COP19 And The Climate Of Blame, Connie Hedegaard Damaged COP15 And COP19

EU Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard ""I hope to hear from the blamed for failures at COP15 and COP19

EU Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard  blamed for failures at COP15 and COP19

One of the joys of the failure of any socialist scheme is the apportionment of blame for the failure, every scheme needs a Stalin style scapegoat for when it all goes to hell in a handcart.

Enter the new Green scapegoat blamed not only for the failure of COP19, but COP15 as well, the one and only EU Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard.

In an amusing and ironical twist Comrade Connie, a great exponent of the junk science of attribution where by everything that has ever happened, might happen or will happen is attributed to Anthropogenic Global Warming, is now having the same attribution logic applied to her.

Only in this case it is a brand new branch of Green science that evolved during the latter stages of COP19, the attribution of COP failure:

Negotiations at UN talks in Warsaw aimed at developing a framework for a global climate change deal are in deadlock tonight, amid a fierce row between countries over how and when greenhouse gas emissions targets should be made.

Nothing new there every COP goes through this process of deadlock before some toothless deal is struck and then hailed as a major achievement by the UN propagandists and Greens.

In a statement to journalists EU climate chief Connie Hedegaard said there was broad support from Africa and South America for what is frequently called a ‘pledge and review’ process, where countries could “consult each other, where we know the intended pledges, so that we can study and consider.”

But in what has proved an explosive intervention, Hedegaard added: “there is still a group of like-minded who thinks differently, who tries to reinstall the firewall”, referring to a coalition that includes India, China and Venezuela.

Explosive intervention is one way of putting it, totally out of touch and blinded by the Green light of her crusade to de-industrialize Europe is more to the point.

Earlier this week the EU climate chief accused nameless countries of “backtracking” on the previous understanding that a new deal should be “applicable to all”, regardless of whether they are considered developed or developing by the UN.

Apart from the ill timed explosive intervention, Comrade Connie also made the mistake of treading on a Venezuelan pit viper and consequently has been bitten:

In a sign of the high emotions in Warsaw, Venezuelan vice minister Claudia Salerno called Hedegaard’s statement “totally unacceptable” and accused her of negotiating through the media.

“We are forced to answer her accusations to the media, because of the serious allegations she has made,” she said.

“If this process is damaged on this last day because of the incredible outburst by Connie Hedegaard, she has to take the responsibility of damaging this conference

According to Salerno, Comrade Connie already has form as a COP wrecker:

“She’s already damaged one conference,” she added, referring to the Danish Commissioner’s involvement in the ill-fated 2009 Copenhagen summit.

Connie Hedegaard is the first of many Green heads that are going to roll as someone has to be blamed for the failure of 20 years of Green fear propaganda that was used to hide the real objective of the AGW scam, wealth redistribution.

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  1. They”ll have to get her head out of her ass if they want it to roll.

  2. Hardly surprising that Africa, the main beneficiary of green taxes is in favour of continuing the criminal extortion racket.

  3. Alfred Phillips

    How about reposting your post March 14, 2013 “CO2 & the climate effect”. by Matt Ridley: On how fossil fuels are greening the Planet The best evidence debunking CO2 global warming bs.

    On Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 8:50 PM, Tory Aardvark

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