Czech Government Ends Green Subsidies For Renewables

Czech Government has voted to end Green subsidies for solar from the end of 2013

The Czech Government has voted to end Green subsidies for solar from the end of 2013

The Green collapse continues as the Czech Republic becomes the latest in a long list of countries to cut back, or stop the Green subsidies that are the lifeblood for Green renewable energy.

As usual the overly generous subsidies for renewable energy are pushing the cost of electricity ever upwards, killing jobs and pushing families into energy poverty.

The Czechs were aware back in 2010 that a problem was looming with energy prices and that renewables were going to be the cause:

The plan, adopted late in the day, calls for a cap on feed-in tariffs for solar energy of about half the current level and seeks mandatory recycling of old solar panels.

It also seeks annual limits on subsidies for wind and solar power. “This is one of the measures that the government…is taking in reaction to the current rapid development of some renewable resources and connected economic risks,” government spokesman Tomas Bartovsky said in a statement. “It defines limits for various sources. When these are exceeded, the government will interrupt or cancel subsidies.”

The Czech government recognised that a combination of cheaper solar panels and high Feed In Tariffs (FIT) were going to cause an massive increase in solar installations, and thus a massive increase in the Green subsidies paid to operators, so generous were the FITs that the Czech Republic in 2010 was ranked third in newly installed solar capacity, beaten only by Germany and Italy.

German solar has become nothing more than a €100 Billion Green money pit, and Germany is now stopping subsidies for solar no later than 2018.

If the massive German economy cannot bear the cost of Green subsidies then there is no way that the Czech economy can:

The Czech government approved a draft law to end support for renewable energy, proposing to stop subsidies for new projects at the end of this year.

The plan was adopted during an extraordinary cabinet session yesterday and is subject to approval by parliament, the government said in a statement on its website.

Subsidies for renewable-power sources, particularly solar plants, have raised prices for Czech energy users in the past three years as the cost is passed on through customer bills.

“The reason for this law amendment is the rising financial burden for electricity consumers,” Prime Minister Jiri Rusnok said in the statement. “It threatens the competitiveness of our industry and raises consumers’ uncertainty about power prices.”

Only hydro, wind and biomass power plants that got construction permits this year will be eligible for support if they’re completed before the end of 2014, the statement shows.

It really is time all Green subsidies and all Green inspired taxation were stopped, politicians have a last woken up and the smelt the coffee that Green threatens the competitiveness of industry, makes energy unaffordable to the most vulnerable is society and ultimately achieves nothing but making a few Green boondogglers very wealthy.

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  1. Unfortunately our UK Climate Czar, neither hears, or reads anything anti-green, because his head is embedded firmly below ground.

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