The UNFCCC, Lima, Paris And The Road To Nowhere

The dust has settled on COP19, mega quantities of Green Turd polish have failed to disguise the fact that COP19 was yet another dismal failure for the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

COP19 was most the divided COP meeting so far, with the Green NGOs and the other self appointed representatives of “Civil Society staging a walk out, followed soon afterwards by the Venezuelan vice minister Claudia Salerno accusing Connie Hedegaard of damaging not only COP19, but COP15 as well.

The reality of the collapse of the Global Warming Boondoggle has at last percolated through to the highest levels of the UNFCCC and according to the 3 past and present leaders of the UN wealth redistribution scheme the future is far from bright:

Michael Zammit Cutajar founded the UNFCCC in 1991 and ran the organisation until he retired in 2002 admits that a total debacle was averted in Warsaw by watering down the terms so another toothless agreement could be signed.

This conference, held in the city of Lima, will be the second milestone on the three part journey ending at Paris in 2015, where all nations have agreed to sign up to a global climate change treaty. Expectations for the final summit are high, and a failure to deliver could be the death knell for the entire UN process as far as public perception is concerned.

“Not enough was done in Warsaw, so it will have to be made up in Peru,” says Zammit Cutajar

There is little or no public interest anymore in the erroneous fear stories of the Green cabal, even Barack Obama realises that there is no public support for the wealth redistribution scheme, the only public support comes from the citizens of the nations that are demanding the industrialised world pay them compensation for naturally occurring extreme weather events.

Yvo De Boer was the next scammer in chief from 2006 – 2010 until he unexpectedly resigned.

I think this conference has been a difficult and at times a very acrimonious one, but it’s delivered I think some very useful guideposts to take the process forward,” de Boer told RTCC.

“It’s left us with a lot of work to do, but I think that’s a good thing because a lot needs to happen between now and Lima and between Lima and Paris to ensure we get to something meaningful in 2015.”

Given that 30% of countries did not even bother to send government ministers to COP19 the chances of COP21 achieving anything is shrinking by the day as support for the AGW theory continues to decline.

Current UNFCCC leader Christiana Figueres:

“What is important is for me to underscore that as successful as this conference was – and I think it exceeded many expectations – it is not possible to solve climate change with one meeting, with one COP, with one negotiation,” she said.

What came out of Warsaw, she said, may put us on track for a 2015 agreement, but “it does not put us on track for a 2C world.”

Not possible to solve the problem with 1 COP meeting?

This was COP19, the 19th such meeting and still no agreement.

De Boer is blunter, perhaps because of his distance from the talks. “I do not think that even in my wildest dreams will Paris 2015 in one fail swoop close the 2C gap,” he says.

And a successful treaty in Paris is by no means a foregone conclusion, even with the steps taken this year in Warsaw. As Zammit Cutajar points out, the precedent is for failure. A similar objective was set in 2009 at the summit held in Copenhagen “which was hyped up as a chance to save the world and it didn’t,” he says.blockquote>

Agreement, if you can call it that was only reached in Warsaw because “commitments” were downgraded to “contributions”, but then so called legally binding documents like the Kyoto Protocol could be ignored if governments chose to drop out of the process.

The UN has absolutely no legal powers to enforce Kyoto, which makes the document all the more pointless.

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  1. Oh dear.

    How sad.

  2. That’s the trouble with reality. It’s real and can’t be denied.

    This little ride on the FUD train is over. No doubt a new one is already assembled.

  3. “Not enough was done in Warsaw, so it will have to be made up in Peru,” says Zammit Cutajar.
    And I’m sure it will all be made up, like 97% consensus etc. Lols.

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