The Brave New Green Future – Flying Wind Turbines

The latest doomed Green wet dream, flying wind turbines

The latest doomed Green wet dream, flying wind turbines

If this were April 1st you would be forgiven for thinking this an April fool story, well to be frank it is a fool story, but more of a Green fool story than anything else.

The greatest Green minds of a generation have been snorting way too much Pixie dust, again, and with their rose tinted safety goggles on, have come up with probably their most stupid idea yet, flying wind turbines.

The plan is to have flocks(??) of wind turbines flying over a mile high above the ground, connected to a ground station via a cable, what could possibly go wrong, or even right come to that?:

A new generation of flying wind turbines will enable wind power to be harnessed more cheaply and efficiently, say researchers into the technology.

Airborne wind turbines can access the enormous volume of wind that is beyond the reach of traditional turbines, while cutting out the need for the huge structures and foundations that can make the current model expensive and difficult to transport.

While no single design which has dominated the nascent airborne turbine scene, the most efficient swoop quickly through the air, like a kite or a glider, and are tethered to the ground using a long cable.

The last time Britain was covered in flying tethered objects was World War 2, when Barrage Balloons were used to force attacking German bombers to bomb from a higher altitude. Barrage Balloons were connected to the ground station winch via a steel hawser, which according to documented records, broke frequently. The damage caused by the escaped Barrage Balloons could be serious to roofs of houses , and the balloons an added danger for Allied aircrew at night.

The untapped wind resources that this opens up are enormous. According to a paper published in Nature last year, wind turbines placed on the earth’s surface can only extract energy at a rate of 400TW, while high altitude wind power can provide at least 1800TW.

Extracting energy at this level would have a profound impact on the climate, but harnessing the 18TW of power globally in demand each year is unlikely to have any substantial side effects. Geophysically speaking, there is nothing to suggest that these devices cannot be rolled out on a grand scale.

There may be no reason Geophysically why this idea will not work, but there are many real world reasons why it is just another desperate Green idea to keep the AGW fueled renewables boondoggle running.

The usual inability to think anything through to the end that always does for the Liberal idea, the dangers to air traffic, migrating birds, escaped wind turbines flying and crashing randomly, connectivity to existing grid infrastructure and the cost of doing so, and that is just the tip of the melting iceberg.

The Greens and warmists have become so used to endless cash handouts for their deeply flawed ideas, they doubtless expect the tax payer will foot the bill for this latest Green folly.

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  1. catweazle666

    How curious.

    I didn’t think the magic mushrooms came out until September.

  2. How about we just launch all of the Faux-green wind weasels into space? That one act would solve so many problems!!!

  3. And I thought that floating wind turbines were barmy!!! Has anyone made a reliable, FLEXIBLE, HV cable which won’t stretch under its own weight when strung a mile upwards?

  4. – Great, if it’s so fantastic then it DOESN’T NEED ANY SUBSIDIES
    – With all these clever green ideas and a $2bn dollar annual income the multinational eco-charities like WWF & Greenpeace are suppliers of masses of 1. Energy OR 2. Propaganda ?

  5. Since the Holy Grail of generating 400 TW from wind would require using all available land on the planet, why not fill the sky with four times as many. I mean, there’s a lot more sky, right?
    We just need a few thousand Saturn V engines firing in perpetuity to keep these monstrosities aloft.
    Oh, and I’m sure we could get an exemption so their output wouldn’t count against the generation numbers.
    So, where’s my grant?

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