COP19 – Déjà vu In Poland

The Fossil of the Day award presented at UNFCCC COP meetings by the Climate Action Network to countries that have failed to adopt Climate Religion as fiscal and political agendas.

The Fossil of the Day award presented at UNFCCC COP meetings by the Climate Action Network to countries that have failed to adopt Climate Religion as fiscal and political policies.

Dateline December 1st 2008 Poznan, Poland the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) 14th Conference of the Parties (COP) is underway.

The world 5 years ago was a vastly different place than it is today, fear of Anthropogenic Global Warming was  still in the ascendancy, Al Gore and Rajendra Pachauri were taken seriously, fawning Liberal politicians hang on their every word, Green NGO’s like Greenpeace, WWF and FoE have the ear of politicians and their Green propaganda is included in IPCC Assessment reports as observed scientific fact.

The outcome of COP14 was as always with COP meetings the gateway to the big deal on Climate that was going to happen at the next COP meeting, in this case COP15 in Copenhagen.

As COP14 progressed there was no sign on the horizon of the gathering storms clouds of Climategate, the Greens, warming alarmists and Liberals were confident, the election of the Boy King Obama in the US was going to bring the impetus to force through the climate deal in Hopenhagen.

The Friends of the Earth International website for that day is upbeat and full of optimism:

Hello all!

Right now there is a climate conference going on in Poznan, Poland. Actually it’s the 14th conference of its kind and it is properly known as Conference of the Parties or COP 14. A bunch of FoEI members from all over the planet will try to post as much as possible so you all get the feel of what is going on down here in this amazing city.

OK Lets start! The weekend is over and already so much has been going on and we are already exhausted! The youth international group had their conference this weekend it’s filled us up with so much energy! These guys are so well organized.

We were also inspired by the launch of a new coalition called Climate Justice Now. This could be the beginning of an international civil society climate movement and could be an amazing voice at the climate talks.

Something that made us laugh was the Climate Action Network’s Fossil of the day Award given to countries who seem to be doing the least to combat climate change. Today Poland was the fossil!!

The Fossil of the Day award seems to have died a death after COP17, as a visit to the Fossil of the Day website confirms, most likely because of the exceptions of the EU and AOSIS,  every other country on the planet would now  be eligible for the award.

The sense of amusement that the writer has that Poland was singled out for the award, is naive, almost like an extract from 1930’s children’s book, “those jolly jokers in Poland getting the Fossil Award while being COP hosts, what a bunch of rascals and scallywags“.

Really the Fossil of the Day award was an indication of the path Poland would follow when dealing with the Global Warming Industry and the EU.

During the debacle of fear and loathing in Qatar, sometimes called COP18, there was wide spread dismay when on Day 3 of the meeting Poland was announced as the host country for COP19.

Poland’s politicians have a creditable history of standing up to Comrade Connie Hedegaard and the other Green fanatics in the EU Politburo, at every step Poland has refused to play ball and resisted the Green economic suicide that the EU is hell bent on.

The EU and Poland have reached an impasse on EU laws about Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) on new coal fired power stations, with the EU having way more to lose than Poland has on the outcome.

As the start date for COP19 draws ever closer the warmists are becoming concerned about Poland not doing what the self appointed Green guardians of Gaia want:

Plans to construct the largest coal plant in Europe threaten Poland’s credibility on climate change, say environmental groups.

The government recently announced plans for a 2GW coal plant on the Vistula River, which will produce over 10 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.

NGOs say this calls into question the country’s decision to host this year’s major UN climate change summit, set to start in Warsaw on 11 November.

The usual suspects Greenpeace and WWF and a host of new Green NGO’s are naturally against the coal plant which might cause problems for the rarest and most vulnerable of fish species in the river.

Running a Google search on Vistula rare and vulnerable fish species returned no information about fish species at risk in the Vistula River, though it did return a report from May 2012 on the state of fish species in the Vistula, this also fails to mention any fish species currently at risk.

A spokesman for ClientEarth Poland told RTCC that, despite hosting climate change talks this year, the government’s views on coal will not be altered.

“[The] most powerful Polish parties both from the left and the right side of the political stage consider European climate policy as a danger. It means that we do not intend to withdraw from hard coal and lignite based energy.

It really is a crying shame that the rest of the developed world does not have real politicians with backbone, like Poland has, instead of the Greenwashed Liberal molluscs that most other countries are saddled with.

During talks on emissions cuts at COP18, Poland, along with Russia, Canada, the US and Japan, were accused of making a “mockery of the negotiations” by holding them to ransom, said Samantha Smith, WWF’s global climate end energy initiative last year.

Even senior members of the European Parliament have little expectation of Poland doing more than talking the talk, but most definitely not, walking the walk.

President-designate of COP19 Marcin Korolec dismissed concerns that Poland was the wrong choice to host the next UN climate summit, pointing to its previous history of running a COP in 2008 as evidence that it was committed to securing a global climate deal.

Korolec said, “By being creative, the world can reduce greenhouse gas emissions while creating jobs, promoting economic growth and ensuring better living standards. Where there is a will, there is a way.”

Strangely for once it looks like a MEP actually hit the nail on the head.

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  1. Well we have a new government in Australia, who have said they will repeal the carbon tax, but until the senate changes in July next year, he might have problems. So if there is no objections and a double dissolution as Rudd threatened, we should be carbon bank clear (clean energy bank) with no Climate change commission nor Tim Flannery. Keep your fingers crossed

  2. ”Climate Change” is real – changes from wet to dry climate and back to wet – summer to winter climate and back, BUT, GLOBAL warming doesn’t exist — one is natural phenomena, the other is a ”phenomenal lie”

  3. The largest coal fired plant in the EU, I like that. They should add some coloring to the outgoing steam to make it look more ominous and really piss off the greenies.

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