COP19 Hosts Poland And The Green Standoff With The EU

COP19 hosts Poland are still refusing to take notice of pointless EU leading the way environmental legislation.

COP19 hosts Poland are still refusing to take notice of pointless EU leading the way Green economic suicide legislation

In the late 1940’s and early 1950’s there was a particularly  cringe making  genre of film called the Musical Western, these movies for a while were very popular, but eventually the camp clothing, the ludicrous plot lines proved too much for audiences, who drifted away from the fad.

Sounds familiar?

Well it should, in the last decade of the 20th Century and the first decade of the 21st Century there was a fad for Climate Religion where the same hair shirt clothing and ludicrous plot lines proved too much for the audience, who drifted away from the fad.

At least the Musical Western had the decency to just fade away from the screens, unlike the UN Climate Process which annually makes a spectacle of its continuing and agonizing death throes, last years event Fear and Loathing in Doha was one of the best Green disaster movies of all time, this year’s event in Poland is set to trump Doha in spades.

When Poland was chosen as COP19 hosts, at COP18 the wailing and whingeing from the Greens started and has continued unabated ever since. The Greens are less than impressed with the COP19 website which is neither Green nor extreme enough for them, Poland has a history of being obstructive to Green plans for economic suicide and most ironically for the Greens, the political consensus on the stupidity of Green measures is shared by both the Left and the Right.

Poland and the EU are in the classic Western standoff, it is 2 minutes to High Noon, at one end of the street stands Comrade Connie Hedegaard with her plastic 9mm Glock using environmentally friendly bullets made from recycled wind turbine bird kills, at the other end of the street stands Poland with a good old fashioned Colt 45 using bullets made of out coal:

Poland could be breaking EU law if it goes ahead with the construction of two new units at its Opole power plant, Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard suggests.

By failing to assess the units for their ability to incorporate carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology, Poland is acting in direct violation of EU regulations.

The EU and Poland have been at loggerheads for over 2 years about Poland’s refusal to implement, or even think about the pointless and unworkable Green technology of Carbon Capture and Storage.

Comrade Connie is afraid to draw first because she knows only too well that should Poland beat her to the draw then not only will every Green edict issued by the unelected Politburo in Brussels be called in to question, but also for the first time  the EU might find out the hard way just how far EU law does interfere with the sovereignty of member states.

Six MEPs from five separate parties issued a set of questions to the Climate Commission on the subject of the two intended coal units in July. Responding this week, Commissioner Hedegaard indicated that the Commission would pursue further action if it turned out that Poland was contravening the law.

Pursuing further action is not enough for Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davis is who firmly convinced that he and other Green zealots in the EU have the right to overturn decisions made by the democratically elected government of Poland:

Chris Davies, one of the MEPs to submit a question to the Commission, told RTCC: “Clearly the Commission is suggesting it is going to pursue some kind of action, which might be embarrassing for Poland, seeing as it’s hosting the UNFCCC conference at the end of the year in Warsaw.”

But he added that, although construction of the units is scheduled to go ahead in December, there was still time for the EU to stop the project. He said: “If the case goes to the European Court of Justice then in theory it can levy an unlimited fine upon Poland.

Still even that overriding of Polish democracy is not enough for Davies:

“That should be a significant deterrent, but that would be a cost to the Polish taxpayer, which I’m sure they’d be well advised not to incur.

Priceless or should it be speechless? Every Green directive from the EU Politburo costs taxpayers billions each year, you pay billions to comply, you pay billions if you don’t comply.

However this is not quite the case, Poland has not complied with Comrade Connie’s Green economic suicide orders:

Brussels has asked the European Court of Justice to fine Poland for not being Green, the Court has yet to reach a decision as political games are played behind the scenes to keep the Green scam alive, and the realisation that a decision against Poland would show just how many cracks have thus far been papered over.

Last Thursday, Deputy Prime Minister Janusz Piechocinski, said that Poland will oppose the EU’s plans to set more ambitious goals for cutting CO2 emissions by 2030.

“The European Commission, which failed to tackle the [economic] crisis at the last minute before leaving, wants to set new climate goals for 2030. There will be no permission for that on our part. We are willing to call for a referendum [on the issue] for the first time in Europe,” he said

Referendum a word as terrifying to the EU as wooden stake is to a vampire, the people of country a voting against the naive and stupid Green ideology of unelected EU officials, now there is a thought to be taken on board by every citizen of the failing trading block.

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