The Pre COP19 Climate Of Fear

In 6 days COP19 Warsaw will begin, in past years the run up to the failed COP meeting is always preceded by a climate of fear. 2013 is no exception, although the things we should be frightened of are less imaginative than usual. The Green furby will get us all.

6 days and COP19 Warsaw will start, in past years the run up to the failed COP meeting is always preceded by a climate of fear. 2013 is no exception, although the things we should be frightened of are less imaginative than usual, however the most upsetting event of all is way too awful to mention in a picture caption.

In just 6 days time COP19 Warsaw will start, in preparation for this next UNFCCC slow motion car crash the Big Green propaganda machine has been at work thinking up new things we should all be terrified of, because of Climate Change.

The choice of Poland to host COP19, has at best been controversial, as far as the Green boondogglers are concerned, they know the game of Green charades that played out in COP18 Doha last year is a portent of the things to come in Warsaw.

So what should we be all be terrified of in closing weeks of 2013?

Well for a start insects, inhabitants of the UK have been treated to a long running insect scare story for several weeks now concerning the false widow spider. The false widow spider is allegedly putting grannies into comas, terminating bunnies with extreme prejudice, culling badgers and causing people to desert the Church of Climatology in droves, OK I made the last 2 up to illustrate a point.
The MSM love a good scare story, it makes them money and this summer the British press treated the false widow spider scare story, in the same way they treated the Anthropogenic Global Warming scare story 10 years ago, but unlike the Greens the press know that you can play the fear card only so many times, before people lose interest.

While the so-called “killer spiders” may not be the doom of mankind just yet, the spread of undesirable species due to climate change is a real problem, and one that will create challenges across the globe – not just for reality TV show stars, but for human health, conservation, and agriculture.

“In many ways, they’re some of the most honest indicators of climate change,” says Falk. “There are so many ways you can measure climate change and some people can say ‘This technique isn’t legitimate,’ but the insects just get on with it.

On the move allegedly will be the Asian needle ant, a venomous little critter by all accounts, the Asian tiger mosquito which transmits yellow fever and other diseases, as well as, jellyfish, pine needle munching moths and the brown recluse spider.

The brown recluse spider is set to become considerably less reclusive as the world warms. Emerging from its awkward teenage years, the spider will scuttle northwards through America to previously unaffected regions, including Nebraska, Minnesota, Ohio and Pennsylvania. It injects powerful venom that kills tissue at the side of the bite, leading to painful sores, yet these are not always easy to diagnose. Bites are often confused with other serious conditions, such as Lyme disease and cancer.

It makes sense to the Green fear machine to hype up, an already hyped up arachnid, there has only been 1 reliably recorded death that was caused by the brown recluse spider.

Assuming that humanity survives the onslaught of legions of advancing insects then the next major worry we have is that soil will lose 15% of its moisture by 2099.

Drylands matter: they account for more than 40% of the planet’s land surface and they support more than 38% of its population. Drylands add up, in the dusty language of science, to the largest “terrestrial biome” of all.

And even though on average more warmth will mean more evaporation, and therefore more water vapour in the atmosphere and more precipitation in some of those zones that already have ample rainfall, the pattern could be different in the arid lands.

All the calculations so far indicate that these drylands will increase in area, and become drier with time.

The erroneous computer models in action again, the same ones that are so far removed from observed empirical evidence, as to be completely pointless.

A conveniently leaked draft IPCC report due to be published in 2014 is predicting food security issues caused by AGW.

The report concludes that climate is already having an effect on food security, and that while rising temperatures may have beneficial effects on agricultural production in limited areas, globally productivity is expected to be decrease two percent per decade for the rest of the century from what it would be without mankind’s influence on the climate.

The conclusion of the draft report is quoted, yet the report’s authors, the IPCC describe it as a work in progress, the sole reason being that a draft report can say anything, and the IPCC can distance itself from the draft report when the completed report is published next year. All involved in the timely leaking of the report know that headlines generated from the leaking will be the ones that stick.

Another case of a lie being half way around the world before the truth has got its boots on.

Towards the end of last month there was a climate conference in London where something truly ghastly took place, something so heart rending, so vomit inducing, orchestrated and crass then even a Disney Bambi movie would steer well clear of such a thing: the site of UNFCCC Climate Chief Christiana Figueres shedding crocodile tears for the unborn generations that will be impacted by Climate Change.

Speaking to the BBC on the sidelines of a climate conference at Chatham House in London, Ms Figueres became tearful when she reflected on the impact that climate change might have on coming generations.

“I’m committed to climate change because of future generations, it is not about us, right? We’re out of here,” she said.

“I just feel that it is so completely unfair and immoral what we are doing to future generations, we are condemning them before they are even born.”

Earlier in the day Figueres had been speaking at the Climate Boondogglers Conference at Chatham House where the true nature of the scale of wealth redistribution that the UN is aiming for came to light.

Figueres said that, when put in context, the $100bn promised by developed countries is “basically the tail that needs to wag the dog”.

“That $100bn, the only thing that that is going to do is take the dog and point it in the direction that we must move because we know that the financing we need is not $100bn per year—it is $1tr per year, and that is what needs to be mobilised,” she said.

A Global Climate Fund (GCF) of US$ 1tr annually, the real reason for Figueres crocodile tears, to date there is just US$ 7.5 million in the GCF.

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  1. The graphic on this post is very appropriate Tory, the “green devil” says it all about these Hoaxsters.

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