basis and still shed power to the grid. The shed power, although given for free, will nevertheless help mitigate climate change.
        And as for your foul language put into print, there is no need to publish such testimonials to your unpleasant personality.

      • XX no wind? XX

        WHERE did I say “NO WIND??”

      • Lol so when is all this nuclear energy going to reach you, in 30 years time, lol hope you don’t freeze in the mean time!! Anyway when it’s freezing and the grid is down due to a snow storm come round for a coffee, you can’t miss our place it will the house with all the lights on!!

  7. You are totally fooling yourself if you think that because Germany is curtailing subsidies this means the death of their renewable energy efforts. It’s a false equivalency.

    Also if you think oil and gas companies are doing it all by themselves you haven’t ever looked into the amount we provide them have you?

  8. Furor Teutonicus

    Fuel oil/nuclear works when it rains, and when the wind does not blow.

    BIG difference.

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