Today’s Scores From The Arctic – Russian Coastguard 2 Greenpeace 0

Greenpeace return for round 2 with the Russian Coast Guard, now shots have been fired and Gaia's disciples held at gunpoint.

Greenpeace return for round 2 with the Russian Coast Guard, now shots have been fired and Gaia’s disciples arrested and held at gunpoint.

About a month ago Greenpeace went head to head with the Russian Coastguard, after being refused a permit to enter Russia’s Northern Sea Route, Greenpeace went anyway.

The Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise was boarded by 4 Russian Coast Guard officers who subjected the ship and its crew to a lengthy inspection, during the course of which the Captain of the Coast Guard ship told the Arctic Sunrise to leave the area immediately or strict measures would be used. For strict measures read the threat to open fire on the Greenpeace ship with real live ammunition, starting with a shot across the bows and if that didn’t work then incoming would be the order of the day.

The Arctic Sunrise slunk away, Green tail between its legs only to reappear today in the Pechora Sea off the northern coast of Russia with the intent of boarding the Prirazlomnaya rig, in a repeat of last years occupation protesting about drilling for oil in the Arctic.

The Moscow Times reports:

Greenpeace said Wednesday that two of its activists scaled the Prirazlomnaya oil platform in Arctic waters in a fresh protest over the potential threat to the environment from operations slated to start by the end of the year.

Production at the Gazprom-owned rig, Russia’s first such project in the Barents Sea, was delayed last year after similar action. Gazprom put the delay down to “technical reasons.”

Hydrocarbon production in its vast offshore areas is seen by Russia as vital to maintaining oil output, the world’s largest, at no less than 10 million barrels per day this decade.

Global majors including ExxonMobil, Eni and Statoil have agreed on deals with Russia’s top oil producer, Rosneft, to enter the region. Their projects are not expected to begin extracting oil before the 2020s.

Greenpeace said in an e-mailed statement it sent five boats to the rig early on Wednesday. One was arrested by the Russian coastguard, which fired warning shots across the bows of its Arctic Sunrise base vessel.

Now the hippies at Responding to Climate Change (RTCC) are a bit shell shocked to say the least:

Ben Ayliffe, head of Greenpeace International’s Arctic oil campaign, described to RTCC the “pretty long standoff” which took place between Greenpeace’s icebreaker ship, the Arctic Sunrise, and the Russian coastguard that took place at 4.30am this morning, Moscow time.

He said, “Two of our activists were taken off the platform, and we believe that they were threatened with being shot by the coast guard. They’ve been detained by the coast guard, and we’re trying to ascertain what their status is, whether they’ve been arrested or anything like that.”

A quick attempt to garner sympathy and outrage by believing that the activists were threatened with being shot, Greenpeace believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming which sums up the validity of their belief systems pretty accurately.

According to the security services, the two activists are currently “guests” upon the ship, while the coastguard has so far refused to comment.

Greenpeace say that they are currently uncertain whether the activists will be allowed back to the Arctic Sunrise, or whether they will be taken back to mainland Russia.

“We just have to wait, which is adding to the tension as the hours go on and the fingernails get gnawed ever shorter,” said Ayliffe.

“But there’s nothing we can do. We’re just trying as hard as we can both in Moscow and on the ship to make sure we get the answers as quickly as we can.”

Interfering with the operations of Gazprom is akin to walking into the Kremlin and taking a dump on Putin’s favorite carpet, one seriously bad move.

Right now at very high levels of the Russian Government the fate of the Greenpeace activists is being decided, the Russians have clearly demonstrated that they are more than willing to play hard ball with anyone who threatens oil and gas exploration or its production. You can safely bet that the Captain of the Coast Guard ship had clearance from the highest levels to fire warning shots at an unarmed ship with the attendant risk of an international incident.

There is the possibility of a show trial with a lengthy prison sentence to dissuade other Greens and warmists from interfering with their operations, the euphemistic use of “guests” by the Russian Security Services does not bode well for the status of the activists, while the Coast Guard refuse to comment, classic Cold War you have just dropped into a vacuum tactics.

The big question however lies with Greenpeace, just how far are they willing to go with their Arctic campaign?

So far everything the Russians have threatened has come to pass, the warning shots have now been fired, next time it could end in tragedy with people being wounded or killed.

Do Greenpeace really want eco martyrs in the Arctic?

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  1. I hope the Russians scared the Greenpiss right out of them. They flaunt the laws continually. Now they have run into people who won’t put up with their nonsense!

  2. There is nothing pleasant about the Greenpeace. The zealots appear to have no time for, reason, or science. Originally set up to defend the whales, they captured the support of millions.

    Quick to leap aboard the anthropogenic global warming criminal fraud, instigated by the UN during its African Review, as a means of imposing a wealth redistribution tax by the deception of taxing carbon emissions, Paul Watson, co-founder of Greenpeace said, “It doesn’t matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true.”

    Coupled with: “The models are convenient fictions that provide something very useful.” – Dr David Frame, climate modeler, Oxford University

    “I believe it is appropriate to have an ‘over-representation’ of the facts on how dangerous it is, as a predicate for opening up the audience.” – Al Gore.

    You can’t take it seriously any longer.

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