Czech Republic Abandons Renewables For Coal

The state of renewable energy in the Czech Republic as the Government abandons renewables for coal.

The state of renewable energy in the Czech Republic as the Government abandons renewables for coal, in order to maintain the country’s international competitiveness

The rapid disintegration of the EU’s Climate Policy continues as the Czech Republic decides to abandon costly and unreliable renewable energy and double it’s use of coal, a policy that puts the country in direct confrontation with the EU.

In July the Czech Government approved a law  to stop subsidies for new renewables projects at the end of 2013, it was known as far back as 2010 that the cost of Green subsidies was going to cause problems for the economy.

Now the Green Dream is virtually extinct in the Czech Republic, dying to the wail of the Green NGO’s and renewable energy boondogglers who as usual are threatening legal action to keep those Green taxpayer funded subsidies rolling in:

Support for the European Union’s climate and energy policy eroded further Friday as the Czech Republic became the latest member to denounce subsidies for clean but costly renewable energy and pledged to double down on its use of fossil fuels.

It followed Poland’s declaration that it would use its abundant domestic coal supplies for power generation rather than invest in costly renewable energy facilities. Spain abolished subsidies for photovoltaic power generation in July and the U.K.’s power markets regulator last month froze solar power subsidies for the rest of the year.

Poland and the EU are already at loggerheads over Poland’s plans to build a 2GW coal plant on the Vistula River, and Poland is this years host for the UNFCCC Climate Circus COP19 meeting, which all the early indicators point to being an even bigger slow motion car crash than last year’s COP18 fiasco.

Opposition to further subsidies is a major hurdle for EU lawmakers who this month are launching talks on the bloc’s 2030 climate change. It hopes to wring firm commitments to reduce carbon emissions by the end of December.

Now that will be interesting, EU CO2phobes trying for more measures to commit economic suicide more effectively, right after another COP failure, expect a lot of disappointment and damage limitation from Connie Hedegaard and the Green Politburo.

The bill also directs state and taxpayer support to centralized power production, a step directly at odds with EU goals.

“Small-scale renewable energy generation is a cornerstone of the future energy policy,” the EU Parliament’s industrial committee said in a statement Thursday.

The European Commission, the bloc’s executive arm, is tight lipped on the situation.

Tight lipped is the look for the EU Commission this year, tight lipped on Poland, tight lipped on the Czech Republic, tight lipped on the failure of the Green flying tax, after a years suspension the rest of the world decided not to adopt a flying tax, tight lipped while sweeping Green failures under the carpet will be the look for 2014.

The Czech bill faced fierce opposition from environmental groups and lobbyists representing investors in the photovoltaic generation sector. They threatened arbitration against the Czech state for failing to protect investments. Senators say they are unperturbed by such statements.

“The state is very well prepared for any potential arbitration,” Senator Petr Bratsky said before the vote. The Senate’s legislative and constitutional committee has given its approval to the bill and recommended it be enacted.

The legislation looks set to favor major power producers such as 70% state-owned CEZ AS, which primarily produces electricity at large, centralized power plants using coal.

When dealing with the Green EU Politburo former Eastern bloc countries like the Czech Republic and Poland have a distinct advantage over the cold war western nations, nations that were once subjugated under Communism and Socialism know how to identify a totalitarian regime from the outset.

As the former President Vaclav Klaus said in 2011 “The Green Agenda has parallels with the excesses Communism“, and having grown up under the hammer and sickle Klaus certainly has the experience to identify the similarities between the Green Agenda and Soviet bloc style communism.

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  1. Furor Teutonicus

    XX nations that were once subjugated under Communism and Socialism know how to identify a totalitarian regime from the outset.XX

    And the E.U are NOT the very communist totalitarian regime they were once fighting against?

    Different name, same Politburo.

  2. Tony, you have a good blog; keep up the good work

    I had to grow up east of the iron curtain; this what the green topcoated Warmist impose stinks the same


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