Four Bad News Stories For The Green Dream

Bummer Russian Prisons in the Arctic are cold! Really? What about Global Warming and the Arctic being ice free any day now?

Apparently Russian Prisons in the Arctic are cold! Really? What about Global Warming and the Arctic being ice free any day now?

The bad news for the warming alarmist movement continues apace, as hot on the heels of the IPCC AR5 report crashing and burning on the indifference of politicians across the planet come 4 more bad news stories for those that have an irrational fear of CO2 and Western Industrialized society.

One of the cornerstones of the Climate Scam is the Green Climate Fund (GCF), the UN wealth redistribution scheme to give away US $100 billion annually to developing countries to mitigate climate change brought about by the evil West developing industrialized society.

In a letter to the board members of the GCF, 133 NGOs from developing countries called for the adoption of a robust environmental and social framework through which the GFC could operate.

They wrote: “developed countries are obligated to provide the necessary finance to enable affected peoples to deal with climate impacts, build resilience, and shift to more sustainable, equitable low carbon development pathways.


There has been no warming for 17 years, severe weather events are at an all time low, even the UK Guardian has had to admit the 2013 Hurricane season has been flat, the scam has unraveled, not one single Green Armageddon event has yet happened, and Green NGOs are talking of obligations.

The UN IPCC have already admitted that they plan to redistribute the world’s wealth by Climate Policy.

The behind the scenes battle is for control of the GCF, because he who pays the piper, calls the tune.

There is a bit of problem for the GCF, actually it’s more than a bit of problem:

The GCF remains hugely underfunded. While developing countries have committed to mobilizing US$100 billion per year for climate finance by 2020, so far, it has only raised $.7.5 million.

Comrade Connie Hedegaard and the EU Green Politburo had plans to impose a unilateral Green tax on all flights in and out of the EU, the rest of the world said No and as an all out trade war with the EU vs the rest of the world threatened, Hedegaard backed down and the EU flying tax was suspended for 12 months.

Well the 12 months are almost up, 12 months in which the rest of the world has had time to obey Commissar Connie’s edict:

The UN’s aviation body voted on a resolution today that lays the foundations of a market based mechanism (MBM) to curb emissions, at the same time as laying waste to the EU’s own emissions trading scheme.

So Commissar Connie has led the moral crusade to save us from flying machines, and the rest of the world has suggested she go forth and reproduce, another instance where the rest of the world looks on in wonderment at the Green fools in the puzzle palace in Brussels.

Still in Europe the Germans have once again put a spanner in the works of the latest EU Car emissions deal:

Germany has delayed a vote to rubber stamp a deal to limit emissions from new cars by 2020 for a third time.

In a secret session on Friday, the Lithuanian Presidency agreed to postpone legislation agreed in June which sets a new target of 95g CO2/km by 2020.

Germany is reportedly exerting “massive pressure” on member states to slow the new emission limits.

Liberal Democrat MEP and environment spokesman Chris Davies, who is part of the negotiating team on this issue, says this is purely about protecting manufacturers like BMW and Daimler.

Davies of course can be safely ignored, his political party the Libtard Dimwits Liberal Democrats had a motion at their party conference a couple of weeks ago, to ban petrol and diesel cars from Britain’s roads by 2040.

But who could be behind such dastardly shenanigans?

Davies knows:

“A deal was negotiated in good faith between the Parliament and Ministers and now Germany wants to wriggle out of it. Britain should not be going along with that sort of sharp practice.”

Last week RTCC reported Germany was holding up talks, three months after Chancellor Angela Merkel and UK Prime Minister David Cameron colluded to block the EU’s first attempt to drive the laws through.

Dark deeds indeed, politicians colluding, who would have thought of that?

Where there is perceived collusion, there could also be perceived conspiracy, like for example Gazprom colluding with BMW and Daimler, which is just really a cheap link line to the last story, Greenpeace in Russia.

Despite a weekend vigil on Saturday where a couple of B list celebs, Jude Law and Damon Albarn, and an eccentric clothes designer, Vivenne Westwood entreated the Russians to release the Arctic30, the Greenpeace activists are still in prison, and shock horror Russian prisons are not the holiday camps that prisons in the west have become.

Some of the 28 Greenpeace activists and two journalists being detained in Russia while awaiting piracy charges are being kept in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, while others are held in “extremely cold” cells, according to the head of Greenpeace.

Kumi Naidoo, Greenpeace International’s executive director, told the Guardian that the crew had been split up into several prisons across the port city of Murmansk in north-west Russia, which is in the Arctic Circle. Three of the group have been sent to a prison 150km away.

Reality check, being a Green activist does not entitle you to a Dutch prison cell with conjugal visits, your own dope plants and cable TV, this is good old fashioned prison, which is supposed to be a nasty place, to encourage you to not want to return.

Naidoo said: “Some of the colleagues are in cells which are pretty warm and reasonably OK to be in … whereas some are in cells that are extremely cold. This is the Arctic we are talking about.

According to Greenpeace and the rest of the Green cabal the Arctic is due to be ice free any day now, so the ambient temperature in the cells will improve over the years in their reality. Then of course Murmansk is north of the Arctic circle, and thus in the Arctic, any heating will be by fossil fuel supplied by Gazprom, so Greenpeace advocate the burning of fossils fuels in the Arctic, as long as it is to keep Green prisoners of conscience warm.

Although several of the activists were being held in cells where they could interact with one another, Naidoo said that “some are held in solitary where they are in the cell for 23 hours and they have one hour for exercise”.

Similar conditions are the norm in western prisons, where prisoners are locked down for 23 hours a day.

“The events that have occurred we will have to take into account. We will have to think about what sort of actions we take in the future. As an organisation, we have never been silenced by repression from governments … If we are to save the Arctic, prevent catastrophic climate change, and resisting the inaction on the part of governments who should be taking leadership, we will do that,” he said.

In short Greenpeace have learnt nothing from this, Naidoo like the Generals of World War 1 will continue to send Green sheep to their slaughter in the Arctic , the likely outcome will be body bags filled with Green Activists, or if they are lucky cold cells filled with Green Activists.

The Russians are deadly serious about this, and the emphasis is on deadly.

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  2. In the case of solving developing nations combat environmental degradation that would happen anyway if they don’t manage their landscapes better. Well the 660 million offered by Australia by the former government won’t be forthcoming, we can spend the money better if we build more flood levies, combat bush fires, and be interested in our own soil fertility.

  3. Gucci is out of my league, I bought a lovely leather Tosca bag from the Salvos op shop, they wanted only $3 but I gave them $5 as it was brand new. I believe in recycled fashion as sometimes you can get new designer labels. Once I bought a cashmere jacket for 5 dollars brand new hand loomed from Canada. You don’t kill the animal to get it either.

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