The Global Warming Boondoggle Pantomime To Tragedy

It was all so rosy in 1988 for the Agrarian Society lovers, however 25 years of symbolic politics has ended in Tragedy for Gaia.

It was all so rosy in 1988 for the Agrarian Society lovers, however 25 years of symbolic politics has ended in Tragedy for Gaia.

The warming alarmists, Greens and Liberals are in a mixed state of consternation and incredulity that the world has not stopped turning since the release of the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report (AR5).

The Green scammers were over the moon with the PR for the report, which says something completely different to the findings, so the IPCC released the bad news first so that the Green propaganda machine could go into overdrive with the fear message, yet again.

We are over the peak. Years late, the IPCC concedes some territory and wears headlines they must hate (“Global warming is just HALF what we said“, “We got it wrong on warming“), but PR still rules, and in the big game, this will quickly spin to a minor bump. It’s a classic technique to release “the bad news” before the main report, to clear the air for the messages the agents want to stick.

The trouble is there has not been a lot PR message sticking, world leaders have mostly ignored the report, unless of course they stand to get their grasping hands on some climate justice money.

The stark naked reality of the situation has not been lost on warming alarmist Dr Christopher Shaw, who has impeccable warmist credentials like the Grantham Institute and the Climate Crunch project:

In the UK the Prime Minister has engaged in symbolic photo shoots riding skidoos across the Arctic ice. In the US, Vice president Al Gore made a film about climate change, and Obama has spoken about the need for action.

Even George W. Bush, in explaining his decision to not ratify the Kyoto protocol, still felt it necessary to play the game, and stressed the need for the US to “diversify away from fossil fuels.”

The then Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, having declared climate change “the greatest moral, economic and social challenge of our time” signed Australia up to the Kyoto Protocol in 2007.

The problem with having politicians as part of your process is that the politician will stay on board for a just along as they believe it is a vote winner, when they perceive this is no longer the case then they are gone, faster than the proverbial rats off a sinking ship.
The politicians have stuck with AGW scam for over 20 years, for years they have repeated the Green mantras, ruined rural landscapes across the global with bird choppers and solar farms, the Green subsides to finance these monuments to Green folly have pushed up energy bills and cost jobs.

Green energy policies are in serious trouble now the public know the true cost, and  are a net vote loser.

Then in September 2013 politicians on the other side of the world learnt a lesson that will not have been lost on every politician whose future is linked to the ballot box.

However, his move from this empty symbolism into real climate policy proved his downfall; when Rudd attempted to impose a resource tax, the mining companies fought back and Labour, desperate to appease their paymasters, promptly replaced him with Julia Gillard, who set about reforming the resource tax into just another toothless piece of climate legislation.

Toothless or not, the Australians voters reaction to Julia Gillard’s lie to never implement a carbon tax all but wiped out a resurgent Kevin Rudd and Labor in the September elections.

Apparently the whole Green Dream went to hell in a hand cart because of symbolic climate change politics.

The end game for symbolic climate change politics has arrived. But rather than replacing the pretence of symbolic climate politics with meaningful policies, we are seeing the reverse, the rejection, in the Anglo Saxon world at least, of climate politics in all its forms, symbolic or otherwise.

The new Australian Prime Minister has consigned climate change to the dustbin of policy making.

In September George Osborne, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, proclaimed that he didn’t want the UK to be at the forefront of efforts to tackle climate change, (an amusing statement, a bit like my Gran saying she doesn’t want to compete in the Olympics 100 metres final.)

Nothing to do with decades of failed Green holocaust events and no warming for 17 years then, all down to symbolic politics, who would have thought that?

To try to paper over the cracks even more Shaw implies it is only us evil Anglo Saxons that want to do nothing about Shaw’s imaginary problem, where as the real truth is, it is only those grasping hands of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), and a few other nations who were promised money for playing along with the Green scam who are still on board, hands out for western money.

The game of charades is now over. It is decision time – capitalism vs observance of the two degree warming limit or, in the very optimistic words of Buckminster Fuller, ‘utopia or oblivion’.

The last month of policy announcements show our political class have made their choice.

Capitalism is of course a euphemism for democracy and utopia the euphemism for total state control over our lives to save us from ourselves,  so we call all live in a Green politically correct world


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  1. It’s a tragedy that your headline is spelt,”Tradegy”. Loses the Impact a little.

  2. You are of course correct, fixed it. thank you

  3. The sooner we can put this climate hysteria behind us, and begin to repair the damage already done, the sooner we can get on to taking care of the important issues, that have taken a back seat to this BS.

  4. Reblogged this on Mothers Against Wind Turbines and commented:
    The Aussies are on the road to recovery from the faux-green nightmare….when will it be our turn? Out with the LibNDP party!

  5. Here in Australia our ABC (national broadcaster) carried stories during September of the latest IPCC report showing sea level rises of nearly a metre in the next 100 years. My question is, Is there another IPCC that we don’t know about? And isn’t it strange how the green media have gone quiet on climate change since the IPCC report.

  6. What the poor Watermelons don’t seem to have grasped is that this Doom and Gloom scenario was set to suck up wealth at the height of the false economic boom, when everybody had money to burn (which, as it transpired, was about all it was fit for), at a time when it might have been possible – just – to get away with moral blackmail on the back of the nebulous possibility that bad stuff would happen if we didn’t give lots of our resources to those who pretended to be able to save us from the Heat Monster.

    They haven’t realised – yet – that times have changed.

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