COP19 Postmortem – Bring On The Green Turd Polish

Even sprinkling glitter on COP19 won't make a shine.

Even sprinkling glitter on COP19 won’t make a shine, dull or otherwise

The COP19 Climate Circus has finally ended, despite the Greens and wealth re-distributors setting the bar for success this year, even lower than in previous years, COP19 still failed to deliver.

The pattern for acrimony was set at COP15, Copenhagen in 2009 and in each successive COP meeting the acrimony and bickering has got worse, culminating in the unelected Green NGOs walking out of COP19 after the wealth re-distribution scam know as loss and damage failed to gain much traction.

COP19 was a disaster, just as much on the global stage as in the stadium in Warsaw.

Overshadowed by coal in Poland, 60 countries did not send ministers to COP19 thus preventing any global agreement from being signed, Australia and Canada said they were not going to give any more money away, Japan decided to reduce its CO2 ambitions drastically and in Britain David “Call me Dave” Cameron was oozing snake oil and possibly muttering darkly about Green Crap.

Against this background COP19 headed into overtime and at the eleventh hour, for the fifth successive time, produced an agreement that was worth less than the paper it was printed on.

The UN’s 2015 Global Deal – The good news is a global emissions reduction deal in 2015 is still possible, but there needs to be an urgent injection of political and financial capital next year. It looked like it was going to collapse, until a giant huddle at 1430 on Saturday. Countries watered down the text, changing the word ‘commitment’ to ‘contributions, without prejudice to the legal nature’, while ‘those in a position’ to make commitments was changed to ‘those who are ready’. The can was kicked to March 2014, when envoys will meet in Bonn to start working out some real details.

The worthless agreement that everyone was happy to sign, another “Peace in our time” document for the UNFCCC.

Loss and damage – The ‘Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage’ has a grand title, but the foundations are yet to be established. Work will start on reporting to the UN on the costs and possible approaches to dealing with climate compensation next year.

The wealth redistribution boondoggle, no one with any money was willing to play this year, don’t expect anyone to want to play next year.

Finance – Little ‘new’ finance was pledged in Warsaw. The EU said its new budget from 2014-2020 would direct 20% of all funds to climate-related projects. The UN’s Adaptation Fund received more money, while the UK pledged £125 million to the Least Developed Countries Fund and the BioCarbon Fund. Japan tried to deflect criticism for dumping its mitigation targets by increasing its funding to $16 billion. Much hinges on Ban Ki-moon’s climate summit to drive funding in 2014.

Little new finance was pledged, says it all really for the state of AGW scam.

Green Climate Fund – Calls for ‘ambitious and timely’ contributions from developed countries by December 2014. Where that will come from still appears unclear. Leaders from Australia and Canada publically refused to support it at a meeting of the Commonwealth in Sri Lanka last week.

Yet another area where no money will be forthcoming for the wealth redistribution plan.

Clean Development Mechanism – The UN’s flagship carbon trading mechanism has been in danger of being counted out by the referee for the past year. Prices of carbon units have collapsed, and a recovery looks – for the moment – unlikely. A concerted push to reform the CDM was blocked in Warsaw.

The whole Anthropogenic Global Warming scam is in this weird twilight state where the so called developed countries are no longer willing to meet the costs of Agenda 21, yet the politicians are still frightened enough of the Greens and Liberals to pay lip service to the AGW fear industry by concocting and then signing documents that are worth nothing.

Bizarre to say the very least, but then so is the notion that CO2 drives global temperatures.

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  1. Freeze a turd and you can polish it, if you so desire.

  2. XX yet the politicians are still frightened enough of the Greens and LiberalsXX

    Take a look at the German “Government” at present.

    At the last “election”, One bag of commy twats #1 did not get enough votes to run the countries, so they start talking to another bunch of commy twats #2 in the hope of making an Axis.

    Said bunch of commy twats #2 do not quite agree, so the bunch of commy twats#1, decide to talk to the bunch of commy twats#3 (“Greens”).


    Commy twat (#3) end up holding the reins, because if commy twats #1 do not follow THEIR progrom of commy twat #3… (sorry program,) they (#3) will stamp and stamp, and scream until they are sick, and will take their ball home, (Who knew that commy green twats had balls any way??? News to me.), and commy twats #1 are left wanking in the dark.

    Which was what commy twats #3 were after all along.

    Modern (German….and others?) politics in a nutshell.

  3. more and more people are realizing that is no warming – scare tactic doesn’t work anymore. They will have to go back to new ice age – can scare more people with ice age than with warming – as they did in the 70’s… time is against the GLOBAL warming industry.

  4. Good, it means not all politicians and countries are not drawn into the UNCCF like Australia.
    However, repealing the carbon tax passed the lower house in Australia, and the PM says he wants it passed by the upper house (senate) by December. Just before the parliament steps down for Christmas.. It will be a show down believe me.

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