COP19 Hosts Poland “Melting Arctic Ice Offers New Opportunities For Drilling, Chasing Pirates, Terrorists & Ecologists”

    The self imploding farce that is the UN Climate Process reaches new levels of absurdity as Poland causes Green outrage, moral indignation and host of other Liberal only means of being offended.

The self imploding farce that is the UN Climate Process reaches new levels of absurdity as Poland causes Green outrage, moral indignation and host of other Liberal only means of being offended.

You could not make this up“, done to death you to have to admit, but sometimes a cliché really is the only the way to go.

You really could not make this up, the sheer ludicrous farce that the UN Climate Process has degenerated into continually plumbs new depths, or possibly heights of absurdity with COP19 hosts Poland doing a Greenpeace in reverse.

A certain post on the COP19 website has got every Green, warming alarmist, hippie and watermelon offended and indignant in the way that only the self appointed can be, for this is the best foot shooting yet:

Melting ice could open the Arctic to new drilling and the opportunity to “chase pirates, terrorists and ecologists”, according to the organisers of this year’s UN climate talks in Poland, in comments that have been branded outrageous by campaigners.

Worth the cliché I hope you will agree, this is the Green equivalent of the Democrats saying that Obama is a Kenyan National or CNN finally admitting that Piers Morgan thinks that every object ever invented is called AR-15.

Putting the laughter to one side for a moment, Poland according to the Greens has previous form for being less than fawning to Gaia’s disciples. Green activists complain of harassment by the Police and a government minister said “This kind of organisation (Client Earth) should accept that there are limits to its activities”.In my opinion they have passed their limit.”

Prophetic of the current events in Russia with Greenpeace activists in jail facing an ever increasing number and range of criminal charges.

The blogpost, published this week on the Polish site for November’s Warsaw meeting, said that not only would melting ice allow ships to cut their journey times by taking the north-west passage, but “we may also build new drilling platforms and retrieve natural resources hidden below the sea bed”.

It added that there was also the possibility of, “Chasing the pirates, terrorists and ecologists that will come to hang around …”

Poland is one of the least Green countries ever, at a standoff with the EU over the EU’s climate legislation, the warming alarmists knew this, yet they still chose Poland, you have wonder why.

Time for outrage, censorship and anything that challenges settled science or the Green dream.

Byrony Worthington, the Labour peer and environmental campaigner, said the text was “outrageous and should be withdrawn”. Other European observers called the post crazy, and said it brought shame on the meeting, which is considered a key step towards reaching an international climate change deal in Paris at the end of 2015.

Outrage, moral indignation and now shame where will it all end?

The Poles, true to form are completely unrepentant:

But the Polish environment minister, Marcin Korolec, defended the entry, saying it “only pointed out problem we face”. He said that while a rush to exploit the mineral resources of the Artic was “not nice”, it would be “real if we [did] nothing”.

Priceless, Poland would have a real export earner if they cloned their politicians and sold them to other EU countries, imagine the concept, politicians with spines instead of the Liberal molluscs that infest most elected institutions of Western Europe.

The Green NGOs always knew Poland was a bad choice, it’s just a question of limiting the damage:

Robert Cyglicki, programme director at Greenpeace Poland, told the Guardian: “These blogs illustrate the Polish government is not the most credible host to the upcoming climate negotiations – keeping fossil fuels in the ground is clearly not on their agenda.” WWF Poland also joined the call for the post to be removed.

With unrepentant also comes brazen it would appear:

The COP19 website has subsequently published a new blogpost, saying: “Our recent entry on north-west passage was widely discussed but unfortunately misunderstood. The readers considered the forthcoming, bitter, but unfortunately possible scenario as option we like. We do not. But how to react to the featured situation? Should we be silent? We are glad, that the topic caused so much interest and discussion, because the matter is really very serious.”

COP19 is going to be the Green disaster movie of all time, unprecedented as the warmists love to say.

You have got to love Poland.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Of course it’s crazy. The sun is going into a quiet mode, so there will be cooling for years, and more ice in the Arctic. The only question is how long this cooling will last; 20 years or 75 years.
    But somehow I suspect this wasn’t what all those gullible eco-loons meant.

    % times in the last 1,000 years the sun has gone quiet. We know so from the C14 and Be10 isotope records, and that at that time there was a cooler period from the O16/O18 ratio, let alone from actual thermometer readings for the last 2 periods. Plus a host of corroborating evidence. This is known science yet the IPCC and all its gulls keep squawking that the sun doesn’t vary enough for that to happen.
    The new symbol for the IPCC should be an ostrich!

  2. Sorry, for % read 5 (times)

  3. Now the symbol should be a thief carrying a swag-bag labeled CO2 taxes

  4. myrightpenguin

    Hilarious. Go Poland!

  5. well played, right up the ass… fuck eco-terrorism!

  6. apartments in St pete

    Yes! Finally something about chase.

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