Greenpeace – “Russia Has Sent Us A Clear Signal Over The Arctic”

Unprecedented support for the Arctic 30 outside a Murmansk court house

Unprecedented support for the Arctic 30 outside a Murmansk court house

It is now a month since the Greenpeace activists pulled the tail of the Russian Bear and got severely mauled for their trouble.

A month where Greenpeace has had a very steep learning curve about the facts of life of the mechanics of the Russian justice system, a month where Greenpeace has learned they do not have the support of the “Civil Society” they always claim to be acting on behalf of.

Attempts to garner support for the Greenpeace activists in the pages of such Green Liberal MSM outlets as The Guardian and The Independent have failed to get any form of support for the Green martyrs, as this piece of blatant propaganda from Greenpeace director John Sauven shows:

The organisation’s UK executive director has worked every weekend since the incident in the Pechora Sea while leading efforts to secure their release, but is still finding it difficult to sleep.

He is in a constant rush – our interview, which was brought forward a couple of hours at the last minute so Mr Sauven could attend a hastily arranged meeting at the Foreign Office, was mostly held in a taxi. Yet he is at pains to point out that his stress and fatigue pale in comparison with the problems the Arctic 30 and their families face.

The scene is set, Green martyr drives himself to point of collapse, trying to save 30 Green martyrs that were trying to save the Arctic.

A compelling narrative, providing you ignore the stupidity, arrogance and gross negligence of Greenpeace directors like Sauven and Kumi Naidoo who sent the Arctic 30 to irritate the Russians without ever considering the consequences or the prevailing global political climate.

“Russia is sending out a clear signal, saying ‘hands off our part of the Arctic and hands off complaining about our right to drill for oil there’. It has certainly sent a very loud and very clear signal about that to Greenpeace, there is no question about that,” the 59-year-old tells The Independent.

The Russian authorities have charged the party – made up of 19 nationalities, including 6 UK nationals – with piracy and refused to bail any of them. Many have been kept in cold cells and solitary confinement.

So Russian prisons are no holiday camp, historically this has always been the case, so it is unlikely that prisoners rights have improved in Russia, though it is doubtful that the concept of prisoners rights even exists.

All is not lost though because there has been unprecedented support for Greenpeace:

In the 23 years he has worked at Greenpeace, running its UK office since 2008, Mr Sauven has never seen so much backing – citing support from German chancellor Angela Merkel, who called Mr Putin to warn him of her concerns, as well as the former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff.

So that’s Angela Merkel who is trying to form a coalition government in Germany, a has been US Secretary of State and the Brazilian President, not exactly the heavy hitters on the global stage.

“Many celebrities – and behind the scenes, many, many more people – have privately written to President Putin or have raised their concerns in different ways. People have connected to us in unprecedented numbers.”

What greater endorsement can any campaign have than that of the Champagne Environmentalist celebrity, celebrities who would do well to remember that without constant and uninterrupted supplies of electricity, their celebrity status will also go out, along with the lights.

While this probably won’t involve more attempts to board rigs, there are other ideas. “We need a more creative way to get our story across – it’s difficult to do in a country with a heavily controlled state media,” he says. “I don’t know how we would do it – maybe by going back to the old days by having a mobile cinema, or taking out paid adverts, or using social media to connect to people. And maybe investing more in terms of being able to do it.”

Sauven is complaining that the state controls the media in Russia so taking out paid adverts is not going to happen, neither is social media, as for the mobile cinemas expect Russian traffic cops to have a dry land rerun of their Coastguard.

The Russian people support the actions of their government both in the handling of the Arctic 30 and in the future to keep foreign environmental activists from interfering with Russian operations in the Arctic.

In the West, just as in Russia, there is no support for the Arctic 30, the comments in the Independent make great reading:

John Sauven, the man who slipped out the back door of a function hosted by Shell at the National Gallery to avoid being confronted by his own activist who were protesting about Shell!

Greenpeace, an activist organisation far removed from it’s roots, who now use bullying and intimidation to try to get their own way.
Google “we know where you live” jonova for full info

Greenpeace did not arrive with peace in mind. They sent out a tweet that they intended to shut down the Russian oil rig. That is very damning evidence of intent that the Western spin media conveniently leaves out of their coverage. Greenpeace has become increasingly militant/hostile in their actions and live in denial as to their endangering the lives of others involved in legal activities. I think Russia has a solid legal case and at the very least this will end up costing Greenpeace a huge amount of money.

Listen to the anti human rhetoric, the need for population reduction, the malthusian overcrowding meme.
The hatred for humanity and the sanctity of the ‘wilderness’ are deeply irrational emotive forces that drive the modern Greens.
I’m old school, I actually care about the environment, not some insane fabrications like ‘global warming’.
Remember, when it comes to population reduction, YOU might well be part of the population they intend to dispense with!

Seems that all the unprecedented support must be hiding in the deep oceans with the missing heat that underpins Greenpeace’s political agenda.

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  1. Thanks TA, a good read and you are right. These “Arctic 30” are in deep doodoo thanks to the incompetence of Naidoo and Sauven.

  2. Not taking on Whaling boats now are they?…. What were they thinking about?… What are they about anyway?

  3. Perhaps the Russians will teach those Greenpees idiots some manners. They do NOT speak for the general public. They represent a misinformed group of sh*t disturbers, trying to force their own agenda, on the rest of the world. Maybe next they can go to the Middle East, and tell them to stop producing oil…..just a thought.

  4. cogdissonancedagain

    Chortle, chortle, chortle; and who’d ever thunk that Comrade Putin might not be such a bad fellow after all; he might also have a sense of humour
    As the hapless 30 (or so) are nearly there, perhaps a spot of gold mining at Kolyma to offset their board & lodging for the statutory 15 might be appropriate given Russia’s enduring status as an emerging economy with inadequate reserves to pander to tree huggers and basket weavers suite preferences in chokey; no matter how earnest the crime
    It does make you wonder though if they’ll retain the right to communication

  5. Any organisation which promotes industrial wind farms as a remedy for global warming and promotes the massive environmental damage wind farms are doing does not deserve support. There Russians may not be as democratic as I would like, but Greenpeace has no problem with the blatant disregard for environmental laws in Europe. They broke the law and the place to defend themselves is in the Russian Court. Its called law and order.

  6. I kept receiving Greenpeace-sponsored “sign up to support our 30” postings on Facebook. I have now blocked them from pestering me, but some of the comments from Joe Public on Greenpeace’s witterings make hilarious reading. If you can be bothered to search they’re worth a read for the lols.

  7. No wonder Greenpeace aren’t getting support on this one. Thier stupid hyperbole sinks them before they even start making the argument:

    “Russia is sending out a clear signal, saying ‘hands off our part of the Arctic and hands off complaining about our right to drill for oil there’.”

    No they’re not. They’re not saying “hands off the Arctic” of “stop complaining” – they just don’t want you ignorant fuckers clambering onto thier Oil Rigs. By any definition available to even the stupidest moron what you were doing was piracy.

    Frankly you’re bloody lucky most of them havn’t been sent to Sibera already. Or shot… they do that to Pirates in many parts of the world you know,

  8. I would have thought that boarding a vessel at sea against the wishes of its staff is a clear case of piracy.

    Perhaps it would be best to let the law take it’s course.

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