Russians Charge All Greenpeace Activists On Arctic Sunrise With Piracy

All Greenpeace activists on the Arctic Sunrise have been charged with piracy by the Russians.

All Greenpeace activists on the Arctic Sunrise have been charged with piracy by the Russians.

The Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise has been towed into the northern Russian port of Murmansk, and all 30 activists have been charged with piracy by the Russian authorities.

The story is still breaking so is there is a certain amount of variance between the reports coming in.

abc News:

Russia filed piracy charges Tuesday against Greenpeace activists who tried to climb onto an offshore drilling platform in the Arctic owned by the state-controlled gas company Gazprom.

The activists are on a Greenpeace ship, the Arctic Sunrise, which was seized last week by the Russian Coast Guard and towed Tuesday into a port near Murmansk.

It was unclear how many of the 30 activists on board face piracy charges, which carry a potential prison sentence of up to 15 years and a fine of 500,000 rubles (about $15,500). The Investigative Committee, Russia’s federal investigative agency, said it would question all those who participated in the protest and detain the “more active” among them.

Radio Free Europe has this to say:

Russian authorities say they plan to harshly prosecute almost 30 Greenpeace activists for protesting Arctic oil activities by gas giant Gazprom.

Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin said on September 24 that all activists — regardless of citizenship — will be charged with organized piracy.

If found guilty, they could face up to 15 years in jail.

Russian Coast Guard personnel seized the “Arctic Sunrise” ship with the activists on board last week after they tried to board a Gazprom oil rig.

The BBC:

Russian prosecutors have accused around 30 Greenpeace activists of piracy and say they will prosecute all of them for trying to board an Arctic oil platform.

Russia’s Investigative Committee, modelled on the FBI, will question the activists. Six Britons are among them.

Their ship, the Arctic Sunrise, is being towed to the port of Murmansk.

Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin said “all those who assaulted the platform, regardless of nationality, will be prosecuted”.

The Russians are definitely serious about making an example of the ecomentalists from Greenpeace.

In a statement on Tuesday, Greenpeace said its ship had arrived in a fjord near Murmansk accompanied by a tug boat and the Russian Coast Guard vessel Ladoga.

“Greenpeace International lawyers are demanding immediate access to the 30 activists who have been held for over four days without legal or consular assistance. It is still not known whether Russia intends to lay formal charges and Greenpeace has not received any formal contact from the authorities,” it said.

Greenpeace and their international lawyers can demand all they want, what they eventually get, if anything, will be that which the Russians have decided Greenpeace can have, nothing more and nothing less.

This is not Western Europe or the United States where the justice system works in the way Greenpeace is used to, if and when this goes to trial, it will be a show trial with the verdict already known before the trial starts.

The objective of all this is to send a loud and very clear message to the Greens, warmists and those that would dare to interfere with Gazprom’s operations in the Arctic.

Updated 12:21 GMT September 26th 2013.

All 30 activists, 4 Russians and 26 Foreign nationals have been split into groups, all of which will be appearing in 6 different courts in Murmansk today.

All 30 of the activists — four Russians and 26 foreign nationals — are expected to appear in courtrooms on September 26, where judges will consider whether to have them formally remanded in custody or to set them free.

The Russians are most definitely going through the motions to instill fear and uncertainty into the self appointed Green Luddite guardians of the Arctic, the outcome is difficult to predict with Putin saying publicly yesterday that the Greenpeace activists obviously were not pirates, but then he (Putin) supported their detention.

Putin is riding high internationally after humiliating the Boy King Obama over military action in Syria, so really the exact outcome is anyone’s guess, but one thing you can be sure of, the verdict of the Russian courts will send a message to all Green activists that messing with Gazprom operations in the future will carry heavy and serious penalties.

Greenpeace, WWF, FoE and all the other Green and Liberal NGOs have for too long thought their right to protest trumps everyone else’s rights to go about their lawful business, when patently it does not.

Updated 14:11 GMT September 26th 2013.

