Shale Gas – Britain’s Government Undoing The Lies Of Chris Huhne

Britain's Coalition Government is to launch a campaign to undo the lies of the former Climate Change minister Chris Huhne.

Britain’s Coalition Government is to launch a campaign to undo the lies of the former Climate Change minister Chris Huhne.

The sheer farce of Britain’s Coalition Vichy Government has never been more clearly demonstrated than by this story.

If only David Cameron had cojones 10% of the size of Maggie Thatcher’s then Britain would not have this sorry sham of a Government, Cameron should have formed a minority government and got on with the job, instead the Green lobotomized heir to Tony Blair formed a coalition with Little Nicky Clegg and his Liberal Democrats. A Coalition that is at odds with itself, instead of a unified approach to all policies from both parties, certain policies are run exclusively by the Conservatives, others by the Liberal Democrats, which gives little impression of cohesion, and can have disastrous consequences for the country, a case in point being Climate and Energy Policy.

When the Coalition was formed Liberal Democrat Green ideologue and soon to be convicted criminal Chris Huhne was appointed to run the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Once upon a time Huhne was a serious heavyweight politician who put his not inconsiderable energies into forcing the Green Agenda on Britain, a devout believer in the Church of Climatology, Huhne had a vision of a Britain besmirched by 32000 wind turbines, fleets of electric vehicles and a zero carbon economy.

Shale Gas and fracking really put the wind up Huhne, who knew that cheap affordable energy would spell the end for his symbols of Green energy folly, wind turbines and solar panels, so Huhne set about weaving a tissue of lies about fracking and shale gas.

First off Huhne decided that Shale Gas was not going to happen in Britain because of the sacred Carbon Targets:

The UK’s “dash for gas” will be halted by the government because if unchecked it would break legally binding targets for carbon dioxide emissions, Chris Huhne, energy and climate change secretary, said on Monday evening. “We will not consent so much gas plant so as to endanger our carbon dioxide goals,” he told a fringe meeting at the Liberal Democrats party conference in Birmingham.

Huhne normally so on the ball missed a trick with the carbon targets, the public had lost interest in the never ending stories of climate doom and gloom and thus the political will for carbon targets had started to falter.

Then as the economy continued to tank and energy prices continued to spiral ever upward Huhne resorted to that old favorite weapon of the Greens, fear.

The Greens produced a documentary on fracking called Gasland, a carefully crafted piece of lies, misinformation and Green propaganda Gasland was recommended by Hune:

“I recommend you look at the film Gasland, which is a bit of a wake-up call,” Huhne said. “There are some extremely alarming pictures of people setting fire to their taps because of methane gas bubbling up.”

The methane that Huhne was referring to had contaminated ground water for years before fracking ever started, Huhne of course knew about this, and the many other lies that Gasland propagated.

Now on the verge of a huge energy boom, Britain has the biggest shale gas reserves anywhere in the world, the government is having to spend time, money and energy to dispel the lies of Huhne and the Green NGOs like Greenpeace, WWF and FoE.

Britain’s energy secretary on Wednesday advocated a public awareness campaign to promote shale gas and dispel the “myths” surrounding fracking, the controversial method for unlocking the natural gas.

The U.K. is hoping to replicate the success in the U.S., the only country so far to produce shale gas in large commercial quantities. The industry has dramatically reduced U.S. dependence on energy imports.

Last month the British Geological Survey estimated that Britain holds larger amounts of shale gas than previously estimated. In 2011, shale exploration was banned in Britain after the first–and so far only–fracking operation, run by Cuadrilla in Lancashire in northwestern England, set off earth tremors.

Even though the ban has now been lifted, operations have yet to resume. Many Britons remain concerned about fracking, which involves blasting shale formations with a mixture of water chemicals.

Opposition to fracking has been more vocal in Europe than in the U.S. Critics say that besides causing earthquakes, it could pollute ground water, damage wells and lead to emissions of methane gas.

It is one sorry Government that has to brief against one of its former ministers to enable an energy and economic boom that will help restore Britain’s finances.

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  1. catweazle666

    Nice U-turn from he egregious Davey here, interestingly in the WSJ, I can see no sign of it in the MSM this side of the Pond.

