On The Eve Of COP19 Connie Hedegaard Admits It’s All Coming Apart

EU Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard ""I hope to hear from the big parties that this is not the case. The countries that want to keep a certain level of ambition [on moving to a low-carbon economy] are very important"

EU Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard “I hope to hear from the big parties that this is not the case. The countries that want to keep a certain level of ambition [on moving to a low-carbon economy] are very important”

Later today the 19th UN Climate Circus will begin in Warsaw, Poland.

Expectations are low for the outcome of COP19, in a change from previous years where high expectations have been dashed continually, a new tactic of low expectation has appeared where the only way is up.

Most of the major players in the Great Man Made Global Warming boondoggle are aware that it’s all coming apart now, and no one is more aware of this than EU Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard who is hoping against hope, that the UK will continue to play a strong role in the collective dream of Green economic suicide.

The UK must continue to show leadership on green issues if crunch negotiations to tackle climate change are to be successful, Europe’s climate chief has warned.

On the eve of crucial international talks in Warsaw on tackling climate change, deep rifts within the coalition over environmental policies, including David Cameron’s pledge to review green levies on energy bills, have left confusion and ill-feeling over the core policy. Nick Clegg warned on Thursday: “The green consensus across the political parties is, I’m afraid, falling away – and at the worst possible time.”

Green taxes are not a vote winner, the Conservatives and latterly the Labour Party have grasped this, Clegg and his LibDems are headed for electoral oblivion in 2015, about the only people who are likely to vote for Clegg and Co are the declining band of bearded, sandal wearing transition towners who read the the Environmental section of the Grauniad.

Connie Hedegaard, European commissioner for climate change, told the Guardian: “I hope to hear from the big parties that this is not the case. The countries that want to keep a certain level of ambition [on moving to a low-carbon economy] are very important – we need these countries to show through their concrete actions [that this is possible]. Europe is living proof that we can do this, and I hope the UK will be strong in that category.

What is telling in Hedegaards statement are the words the countries that want to keep a certain level of ambition, for the first time Hedegaard is tacitly admitting that EU Climate Policy is not supported by all member states and that some countries are no longer taking part, for example the Czech Republic and Poland, the COP19 hosts.

COP19 is supposed to pave the way for the big climate deal in 2015, if and when the deal is signed it will require all 192 countries to sign up for it, the chances of this ever happening are fading faster every day.

There is no longer a Green consensus within the EU, the old Eastern Bloc countries are leading the way in undoing the Green follies that still beset the UK, Germany and Denmark for example.

Meanwhile on the other side of the world Australia is not sending a single government minister to COP19.

The news is equally bleak for the Global Climate Fund (GCF) which the so called rich countries are supposed to contribute US$ 100bn to annually, in the words of US Climate negotiator Todd Stern this is unlikely to happen anytime soon because of “fiscal realism”, outbreaks of which are terminal for everything Green.

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  1. Absolutely wonderful. It is like people are waking up. The green kool-aid is starting to wear off, and some semblance of sanity may return to policy making in our governments. One can only hope! Follow the example of the Aussies! Just say NO!!!

  2. Brilliant news.
    Now, if we can get back to some sort of financial sanity, & away from the lunacy of our dumb & profligate politicians overspending for 30 of the last 34 years, that would be some real progress.
    Putting this debt on the shoulders of our children & grandchildren is so immoral, & benefits only the banksters, & of course our ridiculous politicians.

  3. I don’t know if any Aussie will attend?

  4. @bushbunny. According to JoNova, Australian representation is confined to a diplomat, with no political representation. Australia is the first big eco player to break ranks. The chances of the UK following Oz example are minute, as Clegg has his fist round Cameron’s heart, or some other organ, which is a pity. Germany are saying one thing and doing another, as is the US, as keeping the lights on and the population in work takes priority over ideological purity.

  5. Never mind the $100 billion per year by 2020 … they haven’t even been able to rustle up the $30 billion “quickstart” (Last item I saw they’d raised $7 million – most spent on admin. Quelle surprise, eh?)

    And in other UN umbrella flop news … they couldn’t get a group of nations to agree on draft text for a “legally binding agreement on forests in Europe”. See:


  6. “The Queen of black spades?”

    What OTHER “colour” were we expected to think that “Spades” in a pack of cards would be?

    I bet whoever drew that up talks such stupidity as “multi coloured rainbows” as well.

  7. Too bad for the idiots pushing the climate scare…..reality bites, when you’re selling BS.

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