Latest news is that all activists have been denied bail.

A court in Murmansk, north-west Russia, was continuing to decide on Thursday the fate of the 30 Greenpeace activists arrested during an Arctic drilling protest.

Three of those arrested, including a freelance photographer and a Canadian national, have already been refused bail and remanded in custody.

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  1. This news has put a warm glow in my heart. It’s about time NGO’s espousing Noble Cause Corruption received a short, sharp shock. Being a Russian court, the fact that they have been charged is sufficient proof of their guilt. Fifteen years in Siberia will give those who survive the experience ample time to record the effects of climate change – one way or another.

  2. First off let’s admit that the Green Peas have got cojones mistaken and deluded they might be but still you have to admire their gung ho do or die Charge of the Light Brigade spirit is it not ironic that they tried to board the Gazprom drilling platform illegally and as far as I know that constitutes piracy and then they accuse the Russkies of piracy in turn this comment has been punctuated in compliance with toryaadvark house style.

  3. The time is long past when a band of self opinionated thugs can go around boarding structures, like modern day blackbeards, with impunity. To board any ship or structure in the sea without consent constitutes an act of piracy.

    • Precisely! I’ve been on ships in Australian waters, and had the coastal patrol vessels come alongside to do a customs check…even the authorities have to ask permission to come aboard, they can’t just pull alongside and board you and start making demands. About time someone treated Greenpeace like the pirates they sometimes

  4. It is about time a government stood up to these sanctimonious thugs who believe their cause so superior that it transcends the laws of mere men. Hopefully the new Australian government will treat the pirates of the Southern ocean the same.

  5. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!

    Break out the rum. I’ll drink to that. Can they be made to walk the plank…maybe in the vicinity of some Greenland Sharks or orcas? Because #science.

  6. The concurrent political incidence over Syria which has left Barack Obama looking weak and Vladimir Putin strong will surely embolden Russia and influence how the Russians play their cards in this matter. I am not fully up to speed on Russian plans for Arctic drilling but the Greenpeace incident is a gift to Russia that I’m certain that they will leverage and use to promote their ambitions in the Arctic.

  7. cornwallwindwatch

    Reblogged this on Cornwall Wind Watch and commented:
    30 down, how many more to go!? Quick comrades get yourselves to Russia to help out your fellow greentards. Thanks, that’s cheered us all up here no end.

  8. What does the Arctic Sunrise use for fuel? And where did the oil come from?

  9. If I had any cockles I am sure this news would warm them. Greenpeace is a fascist organisation that wants to impose their absurd opinions on the world, not in words but in deeds. They may well be brave and motivated but they are insanely deluded in their goal to decarbonise the world.

    The puppet masters back at base must be delighted with the anticipated increase in cash flow from this marketing exercise.

  10. Finally………some sanity!!!!!!!!!!

  11. This is great news. Reminds me of an Irish Fellow in the 1930 called Larkin, (not James Larkin) The was a communist and he went over to Russia to assist Stalin build a true socialist state. Stalin had him arrested, tortured and sent to Siberia. The Irish Government eventually got him released. I think a 4 year sentence would be appropriate. OH and no cell phones allowed.

  12. What puts Greenpus above the law? Nothing!

  13. If I took my ship alongside another ship…or a floating platform at sea…and boarded it without permission and stayed there and refused to leave or tried to take control of it, then yes, that’s technically piracy…sorry Greenpeace…your sins are catching up with you. I’ve always found it amusing they sail around in stinking old oil burning diesel powered ships and complain about other people using fossil fuels. Come back and preach when your entire fleet has been scrapped and replaced with sailing ships without engines…

  14. My only question is….why wasn’t the Greenie boat blown out of the water? The Ruskies masterfully did this to the Somali pirates……Go Russia!

  15. Fools have finally got the comeuppance they deserve.

  16. They’ll soon be seeing how Siberia is warming up! It ain’t. it’s getting colder!

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