The Guardian Trys To Bolster Support For Greenpeace Pirates And Fails

Greenpeace protestor outside the Russian Embassy in London. Then Green equivalent of the 19th Century British Army's Forlone Hope.

Greenpeace protestor outside the Russian Embassy in London. The Green equivalent of the 19th Century British Army’s Forlorn Hope.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Greenpeace pirates story is the deafening silence from the embassy’s of the foreign nationals currently under arrest in Murmansk. Apart from some muted comments from the Dutch about the Arctic Sunrise being a Dutch registered vessel and a faint mumbling from the Finns about one of their nationals, nobody seems bothered about a bunch of Green activists being in prison.

This must have come as a surprise to Greenpeace who are used to Politicians in the West hanging on their every word and being terrified of upsetting Greenpeace on its self appointed mission to destroy industrialized society.

So when Greenpeace director John Sauven wrote this piece in The Guardian in today they would have been expecting unwavering support from the Green Guardianistas who would of course be suitably outraged that these people were arrested for following their conscience, one of the most noble Liberal acts anyone can do, and which, should of course, make you immune from any sort of punishment.

Apparently these Green Luddites are speaking for something called civil society, which includes all of us, irrespective of whether we agree or not, a familiar left wing theme where you have to specifically opt out of the Party line, because as they have always known opting in never gets the same numbers.

Twenty-eight Greenpeace activists from 18 different countries, and two independent journalists, have been charged in Russia with piracy with a maximum 15 years in prison. This is despite president Putin saying last week: “Obviously, they are not pirates”. But what is obvious to Putin, speaking in front of the world’s press at an Arctic Forum, may become obscured within the labyrinth of the Russian legal system.

Greenpeace wake up to the fact publicly that Putin is window dressing for a world that does not care what happens to the Greenpeace activists, short of a death sentence no one will be unusually bothered.

The piracy accusations are the Russian version of a strategic lawsuit against public participation (Slapp). These vexatious legal cases are popular around the world with corporations and governments who want to silence their critics with legal red tape. Gazprom doesn’t want attention drawn to its reckless endangerment of the Russian Arctic and our shared climate, as they tow rusting drill rigs up into the world’s most hostile seas. And in Russia, state-owned Gazprom tends to get what Gazprom wants. The Russian prosecutors are trying to scare activists away from Gazprom, and away from bearing witness to what is happening in the Arctic. If President Putin means what he says that Greenpeace activists “aren’t pirates”, then he should act now to end this farce.

Perhaps Googling Gazprom and Russian Coastguard before setting off to irritate them would have told Greenpeace all they have now learned, the hard way.

But activists, and civil society more generally, can only function with public support. If global civil society is willing to tolerate these absurd charges of piracy, then Russia’s actions will be legitimised. A dozen other governments around the world will sit up and take notice. The lesson they learn will be that they can silence their critics and protect the oil barons from public scrutiny with a lot more ferocity, and a lot less legality, than they had previously thought.

Get used to it Greenpeace apart from a few activists who in terms of numbers in civil society are no more than a rounding error, the vast majority are just not bothered and the more you irritate civil society by stopping football matches the less support you will have.

Greenpeace need to realize that not only is the Arctic Sunrise up shit creek without a paddle, so are Greenpeace when it comes to support, and if you can’t find support for rose tinted conscience driven leading to the moral high ground in the Guardian, where can you?

The comments are pricelss:

Nice one Russia, it’s aboout time that somebody clamped down on the illegal activities of these “activists”. They really should consider themselves lucky that nobody was shot.

Meanwhile, I look forward to Greenpeace protests in Saudi Arabia, Iran and China.

What gives Greenpeace the right to control shipping lanes?

It appears that there is an entity called “Global Civil Society“, whose perceived interests are capable of over-ruling those of national governments and corporations.

I can’t help but find this quite funny. I am sure Greenpeace do some sterling work, but there is something quite twatty about them.

The twatiness is evident in the assumption that they have the right to cause tens of thousands of pounds of disruption without facing any consequences. I’m sure that your reaction is pretty normal.

I think that the statement sums them up perfectly. They have made their minds up and no one is allowed to dissent, end of story. On another climate change thread, a poster stated that it was time to “kill deniers” and someone else announced that democracy was incapable of dealing with the threat and a world dictatorship, by the Chinese of all people, should be instituted.

With friends like that….

In the end, they are pissing into a force 9 gale. We only have one life, we wish to enjoy it to the full and nobody outside of the hair shirt brigade is going to willingly turn that one short life into a subsistence level, misery laden burden just because a bunch of unelected, self appointed puritans tell them to do so. And that means electricity, oil and transport. All the things the green hysterics wish to deprive us of. I doubt that the future generations that they claim to be so concerned about would thank us for handing them a standard of living that the average medieval serf would turn their nose up at either.

They have been caught out lying more than once, they freely admit to whipping up hysteria to get their ideology adopted and in the end they are deeply unattractive to the voters, which possibly explains their aversion to the democratic process.

They are entitled to their point of view, they are at liberty to carry out any daft stunt they dream up. They are not however above the law. If they are so convinced of the rightness of their cause they should accept that their actions have consequences.

I look forward to their protest in the gulf States against aviation and their actions in China against coal fired power stations. I look forward to the response of the governments involved even more.

Possibly the best comment of all:

I’m on the left. I hate Greenpeace. It’s not a political thing. It’s a lying thing. Not believed a word they have said since Brent Spar when they basically admitted they would say anything, no matter how false, to get their way

It really is worth reading the comments, they are a few supporting Greenpeace obviously, but overall its shows the lack of civil society support for Greenpeace and the other Green NGOs that are so actively trying to cause the return to the drudge and misery of the Agrarian Society.


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    What about Conservative protesters? Do we also receive immunity?

  2. Why should they be treated any differently than any other trouble maker? They should know ahead of time what they are getting into, but they chose to ignore it. Now they look like idiots. Gives them time to think about the fact that their will is not to be imposed on to the world.

  3. The Guardian readers aren’t the only ones to take this view. I’ve spent the day looking at reaction to this issue on the internet around the world. I’m pleased to say it’s largely laughter and cheering.

  4. cornwallwindwatch

    Reblogged this thanks. We are thoroughly enjoying these updates and vodka consumption has gone up considerably here! We too look forward to Episode 2: Saudi – this time it’s personal.

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  6. Furor Teutonicus

    I Googled “Russian coastguard” as you suggested, and find ALL of the sites were you can make comments have “closed comments”. However, those comments remaining are not….Greenpeace friendly, should we say.

    Perhaps they have dropped a serious bollock and over-estimated the public support they THOUGHT they would get?

    HOPEFULLY the world is turning.

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    Lamp-posts and piano wire springs to mind !

  8. This so called “greenpeace organization ” an oxymoron in terminology, and place them in the insane asylums as they so richly deserve.

  9. The Russians don’t bother Greenpeace (Green Piss) for what they oppress the western civilization – Greenpeace should have kept from the Russian business:

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