COP19 – Dominated By Typhoon Haiyan And Falling Levels Of Ministers

Typhoon Haiyan approaching the Philippines (13:00 UTC 07/11/2013). Image captured by the geostationary satellites of the Japan Meteorological Agency and EUMETSAT.

Typhoon Haiyan approaching the Philippines (13:00 UTC 07/11/2013). Image captured by the geostationary satellites of the Japan Meteorological Agency and EUMETSAT.

Typhoon Haiyan has been a terrible human tragedy, the sort of human tragedy that should be above politics, the sort of human tragedy that should not be used to falsely advance a political agenda concerned solely with wealth redistribution.

The Philippines lead Climate Envoy Yeb Sano told COP19 just how much was at stake at COP19:

Sano wept as he told the room of the devastation that Super Typhoon Haiyan has swept through his country, and announced that he would fast throughout the two-week conference “in solidarity with my countrymen who are now struggling for food back home”.

The Filipino delegate said that he would keep this up until “a meaningful outcome is in sight”. This includes concrete pledges to fill up the coffers of the Green Climate Fund, as well as progress on a loss and damage mechanism, and “real ambition on climate action”.

Sano is without any doubt attributing Haiyan to Anthropogenic Global Warming, which is understandable from a man whose country has been severely damaged by the typhoon, but whose message is in direct contradiction to that of the IPCC Chair Rajendra Pachauri

Chief of UN climate science body says negotiators should base their discussions on the scientific findings of recent IPCC AR5 report

In AR5 the IPCC made key statements on the science of attribution:

“In summary, there continues to be a lack of evidence and thus low confidence regarding the sign of trend in the magnitude and/or frequency of floods on a global scale”

“In summary, there is low confidence in observed trends in small-scale severe weather phenomena such as hail and thunderstorms because of historical data inhomogeneities and inadequacies in monitoring systems”

“In summary, the current assessment concludes that there is not enough evidence at present to suggest more than low confidence in a global-scale observed trend in drought or dryness (lack of rainfall) since the middle of the 20th century due to lack of direct observations, geographical inconsistencies in the trends, and dependencies of inferred trends on the index choice. Based on updated studies, AR4 conclusions regarding global increasing trends in drought since the 1970s were probably overstated. However, it is likely that the frequency and intensity of drought has increased in the Mediterranean and West Africa and decreased in central North America and north-west Australia since 1950”

“In summary, confidence in large scale changes in the intensity of extreme extratropical cyclones since 1900 is low

When even the IPCC and their Green NGO cabal shrink from attributing extreme weather events to man, then you know that the evidence for the link is so thin, that not even a hockey stick graph can sell the lie, hence the IPCC have backed away from event attribution.

The attribution of extreme weather events to man, prior to AR5, had always been the junk science to drive the wealth redistribution agenda which is as usual obfuscated by terms like “Climate Justice” and “loss and damage mechanism“.

In an unguarded moment in 2010 a UN IPCC official proudly boasted “We redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy.”

The mechanism for wealth redistribution the Global Climate Fund (GCF) is in terminal decline:

The Obama administration is among a handful of governments backtracking on a $100 billion promise they made to help poor countries fight climate change, a report finds.

Despite all the noises from the Boy King Obama about fighting Climate Change and taking a moral lead, Obama is not putting his money where his mouth is, and what is more the US has at last woken up to the scam that they have so helped to further.

An official US briefing document obtained by the Guardian reveals that the country is worried the UN negotiations, currently underway in Warsaw, will “focus increasingly on blame and liability” and poor nations will be “seeking redress for climate damages from sea level rise, droughts, powerful storms and other adverse impacts.”

It is not just the USA that will not contribute to the GCF, Australia has refused to provide any further finance and most other countries are playing games with their contributions by marking existing aid packages as GCF contributions.

Trigg Talley, the US senior negotiator at Warsaw, acknowledged this week that some developing countries are experiencing costly damages and losses but said the US has “technical and political issues” with any loss and damage mechanism.

The US briefing document indicates that the Obama administration believes a focus on loss and damage will be “counterproductive from the standpoint of public support” for the UN climate talks.

So the Obama administration has realised that public support for the AGW boondoggle has evaporated, and they, and many other western governments will be trying to work out how to extricate themselves from a global political mess of their own making.

It’s not only the GCF that is in decline, ministerial attendance is also in decline:

According to statistics released by the UN, over 10,000 people will spend the next two weeks swarming through its corridors, busily going about their business of trying to find a solution to climate change.

But only 134 of these will be ministers, in spite of the fact that there will be 189 countries attending the conference.

The representative sent by each country indicates the level of importance it places on the negotiations.

Effectively this means 30% of countries attach little importance to the UN COP  process, a number that is likely to continue increasing as 2015 draws ever closer.

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  1. I was listening to Radio 4 on Wednesday morning and there was a PRO GLOBAL WARMIST on the show and he said that with doubt Bangkok would be under water in the next 10/ 15/ 20 or 30 yaers. Definitely.

  2. g2-29f6bddf4b11ad1f7d8cb86b131bf7c4

    Sorry that should read without doubt

  3. well it is built on a swamp and is sinking, that’s a fact, but it is where the money is made so they will prolong the agony as long as they can. I live here

  4. CO2 distribution is evenly distributed around the world. During the typhoon Haiyan the rest of the world had good climate, CO2 not guilty

  5. Brilliant news TA. Thanks. 🙂

  6. Well Australia did give the Phillipines aid in dollars and also medical staff. Personally I am sick of the AGW prophesy. 2 C increase will not kill us, but a future ice age or mini ice age will.

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