COP19 – Now The Fifth Successive UNFCCC Failure Is Complete

Green propaganda admits that COP19 has stalled, which is Greenwash for crashed and burned

Green propaganda admits that COP19 has stalled, which is Greenwash for crashed and burned

That’s 5 UNFCCC COP failures in a row, an unprecedented record of failure, each Conference of the Parties has disintegrated faster than the COP that preceded it, with COP19 holding the current record.

There was never any doubt, from the outset that COP19 was going to be the biggest failure since records began, what has been surprising is the speed of that collapse, COP19 was effectively dead before it had begun.

It has just taken 5 days for COP19 to realize it was dead and hit the floor.

The make or break issue for COP19 was “loss and damage“, wealth redistribution to us regular folks and that great Green Socialist Barack Obama made sure that loss and damage was deader than Osama Bin Laden, before COP19 even started.

An internal briefing document from the US State Department made it clear there is no money for the Green Climate Fund:

US envoys to the UN climate talks have been given strict instructions to block attempts to develop a climate compensation scheme say reports.

So much for the Obama’s climate change rhetoric, just so much substance less Green socialist bullshit to appeal to the Greens and Democrats back home.

“The US supports pragmatic approaches to address the substantive issues raised in loss and damage discussions and supports the establishment in Warsaw of a loss and damage ‘task force’ under the Adaptation committee of the UNFCCC,” it adds.

The US and other countries classed as ‘developed’ oppose basing financial and emission reduction obligations on what is known as “historical responsibility”.

They fear this could lead to huge claims of reparations from poorer nations, and would be politically impossible to present to domestic audiences.

Politically impossible to present to domestic audiences” or more accurately put the people of the industrialized world no longer believe the Green prophets of false doom and gloom scenarios, so giving away billions to support Agenda 21 wealth redistribution objectives is electoral suicide.

The lack of money for the GCF has caused outrage amongst Green NGOs and the other grasping hands that were promised Green bribe money to play along with the Anthropogenic Global Warming boondoggle, now that it is becoming clear that there will be no significant pledges of climate finance, anger is mounting:

African delegates have been encouraged by non-governmental groups to withdraw from the UN climate negotiations, after the process has so far failed to yield any new pledges on climate finance.

Augustine Banter Njamnshi of the Pan African Justice Alliance, that represents 500 NGOs across the Continent, said the group had asked governments to walk out of the talks. A similar move at a UN climate meeting in Barcelona in 2009 brought the talks to a standstill.

The new government of Tony Abbott in Australia said this very week that Australia will not be contributing further monies to any Green scam run by the UN, or anyone else come that.

This frustration has been exacerbated by obstacles from a perceived lack of interest from Australia, Canada, Japan and the USA.

Instead of attending the UN discussions taking place in Warsaw, Australian environment minister Greg Hunt will stay at home to work on the government’s election pledge to repeal the carbon tax.

Unthinkable, even last year that an environmental minister would stay away from a COP meeting to dismantle a carbon tax, yet in 12 months the slide of Climate Religion has been so fast that one country decided to announce a massive cut in what the Greens call carbon ambitions, again during the COP19  meeting:

Japan has announced that it will revise its previous ambitious target of a 25% reduction on greenhouse gases according to 1990 levels to a 3.1% increase

Cue traditional Green response of outrage and waves of other negative anger emotions that the whole movement is so wedded to, Japan is aware of Green angst, but not really bothered:

Speaking today at a press conference in Warsaw, the head of the Japanese delegation Hiroshi Minami acknowledged that the new targets had not been welcomed by the developing countries at the conference.

“It seems to me that most of the developing countries are very disappointed with this mitigation target,” he said.

He added that the Japanese government was still fully committed to fighting climate change and that “if there is any development in the exercise for the energy mix policy perhaps we may be able to revisit the energy policy target in the future.”

That’s it for Climate Religion in Japan then, “may be able” just politico speak for never happen.

In another further clear demonstration of how far and fast the AGW scam has come apart, the usual suspects are looking to the EU to take up what they euphemistically call, the slack in GCF funding:

Seychelles Ambassador Ronald Jumeau, a negotiator for the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), said he hoped that the actions of Japan and Australia would not lead to other developed countries easing off on their ambitions.

“In fact, we hope some of them would take up the slack,” he said.

“We know the EU are having problems getting their act together, but we would hope they would look to what’s happening in the Philippines rather than look to what’s happening in Japan, Canada and Australia as to when they are planning what to do next.”

Maybe, just maybe in a rose tinted Green world, the politicians would take on board the Green junk science of attribution, ignore the low confidence of the IPCC in attributing typhoons to man made climate change and dish out billions in Climate Aid money that the EU simply does not have.

