COP19 – Aussies In T Shirts Blamed For Loss And Damage Walkout

Aussies in T shirts like Brad and Dan are the reason that COP19 failed.

Casually dressed Aussies like Brad and Dan are the reason that COP19 failed.

As the warming alarmists and UN wealth re-distributors thrash around desperately seeking someone to blame for the 5th Successive COP meeting failure in a row, some incredibly silly and pathetic reasons will be forthcoming.

Like Aussies in T shirts for example.

The Greens have it in for Australia, following Tony Abbott’s crushing defeat of Julia Gillard’s Labor government and her Green allies in the September General Election, the rollback of Green stupidity down under has begun.

Tony Abbott chose not send Environment Minister Greg Hunt to Warsaw, having him instead stay in Australia to begin the process of removing Gillard’s Carbon Tax.

Predictably the childish and utterly pointless Fossil of the Day, Year, Century or something like that was awarded to Australia by Climate Action. Ironically COP19 hosts Poland have also been the recipients of the Fossil of the Day award, though quite what Climate Action believes this award to achieve outside of outraged Green circles is difficult to ascertain, preaching to the converted springs to mind.

Australia’s team at UN talks in Warsaw have been accused of lacking respect after delegates turned up to critical discussions wearing shorts and teeshirts.

The Australian delegation turned up in casual attire and “gorged on snacks” during negotiations on whether developed states should make reparations to vulnerable countries as the impacts of climate change become more severe, according to Saleemul Huq, an expert on loss and damage at the International Institute for Environment and Development.

In Green world the Australian delegation should have been wearing responsibly sourced renewable organic sack cloth and ashes to atone for even thinking of  repealing a Carbon Tax during UN Climate Circus fortnight.

Their behaviour caused over 130 developing nations to abandon discussions on the controversial issue of climate compensation at 4am last night.

Representatives from developed countries also appear less than impressed. EU negotiator Paul Watkinson tweeted: “It is one thing to be tired in a negotiation meeting, another to turn up in pyjamas – respect matters”.

T shirts are now pajamas, and wearing, either or both can cause 134 countries to walk out of loss and damage wealth redistribution talks which are supposed to be tackling the biggest threat facing humanity, yet the Australian delegation’s choice of clothing brings the whole process to a standstill.

Does make you wonder just how serious the so called Anthropogenic Global Warming threat is when something as minor as T shirts has this impact on proceedings.

The G77 alliance, which includes India, Africa and the small island states, staged a walk out of the negotiation when Australia refused to agree to a functioning text.

“The negotiations were actually going on reasonably well. They were doing it in earnest,” said Huq.

“It went on into the night, well into the early morning, discussing things in what I think was a spirit of cooperation. But then at the end, the Australian delegation just put brackets around everything. All that negotiation went to waste.”

The bracket, a useful item that, the humble bracket has put an end to, or emasculated many a UNFCCC climate document, as nations use brackets to indicate the part or parts of UN texts that they do not agree with, based on this Australia disagreed with the whole document.

The issue of loss and damage is threatening to overshadow the remaining days of the negotiations, with developed nations refusing to budge on the issue.

Huq indicated that this could provide a tough negotiating point in the final ministerial discussions, and that if developing states “don’t get what they need then they are prepared to go back from Warsaw with nothing.

Go back from Warsaw with nothing” well at least at COP19 they will not be disappointed, because nothing is exactly what they are going to go home with.

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  1. Well the lower house House of Representatives have just passed the repeal of the Carbon Tax. The question is will the Senate. If it doesn’t all hell will be let loose and Tony Abbott is a strong leader, and he may call another election. As the majority of Australians agreed with him. So wait and see eh?

  2. Australians wearing shorts and T-shirts. In Poland. In the Winter. Daily temperature around 6C. Tough guys, them Aussies.

  3. News from oz. I am a socialist and left wing labor supporter, however I am appalled at the total bastardisation of science by a party of flakey academics and middle class air heads. My vote last election reflected that disgust. We still have so called intellectuals in oz telling that carbon dioxide is pollution. Really!!

  4. It seems like everyone is just… stuck

  5. Actions speak louder than words. Well done you good things you.

  6. My admiration for Aussies and Poles grows. Not only did both countries give the IPCC the old “Frak you!”, but the Poles took their money (as I’m sure plenty of cash is spread around the host city) and the Aussies took their snacks (OMG, gorged on their snacks). This is entertainment of the highest caliber.

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