    ” Opposition to fracking has been more vocal in Europe than in the U.S. Critics say that besides causing earthquakes, it could pollute ground water, damage wells and lead to emissions of methane gas.

    Energy Secretary Ed Davey said the concerns were being dealt with through study and regulation, suggesting they had given rise to false notions about the dangers. The industry’s main challenge is to win over the public, he said.

    “Because those myths have taken hold in some areas, and sometimes when a myth takes hold it’s quite difficult to dispel it,” he told a cross-party parliamentary group on unconventional oil and gas.

    He said the government would reach out to the public to promote unconventional oil and gas, and sounded a positive note on the industry more generally.

    “I think we’re putting together a package that will show we are leaders in Europe, and have learned lessons from elsewhere. Perhaps in due course we can show ourselves as leaders in the world,” he said. ”

    • Let us also not forget that Davey himself managed to delay official release of the BGS report for a while by insisting they revisit their findings, the cheeky blighter.

      As to allaying public fears, the government only needs to point to the US experience – there are plenty of fruitcakes over there ready to shout from the rooftops if they could find any evidence of problems so far.

      I would like to think that someone within our government has actually rediscovered a backbone and had a quiet word with two-faced Davey, ideally up a darkened alley.

  2. In Australia there is growing concern over drilling for coal seam gas. I was skeptical at first, but since I spoke to an educated environmentalist, who agrees with me over most things, she said there are risks involved. It seems they drill so far down and the chemicals used in the process are the danger, not the gas itself. They can ignite underground coal seams and the solution is to let water into them to douse them. I think the farmers who own the land should decide if they want to take the risk of contaminating their water supply. Aquifers are not renewable, and have been there for millions of years. They are not fed by rain water. At present farmers don’t have that choice, the government decides, usually the State government. I object to prime agricultural land being used, and from some Queensland examples, the environmentalists are right, it is a dangerous way to find and frack energy.

  3. Huhne was a liar then, and a convicted liar now. It should be noted that, George Soros, aided and abetted by Al Gore, and the NASA idiot, James Hanson, profited nicely from the tumbling price of coal shares, he snapped them up, on the cheap. Meanwhile, Al Gore, the man who reversed global warming science, by claiming the 650,000 yr old ice-cores clearly showed that, rising CO2 levels are always followed by identical rises in global temperatures, when the reverse is true, has abandoned his green mantle and investing in, fracking.

    If the UK reduced its ‘carbon emissions’ by 83%, how much would it reduce global temperatures? We haven’t been told, yet isn’t that the point of the entire green agenda.
    Now, I must admit, I don’t know the answer, either, but I do have that figure as applied to America, reducing CO2 emissions by 83% and obviously ours would be far lower.

    America would not achieve a: 5, or, 4, or 3, or 2, or 1, or 1/2, or a, 1/4 of a 1 degreed C reduction in global temperature, it would achieve a, 3/1000 of 1 degree C reduction, the UK would be in the fractions of a 10,000th degree reduction.

    All the cuts, deaths from cold, job losses, and green taxes are a fraud, and the biggest fool, or liar of them all, is the man who proclaimed, “CO2 is the enemy of mankind.” It made his sponsors $millions.

    Source: World Climate Report

  4. There is evidence that global warming does precede a colder period even mini and full glacial periods. Mainly in the Northern Hemisphere though and the effect of fresh water from ice caps diverting the Gulf Stream. Fresh water hugs the surface and diverts the Gulf Stream. This was noticed when the first nuclear submarine traveled under the arctic ice in 1957 I think. There was no sea life for one hundred or so feet possibly more. All these alarmists have taken up this one scientific fact and now as the planet cools naturally are saying ‘See we were right, we’re achieving our aim” May they go down in history as the biggest con artists out. And so to the IPCC and all those in the green energy fraternity.
    Interesting they thought that Mexican Gulf oil spill would affect the flow of the gulf stream.
    And some nonentities reckoned they should put giant fans under the sea to stimulate the flow of the Gulf stream. Almost as bad as the university in UK that reckoned seeding the clouds with sulphur dioxide, like volcanoes, would cool the planet too! Dumb or dumber?

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