COP19 – Coal The Silent And Terrible Ghost In The Room

Coal the silent and terrible ghost in the COP19 room.

Coal the silent and terrible ghost in the COP19 room.

Flashback COP15 Copenhagen November 2009 Warming Alarmism as political force has just peaked and though the major protagonists have yet to realize it, the long slow painful disintegration of the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam has begun.

In blissful ignorance of the coming storm the true agenda of the warming alarmists was being openly aired and applauded by the likes of Gordon Brown, Nicholas Sarkozy, the late and unlamented Hugo Chavez and the late President of Ethiopia Meles Zenawi who pronounced that the answer to Climate Change was Global Socialism.

Not long afterwards Hugo Chavez made his infamous “Silent and Terrible Ghost in the room” speech, a reference to capitalism and the free market economy to rapturous applause from all present.

Among those in the enthusiastic audience was one Christiana Figueres, Head of the UNFCCC, socialist thinker and long time Chavez ally.

When Figueres said recently that the Global Climate Fund (GCF) should be US$ 1 trillon, not the US$ 100 billion projected you can be sure her motivation is to get the wealth redistribution scheme under way as soon as possible.

Currently there is just US$ 7.5 million in the GCF and no chance of that increasing anytime soon due to what US Climate negotiator Todd Stern describes as “fiscal realism.

Fiscal Realism has also hit Australia in a very big way with the announcement that Australia will give no more money to the GCF, Green taxes or any other aspect of the UN wealth redistribution scheme at COP19.

Now just 4 years on from Copenhagen there is a new silent and terrible ghost in the room, coal.

Poland’s decision to host the International Coal Summit while COP19 is still running has caused massive Green outrage, which lets face it is hardly difficult, as Greens and Liberals are always morally outraged, indignant or offended, though on a good day you can sometimes get them to be in all 3 states at once.

The Green propaganda machine is running stories like coal addicted Poland gets ready for Climate Change talks:

COP 19: The international community gathers in Warsaw, Poland, to begin crucial UN climate talks today. Environmentalists have heavily criticised the host nation for its support of the coal industry.

The Youth Climate Groups have gone thermonuclear at the mere mention of Figueres accepting the invitation from the Coal Summit to speak:

Hundreds of youth groups from around the world have written to UN climate chief Christiana Figueres asking her to withdraw from a coal summit taking place at the same time as international climate talks in Warsaw.

The open letter says she will not be welcome at a gathering of youth climate activists on Sunday if she does not cancel her appearance at the International Coal and Climate Summit hosted by the Polish Government and scheduled for November 18-19.

Youth groups say they have “deeply held concerns” over Figueres’ decision to address the coal summit, highlighting what they say is the “dangerous role of fossil fuel energy in the UNFCCC negotiations”.

Because fossil fuels are so evil all the youth groups have walked to Warsaw and as one they have refused to use cell phones, tablet computers and laptops because there are all made possible, or powered by fossil fuel generated energy, or maybe they are just learning Green hypocrisy from their elders.

As with any silent and terrible ghost, or elephant come to that in the room, conspiracy theories abound as to what exactly the COP19 hosts are up to:

With only 50 days of negotiation left until the agreement must be signed in Paris, many of the details and mechanisms of this strategy remain undecided. Politicians and environmentalists have stressed the necessity of progress in Warsaw.

However, a report by the Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) and the Transnational Institute (TNI) claims that the Polish government has formed a partnership with 11 corporations and anti-climate lobbyists, almost all of which have histories of blocking climate change regulations, providing them with inside access to the talks.

Truly shocking, it’s not like Greenpeace, WWF and FoE have their propaganda broadcast as scientific fact by the IPCC and included in Green Armageddon scenarios for IPCC AR reports.

“If your house was being attacked by gunmen, would you give them keys to the house? Yet the Polish government and the UN have given inside access to the very corporate criminals responsible for the climate crisis we now face”, said Lyda Forero of the Transnational Institute.

If your house were being attacked by gunmen then giving them the keys would be irrelevant as they could simply blow the door off its hinges, gain entry and take possession, COP19 is not likely to be stormed by King Coal in the immediate future, but one thing is for sure there is an all pervading aroma of coal in Warsaw right now.

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  1. Well, Ms Lyda Forero, my house is being attacked, not by gunmen but by you and the rest of the UN’s fraudulent ‘anthropogenic global warming’ extortion racket. At least the gunmen you refer to are about to rob me and admit it, unlike you and your wealth redistribution racket.

    I’m not ‘green’ as in cabbage looking.

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