Britain’s Climate Change Fool – Wrong Again On Shale Gas

Ed Davey Britain's Climate Change Fool has been proved wrong, yet again this time by a report commissioned by him.

Ed Davey Britain’s Climate Change Fool has been proved wrong, yet again this time by a report he commissioned.

Ed Davey Liberal Democrat Energy Secretary Climate Change Fool has been proved wrong again, as  an event this is wholly unremarkable given the frequency of Davey being wrong, but what makes this particular faux pas so amusing is that Davey commissioned the report, himself.

Shale Gas and fracking has always terrified the warmists and Greens, a cheap, reliable and affordable energy source that creates real lasting jobs, generates real revenue and wealth, unlike Green renewable energy which creates short term installation jobs and cannot exist without the oxygen of tax payer funded Green subsidies.

From the moment that Shale Gas was mentioned for Britain, the Greens started a campaign of hysteria and lies to try and stop fracking from ever starting. The campaign against fracking was initially led by then Liberal Democrat Climate Change Secretary, and now convicted criminal Chris Huhne who announced that Shale Gas would not happen because of the sacred Carbon Targets. When this failed to stop fracking Huhne then started quoting that Green tissue of lies, the anti-fracking movie Gasland as the definitive source on the dangers of fracking.

When the fear stories failed to work, Huhne and his successor Ed Davey continually repeated that Shale Gas would have no impact on energy bills, completely ignoring the economic benefits and massive reduction in energy prices that the Shale Gas revolution has brought about in the US, it will not happen in Britain they endlessly repeated.

Despite the very best efforts of Big Green, Shale Gas has continued to gain traction in Britain, in a recent poll by The Sun newspaper, 75% of respondents are in favor of fracking, the farce that is Britain’s Coalition government knows the economic benefits of fracking, but is being held back by the Green ideologues of the Liberal Democrats who are forever wedded to the Green Agenda.

As this point the farce descends into an orgy of complete and utter stupidity, with the government having to start a campaign to undo the lies about fracking propagated by one former member of it, and his successor.

Currently, we are being treated to the spectacle of Britain’s Climate Change fool stumbling about and repeating his new mantra “I love shale gas“.

All this clustered stupidity would be funny, were not the consequences of this stupidity measured in lost jobs, families forced into energy poverty and more old people dying of hypothermia in the winter because they are too frightened to turn on the heating because of the cost.

Now the Climate Change Fool has really made a fool of himself again, this time with a report he commissioned:

Gas prices could fall by a quarter and help bring down household energy bills if Britain exploits its shale gas reserves, a report commissioned by Ed Davey, the Energy Secretary, suggests.

Green for go: Britain has the engineering, health, safety and environmental expertise to develop shale resources safely

The study by Navigant Consulting backs up David Cameron’s claim that shale gas drilling could help cut the cost of living for families struggling with average bills of more than £1,300 per year.

However, it contrasts with the claims of Ed Davey, the Energy Secretary, that shale gas is “unlikely” to bring down household bills. He has said higher gas prices are probable regardless of the discovery of Britain’s shale reserves and used this argument to justify spending billions on wind farms and nuclear power stations.

This week, Mr Davey criticised NPower, an gas and electricity company, for saying that green energy would be a major factor behind rising bills, criticising their “weird” assumption that gas prices would fall.

However, the new study published today by his own department found gas prices may actually drop by 12 per cent by 2020 even if Britain does not pursue its shale resources.

Davey is either an incompetent fool or is so blinded by Green ideology he is incapable of making decisions that are for the benefit of the people of Britain, either way Ed Davey is not fit for purpose and should be removed from government.

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  1. Gas prices won’t drop due to the Carbon Floor Price primed to increase by 2020 plus the strike prices for Wind and Nuclear will inflate electricity prices and therefore prop up the entire energy market at a vastly inflated level. At least they have pulled the plug on bio-mass subsidies for power stations although it looks like they are going to proceed with Drax but potentially tons of diseased Ash trees to burn ?

  2. I’d be very surprised if anyone mentions carbon floor price or Climate Change targets ever again after COP19 this December

  3. I sure hope not!!!!

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