Instead every politician in the democratic world has watched what happened in Australia to the Labor Government of Julia Gillard at the elections in September, and learned the lesson that Green and Carbon taxes are fast becoming electoral suicide.

The whole EU climate process and legislation is on the verge of collapsing, with Connie Hedegaard and the other Green hardliners dancing around COP19 hosts Poland, too frightened to push the issue because Hedegaard knows if she loses the case against Poland that will hasten the end of the Green Dream in Europe.

So don’t expect the Green EU cavalry to becoming over the hill anytime soon to drive off the attacking hordes of political reality.


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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Good stuff Mr A.

    This is how the whole thing will end. Individual countries coming to their senses one by one having all gone insane together. That bastard UN is perpetually looking for money and power and AGW was supposed to provide both.

    I remember Copenhagen 2009 like it was yesterday. All the hype and noise with just days to save the world. That madman Gordon Brown trying to graft his universal financial transaction tax onto the idea of paying for climate change. The rich were going to send truckloads of cash to indolent crooks in the third world and that would fix the problem that had been dreamt up by the politicians.

    I wonder who will be next? My money is on France. because they are going bust fast and this Green nonsense is a luxury they don’t need or want.

  2. One of your best posts ever, TA. I shall borrow from this unashamedly when posting on the MSM.

  3. Gillard came to power unelected (by knifing the PM) and at the election promised “no carbon tax”. Within days of not quite winning the election she introduced one. Thereafter the vast majority of voters neither trusted her or wanted her as Prime Minister. A series of bungles didn’t help her and she was replaced by the (shambolic) PM she’d displaced.

    The opposition leader campaigned for 3 years on “ending the carbon tax” and won in a landslide. To the surprise, shock and horror of the Left he then announced that he intended doing just that. The Left are trying to delay this and in the process destroying even more support, and unless some sense prevails the Labor Party may disintegrate.

    The Carbon Tax is electoral poison in Australia. May your efforts bring success in the UK.

  4. Let’s get this show on the road. UK needs an energy department badly. Remove the ‘Ed of the DECC and the CC with him. There’s wind folly proposals the length of the country that need rejecting. Remove the subsidies, strike the strike price.

    …Dash for gas Britain, we need a way out of recession and poverty traps.

  5. Have you noted that nowhere in the IPCC reports is there the comment “this does not contribute to that”? The idea of low confidence but not “complete confidence does not”?

    Such scientists as are unable to determine something does not happen? In the CAGW, IPCC universe, anything might happen, anything could happen, anything may happen. It is one thing to say evidence points to a contributory factor, but is it not possible to say that evidence points to a NON-contributory factor?

    Salby recently objected to (my) point that the public misinterprets scientific uncerrtainty to scientific caution. Now I see there is a second aspect of this word game the IPCC and warmists are playing: those things that have a “low” confidence of being contributory to climate change are really those things that have a HIGH confidence of NOT being contributory to climate change. But have you ever heard that said?

    The use and misuse of words is far more signficant and – really – sinister than one might initially think.

  6. they have chosen wrong country, Poland. Poland has lots of coal; and the most important is that polish people would like to prosper – they remember how it is without shoes and books.

  7. Reblogged this on Climate Change Sanity and commented:
    This is a reblog of Tory Aardvark’s welcome analysis of what is going on at COP19. My site recently posted on the problems facing the COP19 and how unwelcome it would be if they were successful. Tory’s posting allays many of my fears.

  8. gallopingcamel

    In spite of the total futility of the COPs, they will continue because bureaucrats will continue to party until the long suffering taxpayer cuts off their funding.

  9. Reblogged this on contrary2belief and commented:
    Looks like they missed Kevin Rudd’s welding influence as demonstrated in Copenhagen.

  10. Between the collapsing global warming scam and the collapse of Obamacare and his administration generally, I can barely contain my sense of schadenfreude.

    It is a joyful time in politics right now …. The coming market collapse will take some of the joy away I suspect so … get the hell out of the market now while there is time.

  11. Annie Oakley - MAWT

    Reblogged this on Mothers Against Wind Turbines and commented:
    I truly hope that this madscam is coming to a finale and its not wishful thinking. There is so much corruption continuing as we speak and write. In our communities, our schools, our politics -local and otherwise. This mess will take a long time to clean up and its still rolling along, spreading disease.

  12. I think this is why the green commies and their supporters have been pushing anything that has to do with AGW,since the Adults took over here in australia.The Abbot Gov’t have opened the Flood Gates.This will give the other countries around the world,the to do the same.
    Australia,Canada,Japan and now Poland have all told the UN where to go.The host of COP19 had 50,000 people protest at the start of this Gab Fest.
    Tony Abbott said he would not partisipate in ‘Socialism masquerading as environmentalism’

    DEFUND the UN!

  13. It is all most amusing.

  14. Good blog post. I absolutely love this website. Keep it up!

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